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272Can't download Virtual Machine to IntelliBrain

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  • peter_chatterton2001
    Aug 9, 2008
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      I'm using a Bluetooth connection and it's showing steady blue lights.
      The "IntelliBrain 2/Boot: 115.2K" msg shows on the LCD.
      I didn't turn the IBrain on until the download dialog started.
      The error msg in the IDE is: "Error: Unable to synchronize".

      Normally IB shows "RoboJDE v1.5.2r1 and Load".
      This is the first time I'm trying it and I understood the VM would
      already be loaded. Incidentally, how long should it take to downoad?
      Should 115.2K work with the Bluetooth?
      The License Fee is installed.
      I've tried several download rates.
      The IDE shows only one COM port available (3) which seems reasonable.
      I'm using XP SP2 on a tabletPC.

      Thanks for your help,
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