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Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison Aussies must all have biometric access cards by 2010, Scots to be forced on database with Citizens National
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2006

      Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison
      Aussies must all have biometric "access cards" by 2010, Scots to be forced on database with Citizens' National Entitlement Card

      Steve Watson / Infowars | April 27 2006

      When is a national ID card not a national ID card? That's correct my Orwellian students, its when your leader says its a "biometric access card".

      Australia is set to revert back to being a prison state as all citizens are to be forced to carry the "access card" by 2010.

      The card would include a computer chip with biometric information and photograph, and is 'designed to reduce welfare and identity fraud, and protect against terrorists."

      In the mid 80s the Hawke Labor Government attempted to introduce a national ID card in Australia which was fiercely opposed by the Liberal Party, including the now Prime Minister, John Howard, on the grounds of infringement of liberty.

      Of course now Howard is firmly entrenched within the globalist power structure he has completely changed his stance on ID cards and the accompanying biometric database recording control system.

      "You have to put that against the right all of us have to expect of our Government that it takes all reasonable measures to protect us against the behaviour of terrorists," Mr Howard said.

      "I think when people talk about civil liberties they sometimes forget that action taken to protect the citizen against physical attack is a blow in favour and not a blow against civil liberties."

      According to a Sydney Morning Herald article, the country's attitude to the cards has also changed. An ACNielsen poll for the Herald last August found that two-thirds of Australians were willing to sacrifice privacy and civil liberties for protection against terrorists. Sixty-one per cent were also in favour of a national identity card.

      The Australian ID card agenda is the identical twin of the British ID card agenda. The overall movement is global and it is one being implemented right under people's noses, piece by piece in a stealth, stepping stone like fashion.

      In addition to changing the rhetoric surrounding the card, the compulsory nature of it is also being coated in Orwellian doublespeak.

      "It will not be compulsory to have the card," the Australian newspapers quoted Howard saying today. But, "It will be necessary for everybody who needs a card to apply for one."

      Like The British ID card, which is "optional" for anyone who doesn't carry a passport, the Aussie card is optional for anyone who doesn't get ill or pay lower taxes, with the card initially providing access to Medicare, welfare and tax benefits.

      Any number of upgrades could see the card used in all aspects of life in the two countries. The ID systems in Britain and Australia equate to lifelong surveillance and an end to life as a private citizen.

      Meanwhile in Scotland plans are being considered by the Scottish Executive to issue ID cards storing details of every aspect of Citizens lives.

      Hundreds of thousands of Scots have already been issued with the Citizens' National Entitlement Card - a microchipped card that carries the holder's name and photo. The cards are used to access free bus or coach travel, but there are plans to link them to a central database.

      This would give the Executive access to such details as people's travel movements, gym visits and reading habits. There are fears that the system could be expanded to include other information such as NHS records and benefits payments.

      Scotland, a nation that fought for centuries for freedom and independence. Scotland, birthplace of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, two huge and heroic icons of Freedom, may now have every one of its citizens registered, monitored and controlled like prisoners.

      Last week we covered in depth how the ID card is a trojan Horse for the wider reaching database state. Just as in England and Wales, Scottish citizens already have every aspect of their lives recorded onto several different databases. The components have already been introduced by stealth, now all that remains is to link them together into one massive central database hub.

      Once again we can see how the ID card and the accompanying database can record, track and control our lives, but how can it prevent terrorism? No explanation has been given as to what it will do to achieve this.

      In fact, the British government has even admitted that the card will not prevent terrorism. Nor will it keep us safe from fraud and identity theft. These things do not add up, the system is sold on security but it is really all about controlling the masses.

      The funding for the ID agenda will be provided by selling our biometric and personal information to big business market research and promotions companies. Furthermore, we will not have access to our information, but the intelligence services and governments that are hell bent on waging illegal wars in our names will.

      About 100 nations now have identity cards of some kind. The agenda to record and trace everyone is truly global and more nations are falling into the system. We don't need cards to be "entitled" to the freedoms we have earned as citizens.

      I intend to leave my own country as soon as I am told I must register on the database and carry a card, but how long before there is no where free left to go? How long will it be before every US citizen is registered on an ID database? How long will it be before we truly are a prison planet?

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