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UMO Newsletter: Four US Planes Shot Down, and other news you will not find in the western media

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    Assalamu alaikum, With Allah s Name, the Rehman, the Raheem UMO News 20th Rajab, 1421. October 8, 2001 (One of the Most Reliable Newsletters) Editorial No
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      With Allah's Name, the Rehman, the Raheem

      UMO News

      20th Rajab, 1421. October 8, 2001

      (One of the Most Reliable Newsletters)


      No reason for anther massacre of justice about World Trade Center.

      Taliban condemned all terrorist attacks on civilians disregarding their
      religion and ethnicity. They simply asked proofs against Osama Bin Laden
      so that they can hold a fair and speedy trial of Osama. Instead of handing
      so called proofs to Taliban, Bush and Tony in most arrogant way asked
      handing over of Osama to them. This is justice perhaps Texan style, London
      Style or Tel Aviv Style.

      As USA, UK and Israeli Governments are blood hungry of Osama a fair and
      unbiased trial of Osama could not be held in any country of the world
      except Afghanistan as all other countries are indirect influence of
      Zionists. The UK, USA and other Western countries lawyers could have come
      to Afghanistan and internationally televised trial of Osama could have
      been taken place.

      But what could you expect from countries who are habitual in lying and are
      badly entrenched in the most rotten culture! The social break down, family
      break down, extremely high divorce rate, lack of marriages, innumerable
      acts of theft, murder, drunk violence of all sorts, gambling, lottery,
      prostitution, pornography, infanticide, an epidemic of AIDS and other
      venereal diseases and extremely corrupt mental health and hygiene. Not to
      speak of equally rotten economic system where every body in under debts
      and interest.

      The cure of all these evils is of course Islam, the religion of Adam,
      Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (PBUH). All one religion, saved
      in final form in Quran. The Zionists of USA, UK, Russia etc have stolen
      the eyes and ears of the people of these countries. Muslims want to give
      relief to the sufferings of the Western people but alas their eyes and
      ears are shut and they have kept so busy in useless things that they have
      no time to seek the truth.

      One journalist of Canada personally told me that he had learnt only one
      hour in 12 years about Islam. And in that one hour he was told that Islam
      is putting open sword in front and one on the back of neck and forcing
      people to Islam. What could be farthest from truth about Islam. It is the
      duty of all Muslims particularly those living in the West to tell truth
      about Islam. Take the light of this deen to them so they can get out of
      darkness. Just one look at daughters of President Bush and son of Prime
      Minister Tony Blair would explain the reasons about their irrationality.

      Under the immense pressure of Sharon and the Zionist lobby controlling all
      press, business, media, medical profession, justice department,
      underground crime mafia, FBI and CIA, Bush and Tony have began their
      crusade against Islam and Muslims. These Global Terrorists and backers of
      the worst terrorists in different countries (e.g. Altaf Hussain of
      Pakistan who is known to murder thousands of people in specially designed
      torture cells etc has been given full protection and UK citizenship by UK
      Government.) Tony and Bush have attacked Afghanistan. There was no
      justification of these attacks.

      Justice was not given a chance. USA justice takes months if not years e.g.
      O. J. Thompson case and there is no guarantee for justice at all e.g.
      Salama (the driver) was punished while his boss Mr. Josie Hudas who was
      the real culprit in first bombing of World Trade Center was allowed to get
      off the hook. Josie Hudas's name did appear once in un-censored news on
      CNN but as soon it was learnt by CNN that he was a Jew and an agent of
      Mossad, his name was removed. Josie Hudas hired Salama, a Palestinian
      driver to bring ill name and image to Muslims and Islam. The Christian
      American lawyer described the verdict as the worst massacre of justice. So
      should we allow another massacre of justice in case of World Trade Center

      Israel has been found guilty in several cases of terrorism against USA
      e.g. deliberate sinking of US Liberty. President Bush (Senior) could not
      even enter the room in which the award ceremony of the US liberty was
      held. All press and media was banned also. Now President Bush (Junior)
      banned Mullah Omar's interview on Voice of America. Long live freedom of
      press in USA.

      Anwar Ul Haque
      Four Planes Shot Down!

      Another evidence of Media Control. Four USA/UK planes have been shot down
      by Taliban and no mention on BBC and CNN.

      In addition to two un-manned planes shot down by Taliban and three driven
      away, Taliban have shot down four planes since yesterday. In order to keep
      the moral of USA/UK air forces etc. the media is playing deaf, dumb and
      blind. USA and UK lost four airplane. The wreckage of one plane along with
      its killed crew members have been identified including pilot etc. The
      wreckage of three others is actively sought. As soon as it is found we
      will inform you.

      Some other news!

      a.. A few Taliban got injured in Jalalabad

      b.. About 30 civilians had honor of getting Shahdah (killed) in Kabul

      c.. All Generals with Islamic ideology are being cornered. Mr. Mehmood
      Ahmed chief of ISI who was know to have a soft corner for Muslims has been
      removed from his job. General . Muzaffar Usmani is pressurized for resign.

      d.. The Pissni Naval Base of Pakistan has been occupied by USA navy on
      consent of the traitor 2YK Mr. Musharraf.

      e.. Religious leader Mr. Samee ul Haque has been arrested while Fazlur
      Rehman is house arrested. His entrance to Multan city was banned by the
      Zionist puppet Mr. Musharraf

      f.. There had been a lot of rallies in support of Muslims of Afghanistan
      in Pakistan.

      g.. All Muslims world wide are requested to keep a fast on this Friday
      (Except those who would participate in rallies) to show their solidarity
      with Muslim Ummah

      h.. Mr. Musharraf blatantly admitted that he has not analyzed the
      evidences against Osama and yet he and Abdus Sattar started labeling Osama
      as terrorists! What a fairness. He had no gut to ask for a trial of the
      gravest terrorists of the world i.e. Sharon and Vajpaie who are actively
      killing innocent Palestinians and Kashmiris daily.

      i.. A lot of videos of Osama had been circulated out of context by CNN
      and others. Osama was not condemning ordinary Americans. He was
      specifically referring to the US army who has occupied his country i.e.
      Saudi Arabia. What Americans would do to that army which would occupy
      USA? His comments regarding the occupying forces had been twisted and were
      wrong fed to common Americans to gather their support.

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      "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was
      not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not
      speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the
      Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for
      me, and there was no one left to speak for me." - Pastor Martin Niemoller
      regarding the Nazi reign.
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