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Sheen 9/11 Fallout: Mainstream Columnists Learn Valuable Lessons

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Sheen 9/11 Fallout: Mainstream Columnists Learn Valuable Lessons The world is sick and tired of baseless uninformed opinions reported as fact and News Steve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006

      Sheen 9/11 Fallout: Mainstream Columnists Learn Valuable Lessons
      The world is sick and tired of baseless uninformed opinions reported as fact and "News"

      Steve Watson / Prisonplanet | April 1 2006

      The fallout from Charlie Sheen's 9/11 comments, first aired on the Alex Jones show two weeks ago, has revealed just how out of touch and myopic the mainstream media is.

      Today's article by Paul Jospeh Watson highlights some of the poor and second rate reports and hit pieces that have been produced in the last two weeks and reveals how each reporter has suffered an overwhelming backlash from the masses, who resent their elitist uninformed opinion.

      Just because you have been hired by mainstream publications doesn't mean you have some kind of higher authority on any subject you choose to write about.

      These kind of reporters and their mainstream publications are a dying breed. The people are abandoning them and seeking out their own sources for information simply because they do not objectively cover events of importance.

      There are thousands and thousands of bloggers and commentators everywhere that produce well researched, well informed pieces of work on vitally important topics. Why on earth should people have to deal with ill informed and unresearched journalism that has less to do with the subject matter it is based on and more to do with the hugely oversized ego of the reporter who produced it?

      Perhaps the most unsettling of these cases has been that of the London Guardian's Marina Hyde, who last week penned an uninformed and weak 9/11/ Sheen piece.

      Hyde has, according to her column today, been "distressed to the point of requiring constant medication" by the backlash she has received from the public.

      Whilst we do not wish any distress or hold any personal malice towards reporters like Hyde, we wish they would think and research more and spend more time on producing their reports than they do looking for a pen to write them with.

      The barrage of angry and insulting emails miss Hyde has received is only indicative of how annoyed and totally fed up the public are with having to deal with this kind of nonsense from a free media that is supposed to be driven by a desire to investigate and emanate the bare naked facts and the truth to the people.

      Her latest column tries to pass off last week's piece as "a bit of fun". 9/11was not "a bit of fun". If you refer to conspiracies concerning "the Jews" as Marina Hyde chose to in her column, you are directly referring to the Second World War, Hitler and Nazi Germany. Was that all "a bit of fun" too?

      Marina Hyde of the London Guardian is obviously a commentator, but she is supposed to commentate on showbiz, not on politics. I for one don't want Marina Hyde's opinion on the events of 9/11 when she clearly doesn't know anything about it. Should I want an opinion on showbiz, I may go to her column.

      Why hasn't the political editor of the Guardian or a political correspondent, or anyone who knows anything about the subject or politics in general written a piece on the inconsistencies of 9/11?

      Why has it been left to the showbiz commentator to do this? Why has Marina Hyde been left in the firing line when clearly she is not the right person to take the flack on this subject?

      This is not a subject that has anything to do with showbiz.

      We have consistently produced the testimonies of Physics Professors, former White House advisors and CIA analysts, the father of Reaganomics, German Defense Ministers and Bush's former Secretary of the Treasury, highlighting the inconsistencies surrounding the official version of events on 9/11, they have been uniformly ignored.

      The mainstream media, and the self obsessed journalists who have spent too many years desperately trying to clamor their way towards the top of it, trampling over whoever they must to get there, have lost sight of their reason for being.

      A quick check around, particularly around the neo-con media outlets, and you will see that the reporters and columnists give themselves nicknames and monikers, very often words associated with POWER and STRENGTH.

      They are supposed to objectively and accurately report world events and seek out the truth and meaning behind them so we can monitor, debate, discuss, and come to our own conclusions on such issues. We don't care what their nickname is or what pose they are doing in the picture.

      Though there are many other superb and informative websites and blogs out there, let's take this website as an example. People come to prisonplanet.com because they have found that we are obsessed with reporting the bare facts of important events and situations.

      We have been pleased to see that google news has finally realised this and now added us as a legitimate media source in their search engine.

      We use multiple different mainstream media, documented government and independent sources for all the original pieces we write. We gather all the information together and we verify everything before producing our articles. We do not coat the facts in right wing or left wing politics, we attempt to present them as we find them.

      This is RESEARCH, something that is clearly not on the agenda of many mainstream reporters who are more concerned with how much they can churn out and how many times they get to see their name in the paper.

      Each mainstream media outlet is obsessed with which political paradigm it falls into and how left or right it is. Clearly this is evident from the fact that some attack us by calling us "right wing bigots" whilst others attack us as for being "Liberal traitors".

      The people are realising the left/right paradigm is a distraction from the truth and therefore they are abandoning these false notions in search of progression in the world.

      The mainstream media is the enemy of progression, stuck in the past, each outlet like a vulture scrabbling around fighting for prominence over a rotting carcass of political spin and lies.

      They persist with trying to sell us newspapers whilst blindly suggesting that everyone who uses the internet to get their information is kooky and weird.

      Every hit piece on the Sheen 9/11 story that we have seen has been trailed by a long list of posted comments from readers demanding the reporter address the facts of the subject.

      The reporters that have written follow up pieces have all suggested that the responses they have received are indicative of how mad all internet users are.

      HERE IS A WAKE UP CALL mainstream - It is not 1992 anymore. The internet and private blogs, independent news websites and collectives are the way forward. We are not all 15 years old sat in tiny rooms, hunched over computers with pizza boxes surrounding our ankles listening to the X-files soundtrack and discussing download speeds in chat rooms.

      YES WE USE EMAIL and instant messaging technology now - have you not heard of this startling and innovative leap forward?

      Hopefully the overwhelming response these kind of reporters have gotten to the uninformed pieces they have produced has taught them a few valuable lessons.

      The people don't need you anymore, the people don't want you anymore, and the people certainly don't trust you anymore.

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