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  • Violet Jones
    From a Listener: Alex, my wife and I appreciate your hard work in exposing the new evil upon us. This is an article from AOL I happened upon. I love how Bush
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      From a Listener:
      Alex, my wife and I appreciate your hard work in exposing the new evil upon us. This is an article from AOL I happened upon. I love how Bush declares we
      will speak in one voice.

      CRAWFORD, Texas (Sept. 28) - President Bush, declaring that ``soon we will speak with one voice,'' said Saturday he is confident of winning congressional approval of a resolution authorizing force against Iraq.

      ``We refuse to live in this future of fear,'' Bush said in his weekly radio address. ``We are determined to build a future of security and peace for ourselves and for the world.''

      In recent days, as a few Democratic voices have arisen to counsel caution, the president and his aides have sought to portray White House concessions made earlier in the week to limit the resolution's scope as essentially the
      last word. A successful vote now is a done deal, the Bush administration is insisting, and will give the president a strong showing on Capitol Hill and aid the more difficult search for international consensus and support.

      Aimed at winning crucial backing from U.N. Security Council members Russia, France and China, each of which has a veto, a draft of a tough new U.N.
      resolution from the United States and Britain would give Iraq seven days to agree to its terms. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would then have to reveal
      quickly all weapons of mass destruction in his arsenal and give inspectors from the United Nations total access to verify the information or face use of ``all necessary means'' against him, officials said.

      For his domestic campaign, Bush picked up a new Democratic supporter Saturday, Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga.

      ``The time has come for the U.S. Senate to put the debate regarding a resolution supporting the president on Iraq behind us,'' Cleland said. ``The president needs the strongest hand possible in assembling a coalition and
      pushing the United Nations to remove Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.''

      Congress hopes to take up a resolution next week that would give the president authority to use whatever means necessary, including military force, to eradicate the Iraqi threat to America.

      ``By passing this resolution, we will send a clear message to the world community and to the Iraqi regime that the demands of the United Nations Security Council must be followed,'' Bush said Saturday.

      ``We're making progress, we are nearing agreement, and soon we will speak with one voice,'' he said.

      Negotiations continue on wording of the resolution.

      Some Democrats, uncomfortable with giving the president open-ended authority, are seeking to put more emphasis on renewed U.N. inspections first and on requiring support from allies for any military action.

      Top congressional leaders - Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, D-Mo.,
      and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D. - are to confer by Monday

      Regardless, few doubt the ultimate outcome - a positive vote on an authorization of force from Congress.

      Lott predicted a broad bipartisan final tally. ``In the end, I think we're going to have something that's going to be widely supported,'' he said on CNN.

      Hastert, in Texas stumping for a congressional candidate Saturday, said negotiations between the White House and Capitol Hill should wrap up in time
      for action on a resolution by week after next. But he said requiring a U.N. endorsement of U.S. action was out of the question.

      ``I hope that he certainly works with the U.N. I know he will,'' Hastert said of Bush. ``But we are a sovereign nation and we're not going to put anything
      in that says that the U.N. has to act first or tell us what we can do.''

      Bush also has begun delivering a much plainer, starker description of the threat posed by a Saddam-ruled Iraq that raises the specter of an alliance with Osama bin Laden's terrorist network: ``Each passing day could be the one on which the Iraqi regime gives anthrax or VX nerve gas or someday a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group,'' he said.

      The radio address, taped Thursday before Bush left Washington for a four-day Western fund-raising trip and stay at his central Texas ranch, did not include references in campaign-style speeches Friday about a willingness to
      give alternatives to military action a chance first.

      09/28/02 19:59 EDT

      From a Listener:
      Alex I talked to you today on the mancow show as a caller I was Tony, I was stationed at Eglin AFB and the white jetliners are there just waiting for some civil markings to be painted on them..mancow cut me off but I was going to say we ARE listening alex!! and Im listening now on the net!! good work!!!! If theres any way I can help or if there are other people here in chicago that share my interest Id love to know!!
      From a Listener:
      Hi Alex, My name is *********  and im from Zion, Illinois
      (top right corner right next to the power plant near
      Lake Michigan lucky me huh lol!)  Well what I wanted
      to say is you put on a good show.  I went on your site
      today and surfed around.  You opened my eyes that I
      didnt see before.  The world is really messed up with
      more lies than I ever thought of.  One really good
      point you said was about the Trade Centers falling so
      perfectly... I mean I told myself well its because of
      the design of the buildings, but then I really thought
      about it and damn with all the other stuff going
      around nothing seems right anymore.  Well im going to
      put your name & web url out there and try and help you
      out cause you hit some good points.  Nice work! later.
      From a Listener:
      Subject:  Sean Hannity again proves himself to be a complete moron
      Last Wednesday a caller stated that the US government was experimenting with civilians in the area of mind control, psychotropic drugs as weapons, brain wave scanning, etc, and that shows like his should stop focusing on a bogus
      war with Iraq over WMD that the US gave to Iraq to use and tell the truth about the CIA/FBI/DOD trying to destroy America.  Mister I-Love-King-George Hannity then started to play twilight zone music and told the caller they were crazy and that the US government has never, does not and will never do any of this and that only mentally deranged people would even consider such nonsense.  He is either a state paid propagandist or a complete moron
      (note from infowars.com:  those of you who missed yesterday's stories on this matter, please check out the following:)

      Soma For the Masses: Proposed Additions to Police State's Arsenal of "Non-Lethals" Include Heroin-Like Synthetic Drug and "Roofies" (Date Rape Drug)
      The anti-bioweapons group also accuses the JNLWD of considering the use of the sedative Precedex, which increases a patient's sensitivity to electroshock, as an instrument of torture.

      US Chemical Weapons Program: Human Experiments Planned
      Contract deadline for delivery of long range "non-lethal" mortar rounds is tomorrow -- Documents reveal advanced stage of chemical weapons development

      From a Listener:


      Hello Violet and/or Alex: I just saw an amazing 1 hr. program on the history Channel concerning secret societies.  At the end they discussed the Bilderberg meetings.  Are you aware of this History Channel program?  I know there are things about Bilderberg on you site, but I don't specifically remember Alex getting into it on the program.  If what they say is true, the Bildergerg group is at the to of the globalist secret society food chain. Peter Jennings has been invited to the meetings. All memberws are sworn to not publish a word of it.  Please, please could Alex spend a lot more time on this.

      (note from infowars.com -- Alex has spent a lot of time exposing the secret societies of the global elite, including his infiltration of the ultra-secret Bohemian Grove -- for more info, check out http://www.infowars.com/bg1.html)

      From a Listener:

      Hi Alex, my name is Chris from Liverpool England first head you on James whaleat talksport radio I been reading some stuff on your website its very good I am telling everybody in Liverpool about you. Could I use your front page of your website to make some posters I drive a bigrig in the u.k and could post them around the cities and towns I call too.
      (note from infowars.com -- thanks to this listener the word is getting out in Liverpool, England.  We appreciate folks letting people know about Alex's broadcasts and his websites, infowars.com and infowars.net)
      From a Listener:
      You know that Smallpox vaccine the US Government wants to give you? Make sure you see page 2

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