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2088On September 15, you are invited to come to Montreal to rally for Palestine (please forward to everyone you know on the planet)

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    Aug 1 3:56 AM
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      On September 15, you are invited to come to Montreal to rally for

      Montreal - Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), a non-profit,
      student association based in Montreal with the aim of educating the
      Canadian public about the human rights status of the Palestinian people,
      is organizing a mass rally for Palestine to be held in Montreal, on
      September 15th, 2001. The theme of this rally will be "End Israeli
      colonialism- Unite for Justice." The rally will be held in the memory of
      Sabra and Shatila massacre. It is hoped that this event will achieve its
      goals of being one of the largest pro- Palestinian events in North
      America, and between 15-20,000 people are expected to attend.

      Support from all groups from all around North America is needed to make
      this rally a real success, and it is hoped that people outside of Montreal
      and Quebec will make an effort to come to this rally, especially from
      Toronto and Ottawa.

      Details of the event:

      The rally will begin with an information bazaar, to be held at the corner
      of DeMaisonneuve and Guy in downtown Montreal (close to Concordia
      University) at 10:00 AM of the 15th, in which all participating
      organizations will take part, and they can set up their own information
      tables. A big tent has been rented to house the bazaar. From there, the
      demonstrators will make their way to the American Consulate, and then back
      to the corner of Guy and DeMaisonneuve, passing by the Israeli Consulate
      on the corner of Peel and Rene Levesque Blvd. The bazaar will continue
      throughout the day.

      How can you participate?

      Organizations can help by doing one or all of the following:

      - Endorsing the rally. To endorse send an e-mail to: demo@...

      - Participating in the bazaar. To reserve a table e-mail:

      - Mobilizing people to attend in your area. The posters and the
      flyers of the rally are ready and are also available at the SPHR
      website (www.sphr.org)

      - Advertise for the rally in all possible ways, including word of

      The detailed proposal of the event is available at the SPHR website
      (www.sphr.org) in both English and French.

      Purpose of the event:

      The main purpose of this demonstration is:

      1) Bring attention to the plight of the Palestinian people by uniting
      all active organisations in speaking out for the Palestinian people,

      2) Inform the Canadian public and attract media attention concerning
      the continued human rights abuses perpetrated by the Israeli occupation
      force on Palestinians.

      3) To inform the Canadian public of the discrimination against
      Palestinians living under Israeli law.

      4) To pressure the Canadian government to support the Palestinians
      right to self-determination.

      5) To pressure the Canadian government to recognize the right of
      return of all Palestinians to their homeland.

      6) To provide a forum for activists to facilitate the communication
      of their ideas to one another and to the public.
      Demonstrator's demands:

      Some of the demands the demonstrators will be making is that the Canadian
      government put economic and diplomatic pressure on Israel until it stops
      its continuous violation of International Law, the end of all human rights
      abuses against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and in the refugee
      camps, the full implementation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and of all
      the UN resolutions pertaining to Palestine and to Palestinians, and that
      Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon be brought before an International
      tribunal to be tried for war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese

      Your feedback is always appreciated. It is imperative that those who are
      concerned for the cause of Human Rights and Justice support this effort
      and, in addition, let the general Canadian public know the real truth of
      what is taking place in Palestine.

      For More Information:

      Please phone or email Sami Nazzal for details and if your organization
      would like to sponsor this event - Phone: (514) 909-6084. E-mail:
      concordia@... or Montreal@... Please visit the SPHR
      website at www.sphr.org

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