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Powerful Immigration Billboards To Address What Government Will Not

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Powerful Immigration Billboards To Address What Government Will Not Stop the invasion Billboards funded by public sponsorship by the square foot. Steve
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006

      Powerful Immigration Billboards To Address What Government Will Not
      "Stop the invasion" Billboards funded by public sponsorship by the square foot.

      Steve Watson / Infowars | May 11 2006

      Click here to watch a CBS news report on this story.

      A Billboard located on Stemmons Freeway in Dallas has been erected by action group grassfire.org in an attempt to alert people to the literal invasion of illegal aliens into the Southern US states.

      Grassfire President Steve Elliott recently announced the sites of the next four billboards which will take this campaign from coast to coast.

      “These billboards are being sponsored literally one square foot at a time by citizens across the nation who are frustrated and angered by the illegal alien protests and Senate talk of amnesty,” says Elliott. Your help is needed to sponsor these boards one square foot at a time."

      “We must stop the invasion. We cannot have amnesty because amnesty is in essence a surrender to the invasion,” said Elliott.Grassfire.org is lobbying congress. Organizers do not want any form of amnesty in the current debate. They say that's a discussion that should take place years from now… after the border is shored up.

      Organizers say eventually the billboards will include the names of their opponents in the senate; those who support giving legal status to illegal aliens.

      The government seems to have little or no interest in tightening the borders and upholding the law, rather the Bush administration and the Senate seem hell bent on their blanket amnesty program, which will see illegals simply made legal.

      The program has Democratic backing from the likes of Hillary Clinton who has publicly stated that imposing harsher penalties for undocumented workers is "a rebuke to what America stands for".

      According to Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies (TNRIP), 6,000 immigrants arrive in America EVERY DAY. That equates to more than 2 million EVERY YEAR. In many communities in the Southwest, including Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas, Hispanics now comprise a majority of the population. But numbers of illegal aliens are quickly beginning to mount in cities throughout the United States.

      The Government has done nothing to protect the borders from illegal migration, yet is committed to targeting legal American citizens with warrantless surveillance programs and draconian legislation such as the re-authorized PATRIOT Act.

      It has been left to thrown together rag tag posse's and volunteers to protect the borders, as well as the Minutemen Organistation, who considering an almost total lack of government and media support, have so far done an astounding job in bringing public attention to this issue.

      In fact, it appears that the government is actively attempting to hinder the Minutemen and volunteers in Arizona and Texas. On Tuesday, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) condemned the US policy of informing Mexican officials of the location of the US citizen Minutemen group’s locations.

      The US Border Patrol has been charged with advising the Mexican government and divulging the group members’ locations, thus aiding Mexico in rerouting illegal immigrants’ entry into the United States, via its Southern border.

      Last month the National Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Al Garza, reveled to the Alex Jones show that the Southern border is akin to a warzone. Law and order has been all but suspended and areas of south Texas and Arizona are more dangerous per capita than Israel's West Bank.

      "We've got rules and laws for American citizens but no rules and laws for illegal aliens, why? Again I think this has been the plan all along and they have been told from the very top." Garza commented.

      We have previously covered the Nightmare Racism and Open Call for Revolution from groups such as the Atzlan reconquista movement, MEChA and La Raza who call their American based radio stations "the Invasion". Such groups have no desire to respect US culture and wish for nothing more than the US to be broken up.

      They call for the implementation of The Plan of San Diego, a plot hatched in 1915 in Northern Mexico and throughout the Southwest that called for the genocide of all white males over 16.

      The founder of La Raza and professor at University of Texas, Arlington, Jose Angel Gutierrez, is on record as saying "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."

      Of course these groups are minority movements, yet their reach evidently becomes increasingly appealing to proud Mexicans when the President tells them they can come to the US and do awful jobs because they are less worthy than Americans.

      Furthermore, the reconquista movement has big corporate funding. In almost every case we’ve researched, rich white men are behind the neo-Aztec movement. One businessman in California bought almost 700 signs telling the public that Los Angeles is now Mexico. Compare this with the grassfire billboards operation which currently has one billboard in Texas and is desperately attempting to get public donations for 4 more billboards.

      Grassfire is just one of many encouraging organisations that are springing up to counter the racist propaganda of the reconquista groups. Another new organization, You Don't Speak For Me is a Hispanic-American coalition that soundly rejects the media myth that the vast majority of Hispanics support the protests and calls for immigration laws to be properly enforced.

      The media has portrayed the recent immigration protests as orderly and peaceful yet in Santa Ana California alarming reports have emerged of illegal aliens swarming around in mobs invading schools, carrying out violent beatings and in one incident a county worker had a Mexican flag plunged into his chest.

      Such tensions could lead to rioting and may provide the perfect pretext to begin round-up and internment procedures that have been previously outlined in the REX 84 program and were cited in the recent Kellogg Brown and Root contract to construct detention camps which was given to them by Homeland Security.

      The Associated Press encapsulated the sentiment of the immigration protesters in the first sentence of a recent report, stating that the boycotts were characterized as a "day without gringos."

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