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Apocalyptic Video Game Features Global Government Takeover

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    Apocalyptic Video Game Features Global Government Takeover Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | November 30 2005 A new video game now available for X Box and PC
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      Apocalyptic Video Game Features Global Government Takeover

      Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | November 30 2005

      A new video game now available for X Box and PC depicts an apocalyptic vision of America after the year 2008 where terror attacks carried out by anti-government militias force the European Union to send in an occupying army.

      Click here to watch the video trailer.

      Shattered Union has the player take control of one of seven different warring factions. After a dictator is installed as president in 2008, society gradually collapses into anarchy with a series of terror attacks carried out by domestic militia groups against the government. The result of this chaos is that the EU votes to occupy the United States with a 'peacekeeping force' which is strongly resisted by the population. Civil war ensues in the following years, including a nuclear strike on Washington DC.

      We have reported multiple times on similar video games released that portray 'Patriots' and anti-government groups as terrorists who need to be eliminated.

      This leaves the very strong impression that when all hell breaks loose it will be 'anti-government insurgents' carrying out terrorist attacks. In reality the real face of terror is always state sponsored as we have endlessly documented on this website.

      However, the game depicts scenes of martial law with troops pointing guns at American citizens' heads. The player can enlist the help of the national guard or the Russians to quell the dissent. To a new generation of youngsters growing up on these video games what does that teach them? That a domestic military dictatorship is inevitable and that anti-government terrorists will have to be dealt with by using extreme force?

      Last week we featured a short article about the game Battlefield 2, where players "fight for the new world order" in battling against domestic insurgents. These types of games have become part of a growing trend in the last few years and one that should worry us in light of the fact that MTV, movie and sports stars, video games and popular culture have all but replaced parents as the guardian of a child's moral compass.

      Although the different factions are at war with each other and the EU occupation, the website sardonically describes the anti-EU Texas Republic faction as, "beer swilling cowboys" and a "gun toting rabble," and remarks that "the Republic of Texas was just one excuse away from existing since the formation of Texas itself."

      On a description page of the different factions, the website describes the European Union occupation,

      "The European Union Peacekeeping Force currently resides in a single territory made up of the former states of Maryland, Delaware, and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and New Jersey. After open hostilities broke out, the war compounded the growing instability in the world due to the loss of such a large and prolific market. The EU voted to re-establish the union of states to prevent the spreading chaos. American resentment has grown since the EU decided to expand its role in the war."

      Video games of this nature are conditioning a generation to believe that when bedlam breaks loose, martial law is the solution and that anti-government groups are terrorists hell bent on destruction.

      We just wish game developers could show some balance and think about creating storylines where freedom loving individuals fight AGAINST and NOT FOR the New World Order. To see such a game emerge and become popular would make a refreshing change.


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