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    Asssalamu alaikum, ... From: SSaala@aol.com THE PEACE AND JUSTICE FOUNDATION 8604 Second Avenue, PMB 173 Silver Spring, Md. 20910 Dear Brothers and Sisters:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000

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      From: SSaala@...

      8604 Second Avenue, PMB 173
      Silver Spring, Md. 20910

      Dear Brothers and Sisters:

      Assalaam Alaikum (Peace be unto you). This extremely important, and [for
      me] heartwarming communique' is going to everyone on our various lists
      (Muslims and non-Muslims). I will begin by sharing with each of you the
      verbatim message that greeted me when I checked my voicemail this evening:
      "Mauri, this is Malea Kiblan calling with the news we've been waiting for.
      The Board [of Immigration Appeals] has issued its decision, and they have
      sustained Anwar's appeal, and they have granted him political asylum. I am
      trying to find out the intention of the Immigration Service with regard to
      his immediate release. I don't know it yet..."

      I cannot find the words to communicate the joy that I feel for Anwar and
      his family right now. It does appear that the nightmare is just about over. A
      note of caution is in order, however (as can be deduced by his attorneys
      concluding remarks). When Nasser Ahmed was ordered released by two
      immigration courts, the INS Commissioner (Doris Meisner) appealed to the U.S.
      Attorney General to intervene - resulting in the order for his "immediate
      release" being delayed.

      If some of you can recall, The Peace And Justice Foundation, in concert
      with other concerned organizations, then called for a mobilization of concern
      to bring pressure on the "Justice Department" to do the right thing. It took
      some time, but eventually "justice" won out, and Nasser was finally released
      after more than 3 1/2 years of unjust political captivity.

      The order for Anwar's release has not yet been carried out (I just spoke
      with his family), there is every possibility that the authorities may once
      again attempt to violate their own law. Once again we ask that you contact
      the appropriate authorities and help us exert positive pressure.

      U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno
      Tel: (202) 514-2001
      Fax: (202) 307-6777
      (Main # for Dept. 202 514-2000)
      website: www.usdoj.gov

      Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
      Tel: (202) 514-5231
      website: www.ins.usdoj.gov

      Between the two, the Attorney General's office is the most important (the INS
      is a branch of the Justice Department). We need everyone to begin calling and
      sending faxes and email at the start of business tomorrow morning. The
      question that should be repeatedly raised is: When will Dr. Anwar Haddam be

      We've already scheduled a demonstration on our brother's behalf for this
      coming Wednesday, December 6, at 11:30 am (in front of the Justice
      Department). If he is not released by Tuesday night, THE DEMONSTRATION IS ON,
      and it must be massive. [If necessary] we will hold a press conference,
      before the demonstration, and spell out our demands for his immediate release
      (insha'Allah). Please pass this information on to every concerned citizen
      that you know.
      As new people are always being added to our lists, many of you may not be
      familiar with the case involving Anwar Haddam. For this reason, what follows
      is the text of a letter we sent to Attorney General Reno earlier this year on
      Anwar's behalf. It contains enough background information to provide any
      fair-minded reader with a sense of the injustice that has been done to this
      man and his family for the past four years.


      In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

      February 16, 2000

      Attorney General Janet Reno
      United States Department of Justice
      10th & Constitution Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20530

