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Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison - Part Two

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Database State: The UK s Electronic Prison - Part Two The gathering and holding of information has permeated into every facet of life in Great Britain and no
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2006

      Database State: The UK's Electronic Prison - Part Two
      The gathering and holding of information has permeated into every facet of life in Great Britain and no one batters an eyelid. It's time to reveal what's really going to happen in the UK.

      Steve Watson / Infowars | April 20 2006

      Click here for Part One

      Whilst there is still the semblance of a 'debate", at least among the public, concerning ID cards, there is no debate over the database that will accompany them.

      The card is somewhat of of trojan horse, as under a so called government "compromise", anyone who renews a passport will have their details put on the national ID database - but will not have to get a card until 2010.

      The government told us that the ID card database would make our information more secure. Blair said this would protect, not infringe our liberties. And how did they propose paying for it? By selling the information of 44 million British citizens to private companies. How secure is that?

      Joe public will not be allowed access to the ID database but whichever companies the government sees fit to sell the information to will. And of course the intelligence services will be given unprecedented access.

      The database will contain electronic "biometric" eye scans and fingerprints as willing volunteers line up to lick the boots of the government who promise to keep them safe by taking scans of their eyeballs. The government itself has admitted that the information WILL NOT keep us safe from fraud and identity theft, nor will it prevent terrorism. So what is the purpose of a biometric database? The population is willingly entering into the pits of hell in this country.

      Even the biometric information is to be outsourced as checks on applications and the like are to be shifted to places as far flung as Mumbai, Delhi and Islamabad.

      Of course, if you refuse you will be issued with huge fines, equating to figures beyond the average monthly salary of the majority of people in this country.

      Earlier this year the London Telegraph reported how town hall bureaucrats are to be given sweeping new powers to investigate homes for identity card evasion and to impose heavy fines on occupants not registered on the database. The card is completely voluntary of course at this stage, yet if you say No to the ID card, the authorities will SWAT your home and you'll be crippled financially.

      You'll also no doubt be denied the right to free health care and free education. Buying and selling will be made almost impossible as cash machines, supermarket checkouts and other everyday items are linked in with the ID card database. The Government has stated at various times that it feels ID card reading capability could be built into future generations of credit card readers and ATMs.

      If you wish to participate in the joke that is "voting" in elections in this country you will also have to be linked into the national Identity database as the government is moving ahead with plans to establish a centralised national register of voters, together with central checking and verification of the data held on electoral registers.

      The government plans to attempt to link together all its databases in a system referred to as CORE Co-ordinated Online Record of Elector, which will tie in the management and control of all facets of life for a UK citizen to one central database.

      Another addition to this CORE of databases will be the national DNA database.

      The British government has passed legislation to make every offence arrestable. Every suspect arrested, even if proven innocent, has their DNA added to the criminal database and stored forever in perpetuity.

      Under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act, police can approach any person whatsoever, whether they are acting suspiciously or not, and demand they provide their full details, address and date of birth. This information is kept forever in perpetuity. 119,000 people have already had their details recorded and this figure will skyrocket after the post 7/7 figures are added.

      The London independent reported last week that police in Britain hold vastly more DNA samples than any other country in the Western world, and many are from people who have never committed a crime. More than three million samples have been added to the national DNA database - more than 5 per cent of the population, and this is rising exponentially.

      And what kind of evil criminals are being swabbed for DNA collection? Well take the case of a 13-year-old schoolgirl who was arrested in Ashford, Kent for throwing a snowball at a police car. As reported by the New Statesman, she was DNA-swabbed and her details were added to the National DNA Database. Thank God the government is protecting us from these snowball throwing subversives.

      Without ANY parliamentary debate or legislation, every person in this country is being targeted for inclusion on a DNA database from birth. Hundreds of thousands of children aged between 10 and 18 have had their DNA added to the database despite never being cautioned or charged for any offence.

      Worse even still, "do it yourself" ID card and DNA swabbing kits are being aimed at and sold for children. We are witnessing the acclimatization of our children to the biometric surveillance police state, making them think that having your retina scanned and your DNA logged is normal and necessary to keep you safe.

      Every week in the 1960's cult series The Prisoner, Britons saw the newly designated authority figure demand the character of Patrick McGoohan hand over information. The program was an attempt at forewarning against the accelerating relationship between science, technology, and tyranny, and how it would be used to enslave a docile population concerned only with mindlessness and convenience.

      The Village was a beautiful yet sinister enclave where residents were forcibly placed, kept and watched 24 hours a day by camera surveillance systems. The hierarchy of power was represented by a glowing pyramid with an all-seeing eye in the center of The Village control room.

      Just as McGoohan was referred to as a number (six) and not a man in the village, so too will we get our own number with our ID card. Are we to allow ourselves to be "pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered"? Let's also not forget that the numbering of people should have been resigned to the history books after the Nazi death camps were shut down in 1945, a cause that my own grandfather fought for and survived through, and something that I will simply not tolerate in this supposedly free country.

      Is this what we are going to accept in the UK? The climax of the series saw McGoohan escape the prison of The Village and re-enter society only to discover that society itself was the prison and that, in his words, "freedom is a myth." Here we are 40 years on and it seems fiction has been surpassed by reality.

      This is an impassioned call to the people of the UK, please do not let our country die, stand up for the freedom our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to protect. Spread this information as far and wide as you can.

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