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Government: Neither By the People Nor For the People

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Government: Neither By the People Nor For the People On almost every major issue people are opposed to Bush and Blair Steve Watson | March 8 2006 A spate of
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      Government: Neither By the People Nor For the People
      On almost every major issue people are opposed to Bush and Blair

      Steve Watson | March 8 2006

      A spate of different opinion polls within the last few months or so has revealed that on almost every major issue the people of the United States and the people of Britain, in the majority are directly opposed to the actions of their governments.

      Despite this the Bush and Blair governments continually cite the backing of the people in their respective countries and argue that they are nurturing freedom and Democracy at home and around the world.

      The major issue is still the ongoing war in Iraq. Back to front, top to bottom, left to right, any way you look at it, the majority of people now believe that the war was based on a pack of lies and are directly opposed to its continuation.

      A Gallup Poll, conducted in late January, revealed that just 39% of Americans approve of the way President Bush is handling Iraq, with 58% disapproving. The figure dropped slightly in February, yet still 55% believe the war to be a "mistake".

      Over half (53%) now say the administration "deliberately misled the American public about whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

      Gallup noted that it had asked this question about other wars involving the United States, "and only the Vietnam War engendered more public opposition than the current Iraq War. " The peak opposition to the Vietnam conflict was 61%. That figure for the generally unpopular Korean War was 51%.

      Almost 2500 American soldiers have died during the military operation, and more than 16,800 troops have been injured.

      According to a poll by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute. 47.8 per cent of respondents think the U.S. should pull out of Iraq now whilst a lesser 44% disagree.

      Even within the military support for Bush, and for the war in Iraq, "has slipped significantly in the last year among members of the military's professional core." According to a Military Times poll the approval of the president's Iraq policy fell 9% from 2004; a bare majority, 54%, now says they view his performance on Iraq favorably.

      Yet, according to a Zogby Poll this month, a massive 72% of troops want withdrawal from Iraq. The poll is the first of U.S. troops currently serving in Iraq, according to John Zogby, the pollster. Conducted by Zogby International and LeMoyne College, it asked 944 service members, "How long should U.S. troops stay in Iraq?"

      Only 23 percent backed Bush's position that they should stay as long as necessary. of the 72 percent that said that U.S. troops should be pulled out within one year, 29 percent said they should withdraw "immediately...".

      Yet still we are relentless told by the Government and the corporate media that the view of the American people is one of overall support. Activists such as Cindy Sheehan are being repeatedly arrested for nothing more than peaceful protest against the war when it is plain to see that her views are in line with those of the majority of American people AND the majority of American troops.

      NeoCon Media scumbags like Rush Limbaugh continually equate Sheehan with some kind of dangerous and radical Left Wing movement (listen to the MP3) when they are simply expressing the views of most American people.

      LIMBAUGH: I mean, Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's real, including the mainstream media's glomming onto it. It's not real. It's nothing more than an attempt. It's the latest effort made by the coordinated left. - From the August 15 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show

      On the topic of domestic surveillance of American citizens 52% say that the war on terror does not justify surveillance.

      56% of respondents in an AP-Ipsos poll said the government should be required to first get a court warrant to eavesdrop on the overseas calls and e-mails of U.S. citizens when those communications are believed to be tied to terrorism.

      Yet the president has vowed that domestic surveillance of Americans' phone calls and Internet messages without warrants will continue despite the fact that it is ILLEGAL and it violates federal wiretap laws.

      We even have Bush himself on video explaining how such procedures are against the law without court orders.

      Furthermore, the Justice Department has said it is investigating the leak of information regarding the top-secret surveillance program, i.e. they are saying that the truth should have never come out and they should have carried on covertly spying on American people.

      A majority of 52% even feel that Bush should be Impeached over the issue, according to a January Zogby poll. The majority of the country wants Bush impeached. Yet this information seems to be irrelevant to the Bush administration. Alberto Gonzales went as far as to claim that George Washington used electronic surveillance on the American people.

      Once more we see how the Government has been usurped by criminals and is being used against the people of this country to take away their freedoms.

      On the issue of the 9/11 attacks, a CNN poll revealed that a staggering 89% believed there was a cover up in operation.

      Furthermore, a Zogby poll showed that the majority of New Yorkers believe the Government itself carried out 9/11!

      Despite this, our efforts to uncover the inconsistencies and shed light on the truth behind the September 11th attacks is endlessly attacked by the mainstream media as the work of demented crackpot "conspiracy theorists".

      Are nearly 30% of registered Republicans and over 38% of those who described themselves as "very conservative" crackpots too? Are they all whacked out crazies?

      A recent Village voice article even went as far as to suggest that the 9/11 truth movement was akin to an almost evangelical orthodoxy with ties to Neo-Nazi organizations!

      This is a wake up call: We are the majority, the opinion polls prove it, the NeoCon Government is lying to the people in an attempt to mask their insane Straussian lust for domination, control, wealth and power and the people know it.

      Yet still there is no independent inquiry into 9/11 and the hardcore evidence is being swept away for good.

      Finally, the recent proposed sale of the ports to Dubai has seen overwhelming opposition in the opinion polls, yet Bush has said there will be no re-consideration.

      Over here in the UK biometric ID cards are to be forcibly introduced in 2008 despite the fact that continually polls show upwards of 80% opposition to the policy.

      The War in Iraq is deeply unpopular and the inside job perpetrated on 7/7 with the London underground bombings has backfired with 85% of British people directly blaming the government's involvement in the war.

      It was expected that people would simply fold and beg for protection in the form of a crackdown on civil liberties and enhanced security laws. In fact the opposite has occurred with a vicious backlash being directed at the Blair Government.

      Despite this Blair has pushed forward with draconian anti-terror legislation that calls for detention without trial for up to 90 days. Only around 20% of voters are in favour of this and still the Government presses ahead to pass it. Democracy in action I guess.

      With regards to cover ups and inquiries in this country, it was recently revealed that an unbelievable 94% of Brits believe there is a government cover up in the case of Princess Diana's death. Despite the public view and the mountains of evidence to suggest murder, the Official police Inquiry has concluded it was simply an accident.

      Similarly, the suicide of Dr David Kelly in 2003 has garnered the belief among British people that a massive cover up has taken place. The Hutton Inquiry is widely believed to be a Government whitewash with 56% of the public believing Kelly was murdered and that the truth has been hidden.

      This indicates a massive distrust in Government in this country. Once again on every major issue the population is directly opposed to the authorities.

      The approval ratings of Bush and Blair and those around them are the final nail in the coffin for our so called democracies in the US and Britain.

      The figures clearly show that democracy has failed us with Bush's rating currently at an all time low of 34% and Blair's rating even lower at 28%. In fact Blair would not even have won a third term in power if the voting system over here were the same as in the US. So we have a Prime Minister in power who the majority of the country did not actually vote for. Incidentally, Dick Cheney is also currently less popular than OJ Simpson.

      What does all this tell us about our Governments? We know they are criminals, we do not trust them and we do not agree with anything they do and WE are representative of the majority of people in the US and the UK.


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