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150 Palestinian and Arab Intellectuals and Activists Urge the Continuation of ALL Forms of Resistance and Condemn the Call to Desist from the Human Bombs Tactic

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    150 Palestinian and Arab Intellectuals and Activists Urge the Continuation of ALL Forms of Resistance and Condemn the Call to Desist from the Human Bombs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2002
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      150 Palestinian and Arab Intellectuals and Activists Urge the Continuation
      of ALL Forms of Resistance and Condemn the Call to Desist from the Human
      Bombs Tactic

      Amman, Ramallah,
      June 26, 2002


      In an open statement published in several Arab papers today, dozens of
      Palestinian and Arab notables called for the continuation of the
      Palestinian resistance while denouncing calls to put an end to human bomb
      attacks against "Israel". The signatories of the statement titled "With
      the Resistance in ALL its Forms" said that any people whose land is
      occupied has no other choice but to resist in every possible way. What
      follows is the text of the statement:


      The belligerent Zionist occupation raping Palestine is the reason for the
      suffering of our people, and is what threatens our Arab nation today.

      Having always rejected international resolutions, most recently the one to
      investigate the massacre in Jenin Camp, and having relentlessly pursued
      its policies of occupation and death in our camps, towns, and villages,
      the Zionist entity bears full responsibility for all that has passed.
      Therefore, it is the culprit pushing our young men and women to stand up
      to such brutal practices with their very blood and souls.

      Moreover, the Oslo Agreement has brought upon our people more pain and did
      not save the land from the demonic policies exercised by the successive
      governments of the Likud, Labor, and Likud/Labor combined. Since the
      Madrid Conference in 1991, and the Oslo Agreement signed in the lap of the
      White House in 1993, our land has been plundered more and the aggression
      on our people has not ceased. What former Prime Minister Shamir had said
      after Madrid about dizzying Palestinians in negotiations for ten years
      until the land has been all confiscated was actually accomplished by the
      governments of Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, and Sharon (with his ally
      who happens to be holding the Nobel Peace Prize).

      Thus, the task ahead for our Palestinian Arab people of all stripes,
      wherever they may be, indeed, the task ahead for the Arab people, is to
      resist the occupation and sweep it off our land by all available means.
      Foremost among those means is the armed struggle, with the benefit of any
      weapon within reach. Such is the natural and necessary response to a
      Zionist military machine that is armed to the teeth with American armor
      and a blatant American bias against our people and its cause, indeed, an
      American bias against all the causes of the Arab people.

      Yet right after European Foreign Ministers classified Palestinian
      organizations fighting the Zionist occupation, such as the Al Aqsa
      Brigades, the PFLP, and the PFLP-General Command, as terrorist - just like
      Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were classified before them as terrorist - we
      find the European Union involved in a media campaign in the local
      Palestinian press. But now it is the very voices that came up recently
      with the "call" in the local Palestinian press to desist human bombs, in
      the campaign being financed fully by the European Union, who espouse a
      line which has repudiated the right of return of Palestinians to their
      cities and villages.
      Let it be known then that the right of return is what Palestinians have
      been sacrificing for one generation after another, and it is that right
      which the Palestine Liberation Organization and all the organizations of
      the Palestinian resistance were established for.

      It is those who helped promote Oslo and Madrid, those who helped prepare
      this poisoned dish, and those who have been receiving funds from European,
      Canadian, and American donors under the bracket of non-governmental
      organizations (NGO's) whose names have shown up under this "call". They
      have re-surfaced today to imply that there is some Palestinian controversy
      about the HEROIC human bombs. In fact, many parties in this world have
      proclaimed their understanding of these human bombs, even though these
      parties are not necessarily friends of the Palestinian people or
      supporters of its cause. But with their "call", the signatories are
      effectively obscuring the urgent demands of our people to fight corruption
      and to build a FIGHTING patriotic Palestinian movement that is the
      antithesis of what the U.S. administration and the rapist Zionist enemy
      are working for.

      With their "call", the group of the fully-paid advertisement are
      effectively exonerating Sharon, Peres, Mofaz, and the rest of them Zionist
      murderers from their crimes that they have been committing daily against
      our people.

      The signatories of the fully-paid "call" renounce the resistance in all
      its forms even in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. That's why
      they have not taken part in any militant act against the occupation even
      after its assaults on Palestinian cities, villages, and camps there.
      Hence, the signatories, albeit an isolated minority within our people,
      merely seek to suggest that there are divisions within the ranks in order
      to cover up more concessions to be extended to the U.S. and the Sharon
      governments by those in cahoots with them.

      By bestowing upon this clique titles and augmented characters as
      intellectuals, leaders, and what have you, this charade only serves to
      mystify their real characters as OPPORTUNISTS growing in the shadow of the
      mirage of peace that is yet to show after fifty years. The U.S.
      administration has escalated its efforts to liquidate the Palestinian
      cause in a campaign targeting the Palestinian armed struggle, including
      the human bombs tactic. Palestinian officials, as well as some Arab ones,
      have caved in before these U.S. government efforts. Hence projects
      renouncing the essence of the Palestinian cause: the right of return and
      liberation, reared their ugly head. Implementation on the ground began
      with drying up financial resources and popular donations so as to starve
      and deprive the Palestinian Arab people of material support in an attempt
      to bring it down to its knees. In conjunction with that, grass-roots
      movements, demonstrations, sit-ins, and campaigns in support of the
      Intifada in the Arab street were oppressed by the regimes. [It is only
      within this political context that the "call" to halt human bombs can be

      Any people whose land is occupied has no choice but to resist with all the
      means imaginable. That's what our Palestinian Arab people have been doing
      for the last one hundred years in the face of the settler-invader campaign
      that has sought to occupy our land and destroy our existence. THOSE WHO
      AND JUSTICE WITHOUT RESISTANCE. And our people refuses to COEXIST with
      the plunderers of the land and the killers of the children.

      Such we were taught by Ezz Eddin Al Qassam, Abdul Qader al Husseini, and
      Saied Alass.

      None of our contemporary heroes and heroines of the human bomb martyrs
      seek to kill or be killed. They only seek to secure a better future for
      the coming generations.

      For the defense of national rights should take precedence over the
      interests of an impotent and disintegrating Authority which merely links
      itself in an unholy alliance with the "Israeli" right when it adopts the
      latter's description of legitimate resistance operations as "terrorism".

      150 signatories.

      For the names, see Arabic statement at:

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