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New Book On War Against Iraq

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    Assalamu alaikum Book Highlight: Review: The Price of Victory: The Gulf War Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom The tragic events of the outcome of the bloody Gulf War,
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      Book Highlight: Review:
      The Price of Victory: The Gulf War

      Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom

      The tragic events of the outcome of the bloody Gulf War, attracted the
      attention of the world media. For whatever reasons, the Western media
      succeeded in presenting the Gulf War only from an antagonistic and one-sided
      perspective, obviously anti-Iraqi and personally, anti-President Saddam

      Over 52 distinguished scientists and field experts contributed to the writing
      of this book.

      This book is an accumulation of scientific studies targeted to assess the
      full scale damage done to civilian infrastructures by the Allied bombing.

      It sheds light on the southern region of Iraq where much of the bombing took
      place, and uses eyewitness reports about the strange effects of some very
      sophisticated weapon technology used in the Gulf War. Besides the Iraqi
      victims, other casualties were American, British troops and other people in
      the region.

      This book sheds light on the other side of the Gulf War story, from different
      "unheard" political perspectives, in order to motivate the reader to compare
      the outcome of these studies with other studies that the Western scientists
      and experts have conducted.

      More importantly, in this book, the outcome of the Gulf War has revealed a
      different face of this most sophisticated technological and computerized war
      against the Iraqi people. The story of the US and British who used depleted
      Uranium (DU), better known as "the Gulf War Syndrome and the use of DU," is
      being fully discussed. Over ten years later, little has been said about US
      and British troops exposed to the use of antitank shells made from (DU), a
      toxic radioactive substance.

      This book calls for a World-Wide scientific effort to study and analyze the
      devastating effects of depleted uranium (DU) used during the 1991 war against
      Iraq, on man and environment.

      This book will, also focus on the United Nations (UN) comprehensive economic
      sanctions imposed on Iraq by the UN's Security Council in Resolution 661 of
      August 6, 1990. This book suggests that "perhaps the greatest problem now
      facing the Middle East region is that of this horrified US led UN
      comprehensive sanctions imposed against the Iraqi people." In this book, the
      former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, describes the economic sanctions
      as: "The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction."

      The aftermath of the Gulf War presented a compelling spectacle of indignant
      human suffering and an unacceptable devastation of the human perception of

      In the pages of this book the authors have tried, by the purely humanitarian
      goal to diagnose the problem, come close to it, and suggest remedies and warn
      of unpredictable future bloody consequences. It is up to world public opinion
      and the members of the UN to decide how to react in the future to such

      This book is prepared, and edited by Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom, and published by
      The Four Publisher, Inc., Winter Park, Florida, USA. It is designed to be
      useful to researchers, scholars, students and public officials who need a
      convenient compilation of different unheard views about the horrible
      consequences of the Gulf War.

      Since the Gulf War, Dr. Shurdom, the editor, has visited the State of Iraq
      twice. He conducted a valuable field study research, visited schools,
      hospitals, factories, farms, and downtown areas. He has talked with and
      interviewed high ranking Iraqi officials and ordinary people from different
      backgrounds in Iraqi society.

      * Dr. Shurdom is a former Fulbright Scholar (1985), a Senior Expert
      Consultant in International Affairs, International Law, National Security,
      Terrorism, Strategic Studies, American Federal Government. The Founder &
      Executive Director (1987-present) of The Middle East Consultations & Research
      Analysis-MECRA-Orlando, Florida.USA.. He is the Chief Editor of MECRA
      International Journal. A Syndicated Analyst for major Arabic and English

      Supportive information
      MECRA +Press Release Just released, October 2000. First edition signed by Dr.
      Jamal A. Shurdom.This is an eyewitness account and documentary research book
      dealing with the outcome of the Gulf War. Title of the book is "THE PRICE OF
      VICTORY: THE GULF WAR. It is paperback cover. 270 pages with over 35 actual
      photos. Over 52 scientists and field experts contributed tot he writing of
      this book. It deals with United Nations Imposed Sanctions, the Impact of
      Allied Weapons' Technology, the Use of Depleted Uranium, and its Effects on
      Iraqi Life and Environment. It comes from a different point of view. This
      book was published by The Four Publisher, Inc., Winter Park, Florida-USA. The
      price of the book is $27.00. Buyer pays $5.00 s/h continental USA. Buyer pays
      $8.00 international. Only check or money order accepted. Payable to: MECRA,
      Post Office Box 677972, Orlando, Florida 32867,USA.
      For any question contact Mr. Randy Wright Jr.,: mecpeace@...

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