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Afghanistan pounded by fresh air strikes

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    Assalamu alaikum, Afghanistan pounded by fresh air strikes http://www.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/view?/news/2001/10/08/attack_two011008 KABUL - The U.S. has launched a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2001
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      Afghanistan pounded by fresh air strikes


      KABUL - The U.S. has launched a second wave of punishing air attacks on
      Afghanistan, senior defence officials say, and witnesses report that
      several cities have been hit.

      The lastest reports indicate that targets in the northern cities of
      Mazar-e-Sharif and Konduz are under fire.

      U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the latest barrage resulted in
      strikes against 31 targets.

      "We will not stop until the terrorist networks are destroyed," he said in
      a briefing at the Pentagon Monday.

      Witnesses reported hearing bombs explode in the capital city of Kabul, as
      well as anti-aircraft fire. Shortly after that the electricity was cut

      People in the city of Kandahar also reported hearing at least three blasts
      after jets flew overhead, followed by anti-aircraft fire.

      Kandahar is where the country's Taliban rulers are based, including Mullah
      Mohammed Omar. It also has an airport and radar station, which U.S.
      officials claimed to have hit on Sunday. The Taliban's 2nd army corps is
      headquartered in the city, along with al-Qaeda fighters.

      Sunday's targets in Kabul included the airport, as well as Taliban
      political and military bases. The Taliban's central army corps is also
      located in the capital.

      An opposition spokesperson in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif said
      nearby Taliban positions were under attack by aircraft and missiles for
      the second day in a row. Tanks and other Taliban army equipment are said
      to be in the area.

      Focus may shift to other countries

      In New York, the U.S. notified the UN that the anti-terror strikes could
      go beyond Afghanistan. Officials declined to be more specific.

      The United States went on to justify Sunday's retaliatory strikes,
      invoking a clause in the UN charter (Chapter 7, Article 51) granting
      nations "the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence."

      Just the beginning, officials say

      Earlier today U.S. and British officials said Sunday's strikes were just
      the beginning of their campaign to wipe out terrorism following last
      month's deadly attack on America.

      They said the strikes on military targets connected to the Taliban
      government and suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden may continue for
      several more days.

      Pictures broadcast this morning by Al Jazeera TV in Qatar show rubble and
      destruction in the Afghan capital of Kabul after Sunday's barrage of
      cruise missiles and bombs that rained down on military sites around Kabul,
      Kandahar and Jalalabad.

      In London Monday morning, British defence staff chief Admiral Michael
      Boyce said 30 targets inside Afghanistan were hit on Sunday, but didn't
      have precise assessments of damage done.

      Speaking with Boyce at a Defence Ministry briefing, Defence Secretary
      Geoff Hoon countered reports that civilian areas might have been hit
      during the attacks.

      He said that television footage showing anti-aircraft fire over
      residential areas could make it appear as though those areas were under
      attack. He offered his assurances that they were not.

      Taliban envoy to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef said 20 civilians had been
      killed in Kabul alone. He told a news conference that the dead included
      women, children and elderly people.

      Hoon said the targets were military sites and terrorist training camps.
      Boyce said three of the targets were in Kabul, four were near inhabited
      areas and the other 23 were in remote, uninhabited areas.

      The attacks involved 40 warplanes, ships and submarines. The British are
      known to have three submarines in the area, but Boyce refused to say which
      submarines were involved in the attack.

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