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91Eclipse and RoboJDE

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  • bebopxero
    Jun 19, 2006
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      I've been experimenting with ways to easily switch back and forth
      between Eclipse and RoboJDE. I have two separate folders for one
      project, and I am having to copy and paste updated programs from one
      folder to the other. Needless to say, the code for both is identical.
      The first folder I use solely for RoboJDE. I leave all the files alone
      and manage only the code itself. The second folder contains both
      eclipse project files as well as the .rjp for the RoboJDE project.
      Again, all of the files have been copied and pasted into new
      directories. The first folder compiles, builds, links and loads
      without issue. However, the second folder has a problem. Whenever I
      click "build" in RoboJDE, an error arises. The exact text of it is as
      follows (without the quotes):
      Compilation succeeded
      Class not found: java/lang/StringBuilder
      Build failed"
      If I've left out something important, please tell me. Thanks.
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