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499Unsuccessful Air-cable bluetooth communication

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  • Tony Dez
    Jul 30, 2011
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       I'm trying to connect Intellibrain and a laptop via the air-cable Bluetooth but I have not been successful. When connected with a serial cable, both downloading a program to Intellibrain (from RoboJDE and Eclipse) and serial communication between other laptop applications and programs in IB are just fine: I ran the program example coming with RoboJDE, IntelliBrainComEcho,which echoes back to a hyperterminal the characters typed at the keyboard and I created a Java program with Netbeans that makes use of the RxTX library to write to RS-232 to test serial communication; both tests worked flawlessly.

       But it's being impossible to get any successful Bluetooth communication with the Air-Cable device. I followed the steps described in the manual to activate the pair between the serial device and the USB device. After lights blink in both devices for a few seconds they become solid and the Windows XP device manager lists AIRcable USB under Ports (COM &LPT) with a COM ID (depending on the USB I plug it in so is the ID). Until here everything seems fine. However, when I open a hyperterminal the AIR cable port ID is not listed. Or a Java program I created to list all ports does not show it.

      Any ideas or recommendations?
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