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Why the Globalists Don't Kill Individual Patriots

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  • Violet Jones
    www.infowars.com I am frequently asked: why don t the globalists kill you/silence you? This insightful email came from a great listener who frequently sends
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2002
      I am frequently asked:  why don't the globalists kill you/silence you? This insightful email came from a great listener who frequently sends us good commentary and news from the UK.
      The NWO operates through compartmentalization and left/right - black/white dog and pony shows.  By exposing the false reality we can smash their paradigm.  It is our only chance at survival, or within only a few short decades we will all be screened at the embryonic level for our pliability and by grade school we will be walking around the compact city prisons with shaved heads wearing white uniforms. 
      I'm not joking when I say this.
      Alex Jones
      From a Listener:
      Why the globalists don't kill you

      The whole global system is a pyramid of immense proportions.  The globalists
      are dealing with the machinations between countries and indeed entire
      continental blocks!  David Rockefeller will be interested (let's say) in the
      importance of the relationship of the Pan American block to the Asian block
      - not with who Alex Jones is.

      The industrialists don't control by directly pulling strings at the grass
      roots level. They work "several levels up".   They get their information
      through a huge range of organisations . like the pilot of a large ship or
      aircraft.  A Jumbo pilot doesn't control the flight surfaces by hand -
      he/she has power assisted controls and a series of gauges that he/she relies
      on.   They steer a general course of action.

      There is no long "chain of command" from the globalists down to the grass
      roots level.  These people work by concealing their knowledge - for their
      own advantage.  They may interfere in public events with "black ops" from
      time to time (e.g. Sep 11) - but they don't pass down orders to bump off
      individual people!  (Except maybe a rogue President).

      The activities of Alex Jones and other grass roots activists take a long
      while to filter through to the globalists.  As they do, the globalists WILL
      FOLLOW STRATEGIES that suit their needs.  But they are like an elephant
      swatting at flies .. too big and ponderous.  Eventually, policies will
      filter down - to take out dissenters at the grass roots level - look at the
      concentration camps.  But they simply are not equipped to deal with
      individuals on a "one-to-one" basis.

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