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Woody Harrelson calls "War on Terrorism" bullshit

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    Assalamu alaikum, WOODY S ON SIDE US actor defends George Michael s anti-Bush single
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2002


      US actor defends George Michael's anti-Bush single


      He's one of Hollywood's hottest actors and, with Natural Born Killers
      among his starring roles, is no stranger to controversy.

      But now Woody Harrelson has taken another brave step - he's passionately
      defended George Michael over his anti-Bush and Blair single Shoot The Dog.

      The 41-year-old star - currently appearing in On An Average Day opposite
      Kyle MacLachlan at the Comedy Theatre in London - has hit out at the
      backlash against the song's lyrics which criticise George Bush, Tony Blair
      and the war on terror since September 11.

      At his play's after-show party on Wednesday night, Woody told Jessica: "I
      saw the Daily Mirror's front page on George Michael and I thought it was
      brilliant. I've always been a fan but he's right up there now. I think
      he's a great guy.

      "I haven't seen the video for his song but I was fascinated by what he had
      to say.

      "He's incredibly brave to have done that song. Especially when doing
      something like that could be considered very dangerous in today's world."

      Harrelson - who is famous for his role as the dim barman Woody in Cheers
      and who stunned audiences with his powerful portrayal of a murderer in
      Natural Born Killers - is the first American to stand up and defend the
      39-year-old British singer.

      DEFENDER: Harrelson talks to the Mirror's Jessica Callan

      The former Wham! star caused outrage by using the Daily Mirror's Howdy
      Poodle front page, which poked fun at the special relationship between
      Britain and the US, on the single's cover.

      "I can't believe he got so criticised in America for it. It's so unfair,"
      said Woody. "I hear he's too scared to go over to the States now. What a
      joke. I'd really like to meet George.

      "I want to congratulate him on standing up and speaking out.

      "I totally support him and wish him all the best. It would really make my
      day if you could set up a meeting with me and George. I just want to shake
      that guy by the hand."

      He also had nothing but praise for the Daily Mirror.

      "I have one thing to say about the Mirror - it's amazing," he said. "The
      paper's stance on the war against terrorism is just right. It's so bold.

      "The war against terrorism is terrorism. The whole thing is just bullsh*t.
      What you guys have done is very brave."

      Woody - who was with his wife Laura and their two daughters Deni, nine,
      and five-year-old Zoe at the party at Adam Street private members' club -
      has been living in London for two months. He has homes in Hawaii and Costa
      Rica and proclaims to be a vegan, although he was gobbling up the canapes
      at the party.

      "I love it over here, man," he grinned, sipping a pint of beer.

      "I've been really busy but now the play has started I want to have a
      little fun. There's a little spot I go to but I'd rather not tell you
      where it is."

      London cab driver Les Dartnell also attended the play.

      In June Woody was wrestled to the ground by policemen and arrested after
      he went berserk in the back of Les's taxi. The cabbie said the star acted
      like a "caged animal".

      Within minutes of Les picking the actor up from Chinawhite at 2am, Woody
      had trashed the cab. He then booted the door open and made a run for it.

      Les dropped the charges after Woody paid him 542.96 and the two men shook
      hands after the play. "He said, 'No hard feelings'," said Woody. "He
      seemed like a nice guy. It's just one of those terrible circumstances."

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