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Open letter to Kofi Annan

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    Assalamu alaikum, Open letter to Kofi Annan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (source: http://frontierpost.com.pk/art4june-19.html) (We are producing below an open
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2000

      Open letter to Kofi Annan
      (source: http://frontierpost.com.pk/art4june-19.html)

      (We are producing below an open letter, addressing to UN Secretary General
      Kofi Annan by Prof Anwar ul Haq from Islamabad and this refers to a UN
      conference: Beijing Plan of Action)

      You and your UNO are the worst human rights violators. UNO is trying to
      damage the most natural relations between man, woman, family and society.
      The God, the Creator of Entire Universe including you and me through His
      mercy and blessing has sent many Prophets (Messengers) to show the mankind
      the most peaceful and progressive path, i.e. Islam (Meaning peace and
      submission to the God). Each and every cell of us is obeying the God. The
      enzymes, the machines, the electrical system and atomic system etc in
      every cell is superior to all man made machines on the planet earth. Each
      and every thing is obeying Allah Talah (The God). Similarly every thing in
      universe is obeying Allah Talah from drops water to the great stars, from
      trees to herbs. Man has a problem. He thinks of himself too much. He knows
      little and claims to be the scholar and start interfering the nature.
      Islam is the religion, the path of nature. All messengers of Allah e.g.
      Adam, Abraham, Noah, Loat, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus (Peace be upon
      them) brought the same message i.e. Islam. Fortunately the final message
      is well protected in Quran. Muhammad (PBUH) being the last and final
      messenger of Allah brought the message in final and eternal form.

      Your organizations idea about women is the greatest disservice to mankind
      and women. You and UNO must be thoroughly ashamed of it. By destroying
      bounds of family you are weakening human society. Already humanity is
      suffering in the form of AIDS, several other venereal diseases and
      psychological and social disorders by introduction of promiscuity and gay
      relationship etc. You are reducing woman to lower than a prostitute! This
      is great and grave insult to human being. You are reducing man to lower
      than machines. You are killer of souls and spirits let alone human bodies.
      I am writing this piece to draw your attention to an extremely urgent
      matter, the forthcoming UN General Assembly Special Session entitled,
      Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development, and Peace for the Twenty-first
      Century. In the name of womens rights they plan to impose a culture of
      perversion and corruption beyond imagination. This conspiracy is not only
      aimed towards Islam but the whole human race. This is a seed for the
      destruction of cultures, religions and moral civilisation. The conceiver
      of this Plan is no other then Satan with the purpose to destroy religion,
      ethics and culture, develop vulgar, unsafe, and unethical, disease
      infected societies.

      In the name of womens rights, if your UN thinks it can get rid of Islam,
      then I think your diplomats boys and your diplomacy and its ways, need to
      examine the consequences of such actions. The UN Platform, as contained in
      the Beijing Plan of Action and the Preparatory Document for the
      forthcoming Beijing Plus 5 conference, amounts to abrogation of Islam. It
      declares all Islamic teachings and laws as null and void that stand in the
      way of the Satanic UN agenda. Accepting this platform is tantamount to

      In case you have not read the document, you must know that it declares
      homosexuality as a basic human right, protects fornication, adultery, and
      abortion as reproductive rights, and aims to impose a culture of
      promiscuity and immorality. It replaces the complementary relationship
      between husband and wife with a competitive one and aims at driving the
      women out of the household. Islam freed the women from the responsibility
      to earn a living, making the husband totally responsible for it. The UN
      snatches this freedom away from the women. It continues with its brutal
      and racist birth control campaign and seeks to give it renewed legitimacy.
      Diplomacy is good when it restores rights for all, without any
      discrimination. Religious diplomacy does not fit in with your diplomacy.
      UN was, is and always will be an unenforceable entity. UN has become tool
      of Super Powers and has drifted away from its main agenda, that is
      maintaining peace on earth. People of many nations are feeling that the UN
      is protecting the interest of the Super Powers especially US and not

      The body that you are heading is swift when Non-Muslims are being killed.
      But when it comes to Muslims being killed UN calls for discussions.
      Have you heard of a place called Kashmir? 700,000 odd soldiers are killing
      innocent people and the UN is not even bothered to step in or give a
      serious statement. Doesnt the UN have any records to the Resolution it
      pasted in late 40s and early 50s? If the record doesnt exist I am sure
      Indian or Pakistani Government can provide you one.

      UN is no longer serving the purpose it was created for. I wonder how can
      you sleep? Have you any conscious? Do you have children? Have you ever
      wonder as to what UN is doing in Iraq? Which nations were tools in arming
      and selling destructive weapons to Iraq? Dont they deserve sanctions?
      Annan, your UN has been involved in this social engineering project for a
      long time. Be prepared for a major challenge from Muslims, if you take
      this extreme step. If you still do not stop it then you might as well
      forget about your United Nations. Muslims will make sure that you do. You
      have no idea whats on the horizon.

      Lets face the facts, Annan. Christianity is the religion which has most
      members of the UN, but Islam is the fastest growing religion inside the
      United States. Like it or hate it, Islam is a product of a supernatural

      You of all the people should know that when a man made religion or law
      fights a super natural powered religion (like Islam), then you will face
      non-curable problems which you yourself will invent but cannot cure, as
      you dont & wont have the anti-dote. There is only one way for you to
      sensibly handle this. Reject the entire UN platform as contained in the
      Beijing Program of Action and the preparatory document for the Beijing
      Plus 5 CONFERENCE. The Burden of consequences lies with the Supporters of
      this plan.

      I request you to open your eyes if you have slightest life in you and
      accept Islam. You like others will not live long and in grave and
      afterwards your money and achievements will be of no help to you. All your
      bad deeds which are carrying out under UNO will lead you to eternal hell
      fire which you will share with your Zionist friends and masters and they
      will also know that their claim of Chose people was farce.

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