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Re: [intellibrain] Re: CMUcam2 interfacing and bluetooth module

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  • arnel zamayla
    -- i guess there is a misunderstanding.. we cannot connect the CMUcam2 to the COm2 port of the robot because it is in a birds eye view line of sight..that
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      -- i guess there is a misunderstanding.. we cannot connect the CMUcam2 to the COm2 port of the robot because it is in a birds eye view line of sight..that would entangle our moving robot during gameplay...
      --how do we call the CMUcam2 in the RoboJDE program knowing that it is now connected to the RS232 port of the PC?or through a usb port (we used a usb to serial adapter)?
      -- and in the cd that you have provided we cannot see this pdf file (RoboJDE\Examples\IntelliBrainBot\HostInterface\IBBHostInterface.java. )
      ---can you send the file via email...
      ---thank you very much for your cooperation..

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      Subject: [intellibrain] Re: CMUcam2 interfacing and bluetooth module
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      Hi Arnel,

      Your best bet may be to analyze the CMUcam2 data on the PC and then send results to the robot via the Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, you could connect the CMUcam2 directly to the robot via a Bluetooth serial adapter. You would have to work out how to power the camera and the adapter, though.

      There is an example program for the IntelliBrain-Bot that illustrates how to program it so it can be controlled remotely from a host PC. See RoboJDE\Examples\IntelliBrainBot\HostInterface\IBBHostInterface.java. You will need to develop the PC side of the program.

      You should set the baud rate to 115.2K. Bluetooth supports multiple devices sharing the same frequency, so that should not be a problem.


      RidgeSoft Support

      --- In intellibrain@yahoogroups.com, "arnel" <zamaylaarnel@...> wrote:
      > I have a few questions regarding the interfacing of the CMUcam2 to the PC-RS232 port and the
      > This is our scenario.
      > A CMUcam2 in a birds eye view line of sight (above the soccer field) is connected to the PC through an RS232 port.
      > The PC shall process the data the CMUcam has thrown and send the output to the Robot via a USB port(Bluetooth).
      > We will be using Bluetooth as a means of connection from the PC to the Robot as opposed to the RS-232 cable. This is because our robot will be acting like players in a soccer game, and we dont like wires to get entangled during gameplay.
      > How do we gather data from the port where the CMUcam2 is connected when in fact it is not connected to the slot in the Intellibrain-bot board which is the COM2? Because it was not mentioned in the PDF files that i got.
      > What if the program is run in the PC? how do we disable the VM from the robot? if the PC will process all the computations. Making the robot act the output data received from the PC, say varying Wheelspeed to be exact.
      > Do i have to consider the most appropriate baudrate?
      > Is the bluetooth connection a smart choice for moving robots?
      > or is it not a chance considering the transfer-rate of a bluetooth connection is slow?
      > Is bluetooth not prone to interferences? knowing that were gonna use 4 bluetooth modules because we have 4 players running on the field.
      > Does data from say BLUETOOTH A interfere with data from BLUETOOTH B?
      > --> i would really appreciate if you answer my querries piece by piece..knowing that you have been around this Robot for a couple of years..makes you all brilliantly excellent in this area... thank you very much and i'll be waiting for your responses...

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