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Meet the world's most dangerous terrorists

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Meet the world s most dangerous terrorists Delivery drivers, chicken farmers, sack makers, taxi drivers and students. Their weapons of mass destruction include
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2006

      Meet the world's most dangerous terrorists
      Delivery drivers, chicken farmers, sack makers, taxi drivers and students. Their weapons of mass destruction include battery chargers, Casio watches, and Peanut oil

      Steve Watson | March 7 2006

      The release of the names and backgrounds of the Guantanamo inmates has revealed what we knew all along, the world's "most dangerous terrorists" are nothing of the sort, they are poor farmers and the like who have simply been grabbed and stuck in cages and publicly tortured for the past four years.

      We have tirelessly exposed how no Al Qaeda "leaders" have been captured or discovered at Guantanamo Bay either first hand or via information garnered through torture.

      A US army official visiting Camp Delta was quoted in 2002 as saying there are "...no big fish there. Some of these guys literally don't know the world is round."

      A recent statistical report, based entirely on data supplied by the Defense Department, and intended to provide "a more detailed picture of who the Guantanamo detainees are, how they ended up there, and the purported bases for their enemy combatant designation has found that fewer than half of the 517 detainees whose histories were reviewed have been accused of any hostile acts.

      According to the report (pdf) conducted by counsel to two of the detainees at Guantanamo, 40% of inmates have no definitive connection with al Qaeda at all.

      And so now it is being reported that under an enormous amount of pressure the Pentagon has finally been "forced" into releasing further information about the inmates being held in the Gulag in Cuba.

      Although the vast majority of the detainees deny any links with or knowledge about Al Qaeda or the Taliban, Dick Cheney has said "They're bomb-makers... They're facilitators of terror. They're members of al-Qaida and the Taliban. If you let them out, they'll go back to trying to kill Americans."

      The evidence backing up Cheney's claims is astounding. Let's take a look at some of the overwhelming and compelling facts that make it clear just how dangerous the Guantanamo detainees are.

      Mohammed Gul, a former supermarket delivery driver and small time farmer was arrested at his home in eastern Afghanistan. US and Afghan forces found a Kalashnikov rifle in his house, and that made him a suspect in attacks carried out by the Taliban because they use the same guns. oooooooooo he's evil. No matter that the country was littered with these weapons throughout the seventies and eighties during the Russian invasion and literally every farmer has one.

      Hafizullah Shah, also a farmer was arrested for wearing an olive green military jacket. Certain terrorist. Now where could he have possibly got that jacket from, in a country that has experienced constant war with several different nations for over 3 decades? Must have been the Taliban.

      Abdur Sayed Rahman, a chicken farmer was arrested and remains at camp Delta because his name is similar to a known military judge or deputy foreign minister of the Taliban, Abdur Zahid Rahman. Well it's nearly the same they must both be Taliban.

      Zain Ul Abedin (initially listed as Jumma Jan), a native of Tajikistan born in 1978, was captured in Mazar-e-Shariff, Afghanistan, by coalition forces July 3, 2003. He told the tribunal that U.S. forces had arrested the wrong man: ``That's true the people who found me, that's me they arrested me. But I'm not that name, I don't know what they call me. Jumma Jan. I am not that person.'' Turns out he was a taxi driver.

      Emad Abdalla was a student in Yemen but was arrested when he visited a University in Pakistan. The evidence against him? He had a copy of the Koran.

      Habib Noor was arrested because his mentally unstable brother was accused of fighting with the Taliban on the front lines. He is also accused of owning land that some attackers fled to after ambushing U.S. Special Forces and Afghan military forces. "I was just making sacks to sell at the bazaar to make money for my family," Noor said.

      Salih Uyar has insisted his purpose of travel from Turkey to Afghanistan in 2000 was to study Arabic. But no no no, he is thought to clearly be a bomb maker by US officials because he was caught wearing a Casio watch, which is apparently the watch choice of bomb-making Taliban.

      These are the hardcore, the ones we cannot let go, we must keep them in cages, chained to the walls.

      The truth is there are no Taliban or Al Qaeda top brass at Guantanamo because they were all flown out on US planes in a deal done with Pakistan in late 2001as the invasion began.


      Whilst the farmers and sack makers grabbed from the front lines rot away inside Camp Delta, there has been one detainee who has shed light on why it is that so many others were allowed to flee or were literally taken out to safety. The Western Intelligence agencies that funded and created the movement are routinely using Al Qaeda double agents.

