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524Re: [intellibrain] Re: Blown fuse on Intellibrain

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  • Peter Chatterton
    Jan 9, 2013
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      I've just discovered another ruined component.
      It's a vertically mounted coil in a plastic case
      that's marked 100 on top.  It's right next to the
      BTW, what is the polarity of the old cap?  I've
      broken off the old plastic just leaving two tabs,
      one of which is much bigger than the other.  This
      tab was visible after the explosion, raised above
      the upper surface and covered in soot.
      Hope you can help,
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      From: ridgesoft
      Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 12:41 PM
      Subject: [intellibrain] Re: Blown fuse on Intellibrain


      Hi Peter,

      If you are referring to the component in C15 on the IntelliBrain2 board, it is a capacitor. It is this part:



      RidgeSoft Support

      --- In intellibrain@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Chatterton" <peter@...> wrote:
      > I've just blown the main fuse with too many AC volts.
      > It's just behind the power supply and is light brown
      > with a 3 mm or so flap on it (now).
      > How do i fix it?
      > Peter
      > P.S. Isn't it supposed to be auto-reset? Or is that
      > just for the servo one? If so, why?

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