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Palestinian martyrs' toll rises to 15, injuries top 500

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    Assalamu alaikum, ... From: Islamic Association For Palestine IAP note: this update comes from our correspondent in Palestine. Some reports
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2000

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      IAP note: this update comes from our correspondent in Palestine. Some
      reports say that the injuries are closer 1000, and if true it is, as one
      writer put it, "Taking population sizes into account, this is as if an
      occupation army had wounded about 85,000 defensely Americans in just a few


      Palestinian martyrs' toll rises to 15, injuries top 500

      Occupied Jerusalem: September 30/ 00 - The toll of Palestinian casualties
      in the second day of the "Aqsa uprising" has risen to 22 martyrs, seven
      on Friday and 15 on Saturday.

      The PA Minister of Health, Dr. Riyadh AL Za'anoun said the number of
      martyrs who were killed by Israeli soldiers' and settlers' bullets today
      rose to twelve.

      Four others, he said, were clinically dead.

      The number of injuries reportedly topped the 500-figure, nearly eighty of
      them sustained serious to critical wounds, as they received direct bullet
      shots in the upper parts of their bodies.

      The "clashes" died down toward the evening, apparently due to the darkness.

      However, several sporadic incidents of shooting were reported in the
      central part of the West Bank.

      According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli occupation authorities used
      heavy machine guns against peaceful Palestinian protesters near Gaza town.

      Palestinian security official told the Voice of Palestine Saturday night
      that occupation soldiers fired several three anti-tanks missiles on
      Palestinian policemen trying to control Palestinian demonstrators.

      Eyewitness narrated moving accounts of Israeli soldiers opening fire at
      innocent Palestinians who took part in the protests.

      One eyewitness spoke of Israeli soldiers shooting to death a driver of a
      civilian ambulance that was transferring a bleeding wounded child to hospital.

      A similarly moving incident, shown on the French Television today, in which
      Israeli soldier opened fire at an elderly Palestinian who was trying to his
      shield his son from the Israeli soldiers bullets.

      The occupation soldiers, as the film footage showed, shot both the man and
      his son, although neither threw any stones at the soldiers and certainly
      neither posed any danger to the security of the Zionists.

      The incident took place at the haram al Sharif Plaza yesterday.

      Aside from this, many Palestinian eyewitnesses stressed that Jewish
      settlers standing on rooftops in Hebron took part in opening fire from
      their Uzi submachine guns at Palestinians in the streets.

      Salim Abu Saleh, a Palestinian reporter, testified that at least five
      settlers, standing on rooftops near the shuhada streets in Hebron, were
      shooting randomly at Palestinians in the Bab-el-Zawiya area.

      Meanwhile, PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, just back from a visit to Cairo,
      called on the international community to intervene to protect the
      Palestinians from Israeli aggression.

      He described the Israeli bloody response to Palestinian protests at the
      visit to the Aqsa Mosque on Thursday as "a declaration of war."

      Earlier, PA officials denied earlier Israeli reports that Palestinian and
      Israeli officials had agreed on a cease-fire.

      PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina described Israeli announcements to that
      effect as "an insult added to an injury."

      "Cease-fire between whom and whom�who is shooting at whom� it is the
      Israeli soldiers who are shooting, it the Israeli soldiers who are killing
      Palestinian children�who are opening fire at peaceful Palestinian marches."

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