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Tomorrow on The Alex Jones Show

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  • Violet Jones
    Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 28, 2002
      Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most comprehensive information they need to fight the New World Order:
      Tomorrow on The Alex Jones Show:
      Focus on the Houser Case and the CPS Practice of Taking Children from Single-Parent and Financially Disadvantaged Homes, by Calling Them At-Risk. 
      Yesterday, in Austin, Texas, Shelly Houser Had Her Newborn Baby Taken Away at Breckenridge Hospital.  CPS  Had Taken Another of Her Newborn Children Several Years Ago, Proclaiming the Baby At-Risk Because the Family Was Below the Poverty Line.  It Took Shelly and Chuck Houser Two Years to Win Custody of the First Child.  They Were to Be Reunited September 24th. 
      Frontline Shock Troops from CPS Grabbed Their Newborn without a Warrant or a Judge's Order Declaring That They Did Not Need One (Documented on Videotape by Alex Jones).  CPS Filled Out Paperwork Claiming That the Mother Had Neglected the Baby (This Would Have Been Impossible, as the Mother Was in the Hospital and the Infant Was Under Her Care as Well as the Hospital's).  This Is One of CPS's Favorite Tactics. 
      Jones Witnessed Mrs. Houser Rocking Her Baby Back and Forth in Her Arms, Saying, "Please, Please Don't Take This One Too.  I Was About to Get the Other One Back.  I Have a Job...I'm Married..."  Jones Says He Has Never Seen Anything in His Life More Distressing Than Watching Social Workers Laugh and Treat This Family Like Subhumans All So They Could Meet Their Federal Quota of Children.
      We See Hundreds of Articles Every Year Covering Similar Horrors.  The Case of D. Ross in Massachusetts Last Year Is a Classic Example of The Govt's Standard Operating Procedure.  They Took Ross's Firstborn When He Was a Toddler, Simply Because a Neighbor Had Seen Him Playing in the Fenced-in Backyard.  After Some Time in the Human Puppy Mill (Foster Care) This Child, 5-Year-Old Kyle, Was Eaten by the Foster Family's Rottweiler.  Ross Filed a Wrongful Death Suit against the Agency.  DSS's Response Was to Take a Second Child, at Birth from Ross -- Claiming, as CPS Did in the Houser Case, That She Had Abused the Child.  Hospital Officials Said on the Record That They Were Ordered by DSS to Falsify the Records.   Here's a Link to Her Story:  http://www.massnews.com/past_issues/2001/aug%202001/8231baby.htm 
      Alex will interview the following guests tomorrow on government kidnapping:
      Greg Hession
      Attorney for the Ross case.  His website is http://www.massoutrage.com/
      Suzanne Shell
      Author of Profane Justice.  Her website is http://www.profane-justice.org/
      Robin Cash
      President of Parents Get United.  Her organization representing hundreds of Austin families is literally besieged by psychopathic CPS workers.
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    • Violet Jones
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      Message 2 of 4 , May 13, 2003
        Tomorrow on The Alex Jones Show:
        Another tragic story of out-of-control police -- Cops Shoot Three Dogs While Serving a Warrant on Parking Ticket Fines. Alex will interview Lou London, a local radio host who has made sure this story got attention, and is donating her salary to save the one dog that wasn't killed. He will also talk with Councilwoman Gail Hoover of Allentown, PA who is working with London to change the laws to protect domestic dogs from unnecessary police force. (related article -- http://www.mcall.com/news/yahoo/all-a1_5dogsmay12.story)
        Scott Gulbransen
        Author of The Silent Invasion --Despite the numerous incursions by Mexican military personnel into the United States in both California and Arizona, and sightings of Chinese, North Korean and Cuban soldiers, a scan of the headlines shows no sign of what could be the ultimate betrayal of the US by its neighbor...Through interviews with US Border Patrol, Customs, military officials and local law enforcement sources, Gulbransen uncovers shocking proof something evil is afoot near one of the United States’ most significant military installations. (visit The Silent Invasion website -- http://www.thesilentinvasion.com/)

        Friday on The Alex Jones Show:
        Michael Haga

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