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Some Stories and Listener Emails

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  • Violet Jones
    Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2002
      Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most comprehensive information they need to fight the New World Order:

      Listener Emails and Stories
      Nuke Reactor: Show Me Your Face
      A University of Missouri campus has chosen a face recognition system to secure a nuclear reactor despite the technology's well-publicized shortcomings in commercial and government tests.
      U.S. Special Operations commanders are asking the nation's top scientists to develop Space Age drugs and weapons so future commandos can fight longer, heal faster and kill the enemy with greater efficiency.
      Big Brother Loves You.   Big Brother Will Save You
      GPS devices that fight crime
      From a Listener:
      this is the proposed new WTC building on the CNN.com site, look like
      anything vaguely familiar? (Molek)

      From a Listener:
      From a listener:
      One aspect of the inclusion of chips in clothes etc. not yet mentioned is this: When the government outlaws bartered goods they will know with a scan if someone's clothes belong to them or have been stolen or bartered.
      From a Listener:
      I just want to thank you for everything you do Alex, you really have opened my eyes and I admire your courage and brilliance. I am being met with resistance from some family and friends when I come to them with your videos and views, I guess most people enjoy being blind. I was much happier before I knew about all of this, but now I am just (angry), very (angry) that the government is doing this to us, and I plan to fight it tooth and nail, regardless of what those around me think or feel. Keep fighting the good fight Alex, you are doing the world a favor, and you have really changed my life for the better.
      From a Listener:
      A friend of mine lost his Social Security card so he ordered a new one it said on the back incase you can't read it(This card belongs to the Social Security Administration and you must return it if we ask for it.) I wonder if they will return the money you paid in when they take the card.
      From a Listener:
      Thanx for welcomming the Canadien Fellas on your broadcast, Thank God for sensible voices in our atmosphere armaggedon already or not. Good to reflect on Winston dealing with the ministry inner party representitive ~ classic Arthur Blair wisdom.
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