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Serbian nationalists attack "gay pride" parade.

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    Assalamu alaikum, Violence as Serbian homosexuals hold first Gay Pride march Agence France Presse June 30, 2001 Police fired in the air in a bid to disperse
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2001

      Violence as Serbian homosexuals hold first Gay Pride march

      Agence France Presse

      June 30, 2001

      Police fired in the air in a bid to disperse several hundred anti-gay
      nationalists who stoned and beat homosexual activists taking part in the
      first-ever Gay Pride parade in Yugoslavia on Saturday.

      At least four activists and one policeman were injured when groups mainly
      made up of young skinheads and Serbian nationalists attacked several dozen
      gay activists on Belgrade's central square.

      Radio B92 reported that at least 10 attackers were detained, while six
      policemen suffered head injuries.

      The radio said members of the right-wing conservative group "Obraz"
      (Cheek) was organising the protest against the gay activists.

      They also beat to the ground four women from the lesbian association

      Lepa Mladjenovic of the Labris group told AFP that the anti-gay forces
      were waiting on the square where the activists had scheduled their
      gathering, immediately attacking and beating them as they arrived.

      The Gay Pride march was planned months ago and came a day after thousands
      of die-hard nationalist supporters of ousted leader Slobodan Milosevic
      took to the streets of the capital in anger at his extradition to the
      International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The

      Several dozen policemen managed to push back the groups, who shouted "We
      do not want gays in Serbia!" "Long Live the Serbian Kingdom" and waved
      WWII nationalist flags with the insignia "With faith in God, For King and

      The nationalists later marched through central Belgrade, beating and
      stoning small groups of gay activists gathered in a nearby students
      cultural center.

      Police again fired in the air, but failed to prevent further clashes.

      One of the skinheads among the attackerss wore a T-shirt with a Dutch flag
      and the initials ICTY, with the date of Milosevic's extradition, June 28
      on his back.

      They shouted "Serbia for the Serbs and not for gays" and "This is an
      Orthodox country where there will be no immorality."

      Some groups stoned the office of the the Social Democratic Union, the
      party of Serbian deputy prime minister Zarko Korac, which had already come
      under attack in March when six men stormed its premises, injuring four

      The party has openly supported homosexual movements.

      The Gay Pride demonstration was called by several groups of gay activists,
      who have tried to publicize their presence in Serbia in the past two
      years, to mark international gay day on June 27.

      "After years of silence, we join the world celebration of the Gay pride of
      homosexuals determined to break the fears and taboos, encourage each other
      and decrease hostilities," its statement said.

      Although the gay community in Serbia has reportedly been increasing, many
      conservative traditionalists remain hostile towards it.

      Soon after the demonstration was publicized placards appeared in central
      Belgrade calling "the Orthodox to gather for a spiritually healthy Serbia"
      at the same time as the Gay Pride.

      "Let us prevent anti-Christian, homosexual immorality and perverse
      orgies," the posters said.

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