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    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmutallhu wa barakatuhu, This email encompasses the following information: 1. Official Organizer / Chairperson of National Fast Day -
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2002
      Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmutallhu wa barakatuhu,

      This email encompasses the following information:

      1. Official Organizer / Chairperson of National Fast Day - contact info
      2. Initial Information to Give Out to Your Mailling Lists
      3. Necessary Information For Your Organization
      4. The Updated Organizations Contact Participation List

      1. Official Organizer / Chairperson of National Fast Day - contact info

      Br. Jeewan is the offical organizer of the National fast day event. He may
      be reached at jeewanc@... OR 416-494-5768. [Ontario] If your
      questions maintian knowledge of basic information, please feel free to call
      me since Br. Jeewan is currently swamped. My email address is
      nadiramustapha@... and my phone number is 204-832-3511. [Manitoba]

      Please keep in mind that your provincial representation is what is allowing
      this event to occur, to receive media attention and insha Allah to become a
      success. Last but not least, your own personal fast and sacrifice on this
      day will be a request to Allah for His Ultimate Help and Eternal Mercy.

      2. Initial Information to Give Out to Your Mailling Lists

      The 'Young Muslims' of Ontario are making a professional flyer that will be
      out very soon insha Allah. For the time being, you may insert the following
      message (or one of your own liking) to put on your email lists concerning
      the National Fast Day.

      To be observed by Muslim communities across CANADA

      Date: April 11th 2002

      Muslims are being asked to observe the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be on
      him) of fasting on Thursdays. Muslim organzations in every province within
      Canada (as well as other parts of the world) will be partaking in this
      event. Please join us in a concerted effort to fast on THURSDAY, APRIL
      11th, 2002.

      During this time we are asking that we all try to remember our brothers and
      sisters who are being slaughtered in Palestine as well as those who are
      being fought and unjustly killed.

      We would also like to show the media that Muslims throughout Canada and the
      entire world (Al Jazeera) that we are enraged at the atrocities occuring to
      our Palestinian brethern. (Press releases, etc. will be sent out via CAIR.)

      It is requested that those who can afford to save their money to donate it
      to your local charity organization in order to help bring relief to our
      brothers and sisters.

      Finally please request your Imams of your local mosques to recite Qunoot
      An-Nazilat. This should be performed in times of calamity and which we are
      truly facing right now.

      3. Necessary Information for Your Organization

      Please be sure that you are on the CAIR Canada mailing list to receive press
      release information. Please subscribe as soon as possible since the press
      release should be out this evening insha Allah. (I will personally request
      that the press release be put out twice for those of you who may not get the
      chance to join today.) Encourage all members of your province to be added
      to their list. You may suscribe your name by simply writing to CAIR Canada
      at: canada@.... Please CC your message to the CAIR Chairperson,
      Dr. Sheema Khan at sheema_khan@....

      4. The Updated Organizations' Email List (with Maritimes):

      (If one wishes to send out an email via the entire list, please send a
      message utilizing the current updated email list server insha Allah.)

      1. British Columbia

      University of British Columbia MSA [confirmed]

      2. Alberta [confirmed]

      University of Alberta MSA

      Masjid Markaz-al-Islam

      3. Saskatchewan [confirmed]

      Muslims for Peace and Justice

      University of Regina MSA

      4. Manitoba [confirmed]

      Manitoba Islamic Association

      5. Ontario [confirmed]

      Entire Ontario Region

      6. Montreal [confirmed]

      Entire Montreal Region

      UMSA (United MSA) mmy@...

      University of Montreal MSA
      UQAM MSA
      University of Concordia MSA
      McGill University MSA
      Dawson MSA
      John-Abott College MSA
      Champlain MSA
      Vanier MSA
      Marinaopolis MSA

      7. Newfoundland [confirmed]

      University of Newfoundland MSA

      Masjid Al Noor

      8. P.E.I. [confirmed]

      Muslims Society of P.E.I.

      9. Nova Scotia [confirmed]

      10. New Brunswick [confirmed]

      Muslims Association of New Brunswick

      May Allah reward all the representatives, your patience, utter willingness,
      immense eagerness and sheer understanding in this current project. Please
      keep an eye out for upcoming notices. And please notify all the other
      organizations that you know of. May Allah shower His Mercy upon our
      brothers and sisters in Palestine / world-wide. Ameen.


      "Think ye to enter Paradise, while yet there hath not come unto you the like
      of what came unto those who passed away before you? Affliction smote them
      and injuries and they were made to quake unitl the Messenger of God said and
      with him those who believed: When cometh the help of God? Lo, verily the
      help of God is nigh." (2:214)

      Fi amaan Allah wa salaamuÂ’alaikum,
      Nadira Mustapha <nadiramustapha@...>
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