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White-winged Doves

Surprised to find almost 20 White-winged Doves at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve this morning. Host Dee Zeller says that in the past few years quite a tribe has
Mark Leggett
2:32 PM

White Wagtail continues at Prado

Johnny Bovee is reporting that the White Wagtail is present at Prado Regional Park, presumably at the spillway, this morning, Jan 16, at 9:30 AM. Tom Benson
Tom Benson
9:36 AM

Salton Sea (south) 14 Jan 2018

We (Therese R. Clawson) spent Sunday, 14 January 2017 (6:30 AM to 4:00 PM), birding a few select locations within the Imperial Valley and along the south shore
Jan 15

No white wagtail

I birded Prado Park from 7:30-12:15. Most of that time was at the spillway. The wagtail was not seen. Flock on! Elias/Ηλία Arcata CA/at large Walkie talkie
Elias Elias 🔥🔥🔥
Jan 13

Parker Strip

This morning 13 Jan, Lauren Harter and I birded the Parker Strip SBE, along the Colorado River. Below Parker Dam we had the continuing male hybrid BARROW's x
David Vander Pluym
Jan 13

Southeastern CA RBA: January 11, 2018

RBA * California * Southeastern * January 11, 2018 * CASE18.01.11 This is the Southeastern CA weekly RBA summary. We cover Imperial, Riverside, and San
Thomas Benson
Jan 11

Re: San Bernardino Rarities Update

Tom, Large numbers of gulls tend to arrive at the lake at Prado Regional Park about mid-morning (10 AM-ish). Most are on the lake, but a few perch on the dock.
Tom Benson
Jan 11

Re: San Bernardino Rarities Update

Do the interesting gulls arrive & leave at a certain time? Tom Miko Claremont (City of Trees: I am allergic to trees) LA County 909.241.3300 On Jan 10, 2018
T.G. Miko
Jan 10

San Bernardino Rarities Update

I went hunting for a few of the rarities reported in the county recently. An early morning stop in the Silver Lakes area found the two WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS
Jan 10

Parker Strip (10 Jan) - Barrow's Goldeneye and continuing Yellow-bel

Hi all, I found a couple of interesting birds while birding the California side of the Parker Strip along the Colorado River today (Wednesday). At least one of
Jan 10

Heerman's Gull at Prado

The adult Heerman's Gull found earlier today by Nathan Goldberg, a visiting young birder, apparently returned and was present again when I arrived at 3:50 this
Roger D. Woodruff
Jan 8

Possible Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Kelso Depot (Mojave NP, 8 Jan)

Hi all, This morning I saw an interesting sapsucker at Kelso Depot, right next to the visitor center, which appears to be a male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER with
Jan 8

Re: Prado - Heerman's Gull

Just as I sent the last message, the eBird report came in, and it sounds like the Heerman's likely departed. Nathan also reports that the Wagtail was seen.
Matthew Grube
Jan 8

Prado - Heerman's Gull

I have received word of an adult Heerman's Gull at Prado Regional Park today, found by Nathan Goldberg. Thanks to Logan Kahle for relaying the message. Stuck
Matthew Grube
Jan 8

Silver Lakes and Helendale WTP (7 Jan)

Hi all, The two female-plumaged WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS continue at Silver Lakes this afternoon (Sunday) and I also saw two male EURASIAN WIGEONS at the Helendale
Jan 7
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