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Authoritarian Rule Britannia

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Authoritarian Rule Britannia As government pushes Britain towards surveillance police state the next Prime Minister lauds over glorious heritage of freedom
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2006

      Authoritarian Rule Britannia
      As government pushes Britain towards surveillance police state the next Prime Minister lauds over glorious heritage of freedom

      Steve Watson | February 14 2006

      The nations not so blest as thee,
      Shall in their turns to tyrants fall;
      While thou shalt flourish great and free,
      The dread and envy of them all.

      Rule Britannia!
      Britannia rule the waves.
      Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

      Thomas Augustine Arne, 1740

      Britain is currently teetering on the brink of a huge political shift. As far as the Blair era has gone in transforming this country into a paranoid, uncommunicative, culturally starved, spin controlled Orwellian style authoritarian state, things are about to be taken to a whole new level.

      Yesterday was a brutal indicator of what Britons should expect politically over the next decade, with a crucial vote on ID legislation and a key speech by the next leader in waiting, Gordon Brown.

      As the current British government is now the key Ally of the Straussian killing machine that has usurped control over the American people, I urge true patriotic Americans to take a look now at what is happening here over the pond and heed this warning from a concerned patriotic Briton seeing his country further usurped by tyrannical bureaucrats.


      The Government was accused last night of planning "backdoor compulsion" for identity cards despite promising MPs that fresh legislation would have to be introduced first.

      MPs also voted, by a majority of 51, in favour of making it compulsory as of 2008 for citizens to register their personal and biometric details on the National Identity Register, when applying for or renewing "designated" documents such as a passport. This rejected a House of Lords amendment to make ID card take-up voluntary when people get a new passport.

      Last month we told you that this would happen, even though the mainstream media was running with the headlines "DEFEAT FOR GOVERNMENT ON ID CARDS".

      This basically equates to not only ENFORCED ID card carrying, but also a government owned biometric database, containing scans of everyone's fingerprints and Iris patterns.

      The Identity Cards Bill also gives the Home Secretary the power to make regulations under which, in future, access to public services will be conditional on producing an ID card.

      In this sense the ID card will quickly become compulsory when the people of Britain discover that access to anything from medical care to public transport will be impossible without your biometric card.

      Shadow home secretary David Davis described the scheme as one of "covert and creeping compulsion"

      The ID card along with the database represent a major shift into the police state here in Britain. Five years ago people were saying Britons would never allow ID cards to become a reality, now they ARE reality. the government is putting them through slowly slowly, piece by piece in a stepping stone fashion because they know if they made it clear what they were doing, the vast majority of people in this country would be up in arms.

      A BBC poll yesterday indicated that 75% oppose UK ID Cards on security grounds.

      We have previously exposed how the government told us that the ID card would make our information more secure, yet they propose paying for it by selling the information of 44 million British citizens to private companies. How secure is that?

      ID cards will not stop terrorism. Even the Home Secretary Charles Clarke admitted it after the London bombings.

      Top criminologists have gone public to say that ID cards will actually result in an increase in identity theft, not a decrease as the government claims.

      The system is purely about authoritarian control over the citizens of this country. EVERY argument that the government makes for ID cards is pure hogwash, they even admit it themselves. ID cards will have the polar opposite effect to what the government says will happen. the only logical explanation left as to why the government is so determined to get ID cards through parliament is that they want total control over the population of this country.


      The British people have long had it drilled into their minds that the Prime Minister after Tony Blair will be Gordon Brown. It has been widely reported by every major media outlet and is well known within government that the pair have established a "working assumption" that would enable Mr Brown to take over the reins. A television drama was even made about the so called "deal" made between the two before Blair became Prime Minister.

      The deal is due to take place any time now.

      Gordon Brown, the current chancellor of the Exchequer, has been the financial brainpower behind the New Labour agenda since it was kick started by globalist connections in the early 1990s. He is and always has been personally determined to be Prime Minister of Britain though, many believe every decision he has taken as chancellor has been with his prime ministerial ambition in mind.

      As a young politician Brown was a staunch Socialist within the Scottish Labour party. When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party shortly before his premature death, he appointed Brown as Shadow Chancellor. Smith was a member of the steering committee, the inner core of the Bilderberg Group. He got Gordon Brown invited to the 1991 Bilderberg meeting where he was effectively groomed along with Blair as the next big thing in British politics. Incidentally this was the same meeting at which Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was in attendance, he became President a matter of months later.

      Brown has also, as far back as 1998 been listed in the "Global Leaders group" at the World Economic forum (otherwise known as the DAVOS group) . He has often been touted for high ranking IMF positions.

      Brown was a traditional Labour figure, the economic spokesman who doesn¹t know much about economics. He took on an advisor - Ed Balls, a Financial Times leader writer - an ideologist for globalization, in effect - who learned his economic trade at Harvard. Balls is a regular Bilderberg attendee, his name can be found on the attendance lists almost every year since 2001. Brown soon started going to New England regularly for his summer holidays and became a true believer in the the neo-liberal line from Harvard - Globalization, the Washington consensus.

      It seems now that Brown's takeover from Blair is in effect. He has started concentrating less on his role as chancellor and more on over all policy. Yesterday, at a major speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London, Brown demonstrated his "personal commitment" to tough anti-terrorism laws by calling for the police to be allowed to hold terrorist suspects for longer than 28 days.

      The Government's attempt to introduce a maximum 90-day period for which suspects could be held without charge was rejected by Parliament last year. Instead MPs approved a doubling of the current 14-day maximum. Again the stepping stones method in use.

      Mr Brown also said biometrics would soon be used in banks and supermarkets, and that it made sense to extend the use of the technology into the public sector for use in an ID scheme.

      Brown hideously even quoted George Orwell, to equate these authoritarian ideas with the struggle for freedom: "writing in the thirties, at democracy's darkest hour in Europe, when the threat was fascism, "the thing that I saw in your face no power can disinherit, no bomb that ever burst shatters the crystal spirit".

      Brown continually equated 7/7 with 9/11 as historical turning points, even though on 7/7 the attack in London was on a very small scale with only around 50 fatalities.

      In perhaps the most hypocritical fashion you can imagine, though continuing the Blair like use of newspeak and spin, the next Prime minister is also heavily drawing on British heritage, defence of hard earned freedom and dignified British military history. Yet he is doing so in order to tout prison without trial, biometrics, ID cards and citizen databases.

      Brown announced that the Treasury will allocate £1.5 million from the proceeds from the coin celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar to help fund a memorial in Staffordshire for the men and women in our armed forces who have given their lives.

      He also proposed ceremonies in every constituency and locality of the country to mark national Veterans' Day.

      And to involve young people more in celebrating the contribution of British armed forces, he wants to allow PRIVATE firms to help state schools pay to set up their own military cadet forces.

      The full speech can be found here

      Columnist Brendan O'Neill sums up the shift from Blair to Brown and the turn in British politics quite neatly,

      "Brown wants to go a step further than Blair in ratcheting up fear of an overblown terror threat and reorganising British politics and society around suspicion and security. In short, he plans to apply the accountant's instinctive caution to life, liberty and politics in the twenty-first century, which is likely to make even the Blair era look like a hotbed of political principle."

      Blair and Bush were just the faces and names required to initiate the open revelation of the authoritarian agenda to the world, the next US/UK pairing, whether it be Brown/Clinton or Brown/Rice (The high fibre option), will be a slicker and cleverer operation conducted with stealth like efficiency.


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