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American document calls for military option against Syria

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    Assalamu alaikum, American document calls for military option against Syria ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2000

      American document calls for military option against Syria

      June 13/00 Amman- The US secretary of state Madeline Albrights call for
      liberating Lebanon from all foreign forces on the eve of the Israeli
      withdrawal from South Lebanon was a signal for the initiation of an
      official American campaign against Syrian presence in Lebanon.

      The drive, which was coupled with an Israeli escalation against Syria
      including threats and a concerted Israeli-Turkish intelligence campaign,
      affirms that Washington was no longer committed to the red line that
      shaped Syrian military presence in Lebanon since 1976.

      Within this framework, an American document signed by a number of
      congressmen, diplomats, former officials, researchers and businessmen was
      recently released calling for liberation of Lebanon from Syrian

      The document, which carried the title of The US role in ending the Syrian
      occupation of Lebanon, comprised a comprehensive working plan for
      liberating Lebanon from the huge burden of Syrian occupation.

      The signatories call on the US administration to use force as it had done
      to liberate Kuwait and Kossovo in a bid to save, what they called,
      democracy and pluralism in Lebanon.

      The doctrine charged that Lebanon, under such conditions, was the only
      subjugated country in the world and recalled that Washington had declared
      its backing to Lebanons independence, sovereignty and territorial
      integrity when Syria imposed itself on its neighbor in 1975.

      It noted that Damascus had promised to withdraw its forces but instead
      tightened its noose on Lebanon and charged that the Syrian policy in
      Lebanon strongly contradicted US principles.

      The signatories said that their document was a step towards regaining
      Lebanons independence and sovereignty and the American government should
      set that withdrawal at a top priority for the following reasons:

      First: the long history of American-Lebanese friendship.

      Second: the strategic position of Lebanon in the Middle East, which is
      crippled by Syrian control.

      The doctrine called on the American administration to adopt a number of

      -A clear declaration calling for withdrawal of Syrian army.

      -Urging moderate Arab countries to help Lebanon restore its sovereignty.

      -Non-payment of any financial assistance to Syria unless it pulls out its
      forces along with its intelligence agents.

      -Withholding assistance to any Lebanese government under Syrian control.

      -Forging a serious solution in South Lebanon similar to the situation in

      -Urging the Israelis not to debate the fate of Lebanon with Syria.

      The signatories demand the American government, in the event that such
      steps failed to achieve the required goals, to recall the American
      ambassador from Damascus, freeze diplomatic relations with it, suspend all
      bilateral agreements, prevent Syrian officials and students from entering
      the US and coordinate with the international community along with Lebanese
      democrats and nationalists to realize those goals.

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