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My Struggle With Addiction & AIDS - One Man's story

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    Assalamu alaikum, My Struggle With Addiction & AIDS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ by Terry Mohammad Tahir (Usuryfree3@aol.com) After living on the streets
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000

      My Struggle With Addiction & AIDS
      by Terry Mohammad Tahir (Usuryfree3@...)

      After living on the streets of Washington, DC for two years, I got clean
      from drug (crack) addiction on December 4, 1992. It was not an easy job.
      It took the help of the VA Medical Center, Catholic Charities and the time
      and resources of many welfare organizations in greater Washington. They
      say that after you get drug-free, you still practice many of the traits of
      the insane condition of addiction. In my case that was true. On a number
      of occasions, I declined the HIV test.

      In the spring of 1995, I noticed that I was losing energy and
      requested help from the VA Medical Center. I believed that I only needed
      some pills to pep me up, a classic drug addict solution. As spring gave
      way to summer, I could hardly walk, but blamed this condition on the
      summer heat. On August 15, 1995, I was admitted to VA Hospital with AIDS,
      my T cells count having reach 173.

      In the hospital, my condition got worst instead of better. On
      November 14, 1995, I was shipped off to Hyattsville Nursing home, as VA
      Hospital believed there was little hope for me. As it turned out, being
      placed in that nursing home was one of the greatest gifts that I have
      received in this life. I met Ed Zipeto, a Catholic social worker at the
      nursing home, who visited me every Sunday for over a year. Ed, having
      lost the ability to write, would pen my thoughts and then take them home
      and type them out, bringing them back for my approval the following
      Sunday. For those fourteen months I was in a wheelchair at the nursing
      home Ed was my window to the world.

      I exchanged my crack addiction for an addiction to Oprah at the
      nursing home, getting much inspiration and hope from her programs. I also
      watched Nightline, where Darlene Riley, a guest, made the statement, "Of
      all the gifts that God has given me, AIDS is the greatest gift." That
      statement had great impact upon me because Darlene Riley was a former drug
      addict, just like me. It jogged lose a verse from the Qur'an which reads,
      "...and the patient in tribulation and adversity and times of stress.
      Such are they who are sincere." (Surah 2, Verse 177).

      Ed would take me in my wheelchair to Soho cafe many of those
      Sundays. There I would drink coffee and learn how to interact with people
      again. Living with AIDS ceased to be a burden and became an exciting
      chapter to my life. I wanted to become a positive example of a person
      living with disabilities. Through the HIV Community Coalition, I began
      accepting every chance to speak in public, sharing my laughter, my peace,
      my joy, my excitement with others. AIDS became my personal gift from God.
      Today, I understand what Darlene Riley meant when she said, "AIDS is the
      greatest gift."

      Recently, in September of this year, I attended the Islamic Society
      of North America Convention in Chicago. At the convention, attended by
      over 30,000 Muslims from all over the world, a large booth of the Dow
      Jones Islamic Index was at the door as you entered the convention center.
      Being interested in Islamic finance, I decided that I should give them my
      card. As I walked up to the booth, the person manning it said, "We have
      already been to your web site -- www.UsuryFreeLiving.com." I realized
      then that not only had they been to my site, they had to have somebody
      point me out to them. This was the web site that Ed had penned while I
      live in the nursing home, that David Bottorff (also living with AIDS) had
      put on a floppy disk for me and Dr. Imad ad-Dean Ahmad had placed on the
      worldwide web, giving me worldwide fame.

      No man is an island, but with the help others awesome things can be
      accomplished. Today, I firmly believe that with the help of God, there is
      nothing I cannot be, there is nothing I cannot do, there is nothing I
      cannot have. God has been good to this former drug addict. I fear that I
      won't be able to give back the gift that has been given me. I had God's
      help to overcome my human selfishness and pride. It was greed, lust,
      dishonesty and covetousness that led me into drug addiction. Now that I
      am drug-free, my work has just started. By the grace and mercy of God and
      the continuing help of many people of all races, religions and economic
      status maybe I have a chance to be what He created me to be.

      See Terry's website at: www.UsuryFreeLiving.com

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