      Re: An Open Letter on Dr. Anwar Haddam

      Dear Madam Attorney General: Peace be unto you

      May this find you and your family well. Once again I find myself having
      to write you about a case involving secret evidence. This time the case
      involves Anwar Haddam, the Algerian parliamentarian who in December 1999,
      marked three years of political imprisonment without charge in the United
      States of America; a nation that prides itself with being a land of ���liberty
      and justice for all.��� His case is even more egregious than that of Nasser
      Ahmed, the Egyptian born Muslim released from 3 1/2 years of political
      imprisonment without charge in November of 1999.
      Earlier last year, in the course of a roundtable presentation, Dr. Graham
      Fuller (a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation, and former
      vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA) perceptively
      referred to the detention of Anwar Haddam in the following words: ���It is
      scandalous that he is still in prison. I think things are now finally coming
      to a close; the case has been moving along very, very slowly. There has not
      been an adequate case made against him, and my understanding is that the
      State Department has generally been supportive of his case, as opposed to the
      Justice Department.���
      This observation on Anwar Haddam���s case was shared by Dr. Fuller almost a
      year ago, and despite his optimism that, ���Things are now finally coming to a
      close,��� Haddam���s open-ended political detention without charge grinds on
      with, unfortunately, no end in sight.
      The fate of Anwar Haddam in America is inextricably tied to the fate of
      Algeria and its people. The carnage in Algeria, and the Islamic Salvation
      Front���s (FIS) alleged ties to this carnage, has been the device used to try
      and justify the miscarriage of justice imposed upon Haddam and his family.
      And yet, Anwar Haddam, as president of the FIS Parliamentary Delegation
      Abroad, has forcefully and consistently called for an impartial and thorough
      investigation into the source of the massacres, and punishment without favor
      for any and all persons found responsible. Conversely, the Algerian
      government (with Western support) has consistently opposed such an
      Despite such opposition, however, truth has a power of its own, and finds
      a way to come to the surface whenever justice seems forever lost in the abyss
      of man���s inhumanity to man. An illuminating 1,473 page Inquiry into the
      Algerian Massacres has been published in Geneva, Switzerland. This impressive
      tome is actually a selection of 30 papers on different aspects of the
      Algerian crisis, authored by academics, lawyers and human rights advocates;
      edited by Youcef Bedjaoui, Abbas Aroua and Meziane Ait-Larbi - with forewords
      contributed by Professor Noam
      Chomsky and Lord Eric Avebury. A must read for anyone genuinely seeking the
      There are some who would argue Anwar Haddam has had his day in court, and
      further, that decisions in both immigration and federal courts have gone
      against him. However, we both know, Ms. Reno, how politicized and skewed this
      so-called fact-finding, administrative/judicial process can sometimes
      be...don���t we? We saw a graphic example of this when INS Commissioner Doris
      Meisner requested your intervention in the case of Nasser Ahmed, after two
      immigration courts ordered his long overdue release. And the world is now
      witnessing yet another tragic example, born out of foul, warmed over cold war
      politics surrounding the case of six year old Elian Gonzales.
      An objective review of the record will show that the immigration court
      has been openly biased against Anwar Haddam, while the federal court could
      not muster the courage to do what it knew was right. For those who were not
      present to hear U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III repeatedly admonish the
      government���s attorneys to make their case against Anwar Haddam in the writ of
      habeas corpus proceedings, a review of Judge Ellis��� apologetic footnote at
      the end of his decision should suffice:

      ���It is worth noting that the conclusion reached here does not, of course,
      represent any judicial finding that Haddam is engaged in or associated with
      terrorism or that he
      is a risk of flight; instead it is merely a judicial finding that the
      district director���s decision is neither unreasonable nor irrational. And
      thus, it is open to the IJ, BIA or another reviewing court to reach
      conclusions contrary to the district director.��� What twisted logic!

      Madam Attorney General, the Acting Regional Representative of the United
      Nations High Commissioner for Refugees��� advisory opinion on the Haddam case
      (dated June 12, 1998) still holds true, wherein he concluded:

      ���The [Immigration] Court���s decision does not support the conclusion that a
      clear nexus has been demonstrated between Mr. [Anwar] Haddam and the violent
      and persecutory acts of which he is accused.��� And further, ���As certain facts
      are in
      dispute in Mr. Haddam���s case, and some evidence has been withheld from review
      as classified, we have limited our analysis to the findings of the
      Immigration Court. Based upon the Immigration Court���s opinion, however, we
      conclude that the grounds for applying the exclusion clauses of the 1951
      Convention have not been established in Mr. Haddam���s case.���

      In short, Madam Attorney General, Anwar Haddam is deserving of political
      asylum; and the facts on the ground have not changed since this advisory
      opinion was rendered almost two years ago. Before I conclude, Madam Attorney
      General, there is one more extremely important issue related to conditions of
      custody impacting Anwar Haddam and other INS detainees.
      Aside from the open-ended detention, these detainees are being housed
      with accused and convicted criminals, subject to the same regulations (with
      respect to visitation of family and friends) - and in Anwar���s case, being
      unnecessarily, perhaps even punitively, bounced around from facility to
      facility; which increases the psychological pressures on the detainee and his
      family in a variety of ways. As you well know, aspects of this are a
      violation of international covenants that America is a signatory to.
      In my conclusion, Madam Attorney General, Senator Carl Levin has urged
      your office to suspend the use of secret evidence in immigration proceedings
      until the Department of Justice issues [new] regulations governing its use.
      We feel that the only just solution would be to abolish this selectively
      used, unconstitutional device altogether; coupled with the immediate release
      of all political detainees (resulting from its use)...beginning with that
      freely elected member of another nation���s parliament, Anwar Haddam.

      Respectfully Submitted,

      El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan

      Do you think that you will be abandoned, as though Allah did not know those
      among you who strive with might and main; and take none for friends and
      protectors except Allah, His Messenger, and the community of Believers? Allah
      is well acquainted with all that you do. .... Those who believe and suffer
      exile, and strive in Allah's Cause with their goods and their persons, have
      the highest rank in the sight of Allah; they are the people who will achieve
      salvation. (The Glorious Qur'an S. 9: verses 16 & 20)
      The Struggle Continues...

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