      Bisher al-Rawi claims he was in the employ of MI5. al-Rawi was arrested and moved to Gitmo in November 2002, with his brother, Wahab, while on a business trip to Gambia, in west Africa, to set up a peanut-oil processing plant.

      Mr al-Rawi is accused of harbouring the Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada, described as Osama bin Laden's representative in Europe, in London, and also transporting the components of a "weapon of mass destruction". He says he was being used by MI5 to monitor extremists in Britain's Muslim community, including Abu Qatada. The "mass destruction" equipment, say his lawyers, was a battery charger. Al-Rawi has passed a polygraph test and the British Government will not comment on his claims.

      This information is not new and has been known since at least 2005 when the British media reported on it. The London Independent reported on al-Rawi on July 5 2006, indicating that British intelligence have a history of using so called Al Qaeda operatives as informants, allowing them to be left alone as a trade off. It was MI5 who gave the CIA information on al-Rawi that led to his arrest. The Independent link has since been pulled.

      The use of "Al Qaeda" go betweens by the intelligence services is well documented.

      Paul Joseph Watson's Order Out Of Chaos has a whole section devoted to Abu Qatada himself who, as was reveled in a Time Magazine article in 2002 , is also an MI5 asset.

      Terror expert John Loftus has gone on record with the fact that one of the key figures behind the July 7 attacks, Haroon Rashid Aswat, was in the services of British Intelligence.

      Aswat is a known Al Qaeda operative, yet has been used and protected on both sides of the Atlantic by MI6 and the CIA.

      Last November an Australian "al Qaeda cell" was busted by counter terror agents, according to Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun with the help of information from an Islamic "supergrass" who had met bin Laden had been crucial in the arrests of the alleged terrorists.

      It is not entirely inconceivable that the London "bombers" themselves were MI5 stooges. In a recently leaked internal intelligence report, the four bombers were referred to as the "Stepford Four". There is no place called Stepford and the only entry in the dictionary for the word Stepford has the following description: pertaining to a person with a conforming and compliant attitude, much like a robot .

      The London Independent revealed that the bombers were well known to MI5. Two of the four were scrutinised by MI5 last year but were not considered to be a threat.

      Later evidence revealed that the bombers had traveled to Pakistan to engage in some sort of training. Yet, there have been multiple in depth reports on the fact that these men do not fit the profile of hard-core terrorists and were actually likable people that had everything to live for. See the reports below:




      So does this explain why the four bombers seemed to be completely calm, acting normally, going for Big Macs, buying return tickets, arguing over being short changed before they blew themselves up? Were they under the impression they were working as informants for British Intelligence?

      We have previously revealed how former MI5 officer David Shayler has alleged, and French intel sources have corroborated, that the MI6 paid a Libyan Al Qaeda cell £100,000 in 1995 to assassinate colonel Qaddafi.

      The 3/11 Madrid bombers were also reveled to be informants. The list just goes on and on.

      We have previously exposed how the Intelligence agencies funded, trained and armed "Al Qaeda" operatives.

      So called "Al Qaeda" prisoners miraculously and routinely "escape" from maximum security prisons all over the world or are allowed to walk away from attacks they are said to have perpetrated

      Many, including Iraq terror mastermind, Al-Zarqawi have been reported as captured and killed several times but then mysteriously pop up again, whilst other "captures" such as that of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and that of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have been exposed as outright fakes.

      The name "Al Qaeda" itself was made up by Western Intelligence according to British Journalist Jason Burke, who points out in his in his authoritative book Al-Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terror, that the name al-Qaeda entered the popular imagination only after US officials used it to describe those who attacked the embassies in Africa in the 1990s.

      Some foreign intelligence agencies have even gone public, stating that "Al-Qaeda is a U.S. Covert Operation".

      The truth is that those we are told are dangerous terrorists are goat herders and taxi drivers, locked away without trial and under conditions of torture. Camp Delta is nothing more than a public relations scam designed to give us a glimpse of "the new rules of war". We are slowly being acclimatised to torture and imprisonment without trial. These things are now even being debated within our own laws.

      The real "Al Qaeda" operatives are sparse yet are direct assets of the intelligence agencies being used in any way they see fit whether that be manipulative control or freedom to operate unhindered. It is clear that our Governments are in control of both sides of this war on terror and unless we continually question and expose their failings they will continue to use it to further their own domestic and foreign agendas undeterred.


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