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  • Violet Jones
    From a Listener: you should check out this site. Some current news about the use of robotic technology for military applications:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2002
      From a Listener:
      you should check out this site. Some current news about the use of robotic
      technology for military applications:


      From a Listener:
      In the article below, I am noticing a TREND that I am also seeing elsewhere;
      a person gets "attacked" by the state in some fashion (one example: the guy
      who videotaped the recent police brutality in California; fox news carried
      the story of him also being "wanted" by the police because of some old
      warrants out for his arrest), and then somehow some story is concocted to
      discredit the individual. In the case below, they bring up the old fraud
      case, which has NOTHING to do with the case at hand, whatsoever; I do not
      believe that the police ever even determined if a crime was committed at the
      store in the first place! In the video case, the thing is, no matter what
      the guy's background, what he video'd those police doing to that kid was
      still violent. Tarnishing the cameraman's reputation on national news and
      creating "old" warrants does nothing to change what those police officers
      did. BUT the message that comes through is that "hmm, maybe that video
      wasn't as reliable as it appears", even though the image on the video hasn't

      Just the other week, the "law enforcement officials" had a training session
      at a semi-abandoned mall here in Columbus, OH; they were practicing
      combatting "radical environmentalists". I wonder, though, when they're going
      to start battling, for real, the "anti-tolerance terrorists", who turn in
      many, many cases to be parents who don't vaccinate their kids, or who
      homeschool, or who refuse to use daycare, or who go to church, or who are
      Christians... I mean, FEMA already has a deadline of January 2003 to be
      ready to house millions of displaced persons in tent cities because of a
      "surprise" attack from an "unknown" source, right?

      I've been telling this stuff to my husband since oh, about 10 months ago,
      and he's just only now starting to get on board... (thank God); when he says
      "conspiracy theory", I tell him, "honey, we're living in a conspiracy
      reality now".

      Man kills self as SWAT officers close in
      Tuesday, August 6, 2002
      Jill Riepenhoff and Kevin Kidder

      A West Side man who tried to fake his death eight years ago apparently took
      his life yesterday after he barricaded himself in his house.

      Darrell G. Lydelle, 41, of 355 Demorest Rd., was pronounced dead after a
      police chase followed by a standoff on the West Side.

      Details remained sketchy last night as detectives pieced together the ordeal
      that began at a Mexican market at Sullivant Avenue and Binns Boulevard
      yesterday morning.

      According to Columbus police, an officer driving by the store noticed some

      As she prepared to stop her cruiser to investigate, a man -- later
      identified as Lydelle -- was chased from the store by people inside it.

      Police say Lydelle dashed to his car and sped off, and an unidentified
      officer gave chase.

      Unsure what, if any, crime had been committed, a sergeant called off the
      pursuit. But a police helicopter spotted Lydelle run into his house about
      11:30 a.m.

      Officers arrived and entered the house. When they confronted Lydelle, he
      brandished a gun. So the officers backed out and called for SWAT officers.

      Ron Kozoil, who lives across the street from Lydelle and his wife, Trisha,
      watched from his front window in astonishment.

      Police cordoned off his yard and others. Helicopters circled, and at least
      10 cruisers rolled up.

      "I felt like a hostage in my own home,'' Kozoil said.

      He went outside when he saw Lydelle's wife, who told Kozoil that she was
      confused about what was going on.

      As Mrs. Lydelle huddled with neighbors, SWAT officers tried to coax her
      husband out.

      Unsuccessful in their attempts to negotiate, officers fired tear gas into
      the house and charged in.

      They found Lydelle dead in a bedroom and a handgun nearby.

      "He was a good guy,'' Kozoil said. "It's going to be hard for Trish to move

      The Lydelles have three children, neighbors said.

      In 1994, Mr. Lydelle was featured in a Dispatch story after he paid for an
      obituary in the paper, claiming he had died in Nashville, Tenn., at age 33.

      The obituary raised the suspicions of Columbus detectives, who were looking
      for Lydelle on charges involving identity and car theft. Detectives found
      Lydelle living in a North Side motel under an assumed name.

      He was later convicted of theft and forgery and served 13 months in prison.

      Dispatch Staff Writer Dana Erickson contributed to this story.

      From a Listener:
      It took watching your Bohemian Grove video on the Net to even BEGIN to wrap
      my mind around the now obvious fact that both political parties are sock
      puppets for the Death God, Satan.  Thanks for capturing that ceremony on
      tape, at, no doubt, great personal risk to your own safety.  Rest assured,
      you will be WELL REWARDED for your courage and valor.  And I hope to be
      meeting you soon, kind Sir. 
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