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138Re: Line Following Example on Intellibrain2Bot

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  • RidgeSoft
    Jan 7, 2007
      Hi Garth,

      The sensors should read very high over black - 600 to 900. It could be
      the surface you are using is not opaque or is too reflective, which
      would cause the sensors to read lower. Hold the robot over the line and
      observe the values reported by the sensors as you lift the robot
      straight up from the black suface. If the sensor reading does not
      increase significantly it is the surface that is the problem, not the
      height of the sensors. If it is indeed a problem that you cannot move
      the sensor high enough off the floor, the best solution will probably be
      reducing the "THRESHOLD" value in the sample program.


      RidgeSoft Support

      --- In intellibrain@yahoogroups.com, "garthpaine" <ga.paine@...> wrote:
      > Hi all
      > I am having trouble getting my new Intellibrain2Bot to do the Line
      Following trick - it does
      > not seem to drive the motors at all - I have tried other algorithms
      and infact all the Demo's
      > work except this one - I have looked at the figures for the sensor
      outputs on the LCD - they
      > are around 346-349, so under the 350 recommended in the manual but
      close - I can not see
      > how to move the sensors up without triming the stand-off rods - what
      are other peoples
      > experiences here?
      > So when I place the bot on the line - nothing happens
      > Help please - thanks
      > Garth
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