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498mailbox protocol using Mailbox.java on linux

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  • graniterose2003
    Jul 28, 2011
      Anyone had any success using the Mailbox.java on a linux host using the serial cable?

      On the robot, I run IBBHostInterface.java, and i built a linux host java program using Mailbox.java. The robot never completes its mailbox open (faultLED stays on). Watching what the linux host sends and receives over the seral port, I see the following:

      if linux hosts starts first, it sends open (1) messages every second.
      When the robot is started, it sends open (1), and then host sends ack-open (2), and robot sends back 0x81, but then host sends close(3) and hangs ... ??

      if robot starts first, then when host is started, host send open(1) and receives open-ack(2) from robot,then host sends close(3) and hangs ....

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