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Adolf Ariel Sharon: Palestinians Have to Be Hit Hard

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    Ariel Sharon: Palestinians Have to Be Hit Hard 5 March 2002 Palestine Media Center PMC http://www.palestine-pmc.com In the clearest manifestation yet of his
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2002
      Ariel Sharon: Palestinians Have to Be Hit Hard

      5 March 2002
      Palestine Media Center PMC

      In the clearest manifestation yet of his aggressive intentions, Ariel
      Sharon declared to the Israeli Knesset yesterday, 4 March, that Israel was
      at war with the Palestinians. Speaking to the Foreign Affairs and Defense
      Committee, Sharon declared, It won't be possible to reach an agreement
      with them before the Palestinians are hit hard. Now they have to be hit.
      If they aren't badly beaten, there won't be any negotiations. Only after
      they are beaten will we be able to conduct talks. They must be beaten: the
      Palestinian Authority, its forces, and the terrorists," he said, adding,
      "If they aren't beaten there won't be any political horizon.

      Further proving that he has no political agenda, Mr. Sharon said, Those
      who speak of political horizons should look at the security horizon. Today
      there is only one horizon, the security horizon. The comments were meant
      as an indirect criticism to those in the Israeli Knesset who have strongly
      criticized the Israeli governments continuous military aggression against
      Palestinian population centers, which have thus far resulted in the
      killing of at least 1060 Palestinians, 439 of them children.

      Ariel Sharon also confirmed the Israeli governments intention to carry out
      additional attacks against other Palestinian refugee camps; we are in a
      long and difficult war, but if we know how to remain steadfast we can
      overcome all the obstacles. The latest incursions into the Balatta and
      Jenin refugee camps have resulted in the killing of at least 40
      Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were children, women, and elderly.

      In fact, Sharons Knesset speech came a few hours after Israeli occupation
      forces had fired a tank shell at a Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS)
      ambulance, killing 58 year-old Dr. Khalil Suleiman, the director of the
      PRCS in Jenin. The doctors body was completely burnt after the crew
      accompanying him as well as an additional PRCS medical crew came under
      fire and were injured while trying to rescue him. The victim was on his
      way to rescuing a little girl who had been injured in the camp.

      Also related to his plan of aggression, Ariel Sharon further explained his
      declared and internationally condemned buffer zone plan. According to the
      daily Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Sharon said that he means a 5-kilometer
      strip east of the Green Line, a 15-20 kilometer swath west of the Jordan
      River, including the area close to [illegal Israeli settlement of] Ma'aleh
      Adumim [in Occupied East Jerusalem]. From Ma'aleh Adumim, the zone would
      stretch south over a 10-kilometer-wide swathe, where the [Israeli]
      security forces would have a free hand [in conducting military attacks].
      The planned buffer zones include 108 Palestinian villages and towns in
      which at least 400,000 Palestinians live.

      Responding to his buffer zone plan presentation, rightwing Member of
      Knesset Yosef Lapid alleged, There could be as many as 4,000 terrorists
      there, implying that military aggression should be employed against the
      civilians living in these planned buffer zones as well.

      For his part, the Israeli opposition leader, Yossi Sarid, delivered a
      scathing attack against the planned buffer zones, stating to Ariel Sharon,
      It's an illusion that has nothing to do with security. Your buffer zone
      plan is an annexation plan that can never happen. Mr. Sarid also accused
      the Israeli Prime Minister of insulting the Israeli publics intelligence
      with this plan.

      Of Mr. Sharons plan to hit the Palestinians hard, Mr. Sarid said, It is
      obvious that a tragedy befell the state of Israel a year ago and the fate
      of the nation is now being determined by Sharon, Ben Eli-ezer, and the
      Chief of Staff Mofaz. These people only work as a result of very retarded
      reactions. Mr. Sarid then added, Their principle mistake in defining the
      problem. They have yet to understand the problem of continuing the
      [Israeli] occupation and that is that no People will accept to live under

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