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Re: 16 inch rims mine are after market 7" x 16 white spoke rims (wheels) my rims are on my 67 scoute doc On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 9:31 AM, Sue Baxter
doc dahlquist
Nov 6, 2013
Re: 16 inch rims thanks for taking the time to send this... so you have the stock 16 inc rims and they hold the tubless tire ok. ? tim From: docinmontana@... To:
Sue Baxter
Nov 6, 2013
Re: 16 inch rims eric thanks for taking the time to send this along.... the old scout rims are a little narrower than the willys rims i am going I only had three and bought a
Sue Baxter
Nov 6, 2013
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Re: 16 inch rims mine turn fine on the scout On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 5:48 AM, Eric Porter wrote: Super tall tire.  I tried to mount same tire on a
doc dahlquist
Nov 5, 2013
Re: 16 inch rims HI I HAVE 265 X  65 X 16 ON MY SCOUT On Saturday, November 2, 2013 9:39 AM, Tim wrote: Hello folks... I am rebuilding a willys
doc dahlquist
Nov 5, 2013
Re: 16 inch rims Super tall tire.  I tried to mount same tire on a Citroen HY Van, it worked except I could not turn the wheels all the way in the front, which means I could
Eric Porter
Nov 5, 2013
16 inch rims Hello folks... I am rebuilding a willys truck. the 16 inch rims off scouts early one fit this vehicle. My question is on putting tubless tires on these
Nov 2, 2013
1975 Scout II XLC For sale Hi folks I have a 1975 Scout for sale. It has a 304 with the "gold" ignition, power steering and brakes. Yes it has rust but is not a total basket case. It was
Jerry Whittle
Oct 3, 2013
Ring and Pinion I'm considering bigger tires (33s probably) so I want to go up in gears to 4.10 or 4.56 Currently, I'm running 3.07 I have heard that on some Jeep Dana 30s,
Santa Claus
May 24, 2013
Re: New to the site and a few questions on my '65 Scout 80 Thanks for the message and the tips. Yahoo forums are very popular and surprised to see it so dead. Yeah I have the choke on the dash but not aware of any
Feb 9, 2013
Re: New to the site and a few questions on my '65 Scout 80 Shawn, I own a 65 (80) and a 66 (800). The owners manuals, parts listings, and service manuals are all available in reprint (or some is old stock). Many of
Dick Rhindress
Feb 7, 2013
New to the site and a few questions on my '65 Scout 80 Hi, I'm new to this group. From Seattle,WA I recently picked up a 1965 Scout 80. It's pretty stock from what I can tell. Runs ok but there is a fuel leak
Feb 7, 2013
800 grille The expanded aluminum grille on the 1966 800s is what I'm looking for. It has openings which are roughly 1/2" wide. I've been looking for a while to find a
Aug 2, 2012
Re: Wanted: Scout II parts hey Thanks for all the leads on the Scout II parts, I am in Vermont and may have found an inner fender. I am still looking for grill and lower valance and a
Jul 25, 2012
Re: Wanted: Scout II parts Where are u? I'm in Texas and have an extra parts scout. I may have what you need Sent from my iPhone
James Akers
Jul 17, 2012
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Re: Wanted: Scout II parts If you are on the East Coast, I would recommend Brendan Barnes of Barnes IH (http://www.barnesih.com).
Jul 16, 2012
www.isasih.com --- Wanted: Scout II parts wrong address given, it is: www.isasih.com ... From: mike peratoner Subject: Re: [International Scouts] Wanted: Scout II parts To:
Eric Porter
Jul 16, 2012
Re: Wanted: Scout II parts If your in southern CA, try Issa in acton.  He is a cool guy and has  the nicest boneyard... Im sure he's got it www.isaih.com Here are a couple other good
mike peratoner
Jul 16, 2012
Wanted: Scout II parts Wanted: Scout II parts or whole scout, I need a passenger side inner fender and a grill and lower valance to get my scout back on the road.
Jul 16, 2012
For Sale: Packet of 1977 Scout literature/brochures ordered via mai For Sale: Packet of 1977 Scout literature/brochures ordered via mail by my uncle . I was mailed/postmarked on June 9th, 1977 from Peoria to Ruthton, MN. I
Feb 2, 2012
Re: terra carb Here is an article that may help determine what carb you have. Many of them are still available from your local auto parts store. I would also check out the
Oct 9, 2010
terra carb I'm looking for a carburetor for a 1976 terra with a 196 slant four. It is a single barrel. Does anyone know if any other auto maker used a similar type of
Sep 17, 2010
'74 International Scout II For Sale!! Trying to sell via Craigslist, click the link below for a phone number. Please call anytime, trying for a quick sale!!
Sep 24, 2009
Re: Soon to be 1971 Scout 800 Owner I'm in Williams Bay, Wisconsin on Lake Geneva near the Illinois border.  I went to look at the Scout today and buying tomorrow.  Really great condition with
George Kaider
Jul 17, 2009
Re: Soon to be 1971 Scout 800 Owner George, ?Welcome to the world of "corn binders".? I have a 1971 800B comanche, with 63k orginal miles, 304 V8 and the Borg Warner automatic, and mostly
Jul 16, 2009
Soon to be 1971 Scout 800 Owner Hello, I am a former Early Bronco owner and have come to love the Scout 800's. I am purchasing a 71 tomorrow and excited to own a classic 4x4 again. I will
George Kaider
Jul 15, 2009
scout 2 1971 yyes i have a 1971 scout 2 i cant find any info or pics are they rare [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Wilbur Geiser
Jul 1, 2009
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Re: scout for sale ? I'm located 140 miles north of phoenix in chino valley Arizona here's my ad and some pics asking 3000.00 obo for sale 1973 scout II, 258 ci 6 cylinder, 4
Jun 9, 2009
Re: scout for sale Hi, Wher are you located. How much is the Scout? What options are on the Scout? How many miles? overall condition? Do you have any pics? Thanks, A J ... From:
Jun 9, 2009
scout for sale have a 1973 scout II arizona vehicle I am selling running current registration very good condition if any one is interested
Jun 9, 2009
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