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Deluxe High Quality Terror Storm Now Online

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Deluxe High Quality Terror Storm Now Online Prison Planet.com | July 27 2006 A super-high quality version of Alex Jones latest firebrand documentary Terror
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2006

      Deluxe High Quality Terror Storm Now Online

      Prison Planet.com | July 27 2006

      A super-high quality version of Alex Jones' latest firebrand documentary Terror Storm is now available online to Prison Planet.tv members!

      Click here to login and watch the deluxe version of this infobomb spectacular!

      Not a member of Prison Planet.tv? Click here to see the great benefits of subscribing and remember that every cent is fuel for our fire and we encourage the videos be downloaded and shared as an activist tool.

      Our leaders have told us that the war on terror may last a hundred years; a new kind of war against a shadowy enemy that can never be defeated.

      Generation after generation will have to lay down its liberty in an endless war for global empire.

      The evil men who rise to power know well that terrorism is the perfect specter to convince populations to relinquish their liberty in the name of security.

      TERRORSTORM explores who pulls the strings and who benefits from the dark spectacle of modern warfare. This incredible new film answers the questions:

      Do the people know how they are controlled?

      Do they understand the systems of power that surround them, the modern propaganda machines of public relations that wash their brains and fill their minds full of ball games and mindless fluff?

      Is the population beginning to realize that governments throughout history have used the specter of fear to drive their populations to acquiesce to total tyranny?

      TERRORSTORM examines September 11th, the Iraq War, the 7/7 Bombings in London, and the coming invasion of Iran to reveal the connections between these seemingly separate events. Jones reviews the current geopolitical structure in the shadow of 9/11 through a focused historical lens and uncovers accounts of government sponsored terrorism that are openly admitted to by western governments.

      This powerful documentary explores the mindset of the average brainwashed westerner and delves deeply in to those systems of control which have been designed to imprison their minds and keep their eyes closed to the realities of the world around them.

      Click here to get yor advance Terror Storm DVD!

      Produced in a limited run exclusively for The American Scholars Symposium in Los Angeles (June 2006), this version of TERRORSTORM features material which will be unavailable on the final cut to be released in several weeks.

      This is not the final version of TERRORSTORM which will include extras and footage from the American Scholars Symposium but this information on government sponsered terrorism is so incredibly important that it had to be made available as soon as possible.

      Prison Planet.tv: The Premier Multimedia Subscription Package: Download and Share the Truth!

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