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  • Violet Jones
    Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
      Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most comprehensive information they need to fight the New World Order:

      Today on The Alex Jones Show:
      Alex simulcasts with Lou Epton on KLAV in Las Vegas, NV
      In the 3rd Hour:
       Woody Norris
      Creator of the The Hyper-Sonic Sound System (HSS), a Device That Can Put Words Inside Your Head from 100 Yards Away

      Related Article:

      Hearing is Believing
      Potential U.S. military for “Minority Report”-style applications: vending machines that call out to you as you walk by; sonic “guns” that can incapacitate the enemy with 150 decibels of sound without deafening the good guys....


      From a Listener:

      Tried to listen to Hannity last night as Trafficant was going to be on,

      > and was surprised to hear a dissertation within an
      interview  on
      > "Digital Angel" and Verisign(?) I think it
      was....anyway it was more of
      > what Alex was "on" about yesterday....I
      think the most outstanding
      > quote from Hannity was "....nothing wrong
      with this,its not the
      > government....let the parents choose..etc.
      etc...".  Couple this with
      > the fact he expressed that he was soon
      going to be an investor (in
      > Digital Angel), and any listener could tell
      all the yuppies out there
      > were being told to jump in on this via the
      stockmarket. This wreaks of
      > manipulation to say the least. Another cute
      part of this interview had
      > the guy from DA explaining how a parent can
      set limits with the device
      > his child wears, say a mile or two from home,
      school, etc. and the
      > people at DA can call the parents if the child goes
      outside the
      > boundary...and typically, the counterpart to Hannity's only
      > with the device was that parents would rely on them too
      > the sky's the limit on control now.

      From http://www.propagandamatrix.com

      Alex, you were right about the media stirring up the
      child abduction figures so as to justify the first
      wave of implantable microchips. The actual number of
      child abductions per year is DOWN...

      "The number has fallen steadily from a peak of 200-300
      cases a year during the 1980s. This year, for all the
      sensational media coverage, the figure is lower than


      Best regards

      From a Listener:

       Violet & Alex,

      Although the vast majority of parents in the UK are refusing MMR triple vaccine, they are queuing up for single shots instead. So their infants are still receiving this mercury laden toxin before their immune system has even developed, which causes autism, bowel disease and brain damage. It’s a classic problem, reaction, solution… they restrict the supply, to create a demand and give the subject plenty of media promotion. The sheeple respond as they are programmed to and certain doctors are now making special home visits to administer single doses of vaccine.

      The N.W.O gets what the N.W.O wants. 

       What else is in the single measles jabs? W.H.O. knows!



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