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  • COE
    Oct 5, 2009
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      To Peter:

      The CMUCAM is facing the ball because is is mounted in front of the intellebrain bot..it serve as the vision of the bot, and it is use to predict of the coming ball....the sonar is also mounted in the front of the intellebrain bot, under the cmucam to measure the distance of the moving ball..our teacher said that we need to get the x and y coordinates of the moving ball, using the global cartesian plane...do you have any idea in computation to predict the trajectory line of the ball using the cmucam or using the global coordinates ??? tnx..

      To Paul:
      thanks for the link of the kalman and the pdf...but it sad to say that i did not understand the kalman,,....Its very difficult to make a code in RoboJDe for kalman...but anyway, tnx for your effort guys...
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