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203Re: Help! - can not load into FLASH

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  • garthpaine
    May 1, 2007
      I have followed this thread and tried everything outlined. as soon
      as I go into Boot mode the load and run buttons become greyed out.

      If I just start up normally (not in boot mode) all buttons are
      available - if I then select FLASH and hit Load, the LCD reads LOAD,
      but the communication fails and the dialog box reads - Unable to Sync

      I can load into RAM just fine. I have had the Demo program in FLash
      before and had a Ping tester in Flash, which seems not to be there

      I did run the "Clear Config" option that comes up when in boot mode
      after setting the baud rate and then realoaded the VM.

      The Bot is an Intellibrain 2
      Model 02 Rev 01
      Ser 0100020034

      The rocking between stop/start etc as described in the support email
      does not work for me.

      Help please



      --- In intellibrain@yahoogroups.com, "RidgeSoft" <rs1@...> wrote:
      > To wrap up this disucssion...
      > It's tricky to download a program to the IntelliBrain controller
      if it
      > has a program loaded in flash that is (1) set to run automatically
      > (2) takes control of the COM1 port. Here's a proceedure to
      download to
      > the board when its in this state:
      > 1. Uncheck "Run automatically" and set the load target to
      > FLASH. 2. Switch the power on. 3. Hold down STOP 4.
      > down START 5. Release STOP 6. Release START – you can do 3-
      > easily by rolling 1 finger from STOP to START.
      > At this point you should see "RoboJDE" on the LCD. 7. Hold
      > down START 8. Quickly click the load button then release the
      > button. 9. If you get "Board not responding" click okay,
      > switch power off and go to step 2. 10. If you get the
      > "IntelliBrain Download" dialog power the board off. 11. Hold
      > down STOP. 12. Switch power on. 13. Release STOP. 14.
      > Okay.
      > RidgeSoft Support
      > --- In intellibrain@yahoogroups.com, "Don" <DCFrench@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I downloaded a program to flash for the first time and now I
      > > download a new version of the program! RoboJDE never sees the
      > > Intellibrain (Load is grayed out). My program is set to run
      > > automatically and grabs COM1 right off the bat which, when I was
      > > running in RAM seemed to force me to power off and back on
      before it
      > > would allow Load. So, I tried holding down Start when powering
      > > and the LCD displays:
      > >
      > > RoboJDE v1.5 2r1
      > > Ready - Flash
      > >
      > > but Load is still grayed out. I then tried pressing Stop and the
      > > display showed:
      > >
      > > IntelliBrain 2
      > > Boot: 9.6K
      > >
      > > I see in the manual that this is how you set the baud rate that
      > > Intellibrain uses to communicate with the host computer so I
      > > Stop several time until it is the same as it is in the JDE, 115K.
      > > Then I press Start and what do you know, the Load icon is un-
      > > So I click it and it begins to download my new program. But only
      > > a few seconds because my program starts running and seizes the
      > > port and I get an error message in the JDE saying:
      > >
      > > Board not responding
      > >
      > > Finally, I try changing the baud rate on both the JDE and the
      > > Intellibrain to 9600 to give it a better chance to overwrite my
      > > program before it grabs COM1, but alas, that doesn't help.
      > >
      > > So, now I am stumped. Please, Ridgesoft, tell me what do I have
      > > do to reprogram my Intellibrain, because the program that is in
      > > now is not what I want to use for the rest of time.
      > >
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