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1www.IslamWay.com has been hacked!!!! Webmasters beware.

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  • Islamic News and Information Network
    Jun 8, 2000

      In the Name of Allah

      The Enemies of Islam started the Elcectronic War against the Islamic
      websites, and they started with www.IslamWay.com , the Largest
      Islamic Audio Library on the Internet.

      An anti-Islamic person who calls him self "CESET" decieved the Domain
      Names Company, NetworkSolutions.com, as he contacted them pretending
      to be one of IslamWay Team Work.

      And then he changed all the contact information of our Team Work
      Manager, AbdulAziz Muhammad.

      He changed the server which is hosting the site and he changed the
      contents of the site to anti-Islamic contents.

      We contaced our Server Adminstrator and he replied :

      " I've been working on this long before you discovered it. I noticed
      this attempt to modify the registration 2 days ago and contacted
      Network Solutions, they did absolutely nothing.
      I contacted them again and faxed the authorization to restore the
      original domain information and I will check with them tomorrow.
      I've also contacted the hosting company that is hosting that page and
      will ask them to stop that account. I've also contacted the FBI to
      make a report as well. Please ask AbdulAziz Al to also call network
      solutions . Unfortunately this whole process will take 24-48 hours.
      The good thing is that they did not penetrate our network and

      Currently, anybody who is trying to access IslamWay will find a rude
      message wrote by this Hacker :
      " Peaches will be out of the web "

      The Main graphic in the Page now is hosted in a Sex Website that
      promotes pornography.

      Now we have some questions ..
      1- What will happen in the next days against the Muslims and The
      Islamic Websites ?
      2- Will this hacker change the IslamWay website to a pornography
      website ?
      3- And Is that a starting point to an Electronic War against
      everything Islamic.
      4- Why they choosed IslamWay as a start of their war .. ?
      5- Will the FBI take an action against this Hacker or they will just
      keep silent ?

      Dear Reader
      The answers of these questions .. will be discovered after ..
      days ... or may be few hours !

      IslamWay Team Manager
      Abdulaziz Muhammad

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