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This Afternoon's Stories, Listener Email, How to Post an Email to This Group, and the DVD Release of 9-11 The Road to Tyranny

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  • Violet Jones
    Thank you all for joining our email news alert group. Please send any emails and/or stories you would like posted to news@infowars.com. Please invite your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2002
      Thank you all for joining our email news alert group.  Please send any emails and/or stories you would like posted to news@....   Please invite your friends to join as well.
      This Afternoon's Stories:

      Surplus skin used for bioweapons research
      Patients undergoing reductive surgery at a healthcare trust in the west of England are being asked to donate surplus skin tissue for biochemical weapons research at the Government's Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down.

      Motorola China Outlines 5-Year Plan
      Motorola, which has corporate headquarters in Illinois, first denied a report in The Economist, a U.K. news magazine, that pointed to a Communist Party branch within Motorola China. Then, it issued a statement outlining plans for the potentially lucrative Chinese market.

      CA:  Governor's costly boot camp for teens: $12 million, 10 graduates
      Lawmakers balk at further funding for little-used academy

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      Response from a listener on today's guest and the Oklahoma bridge collapse:

      Hi Alex

      I got to thinking about what you said about military presence and how they reacted down there at the bridge collapse. Here is one possibility that covers what you said.

      Think about a military courier who has a beacon say hooked into GPS that is monitored by his base. All of the sudden his beacon goes dead and stays dead. That would account for them knowing where his last location was and how come the military freaked out.  Whatever he was carrying went into the river hence keeping them far away from the area till the military got a chance to search the area and recover the item and insure no one else got hold of it.

      This is one answer that covers your comments. With the cuts in the military budget they might just be using a one man courier driving a leased car to transport the classified data encrypted onto that so called lap top computer. Think about it a 120 GIG hard drive with a military grade encrypted data program encoded onto it would represent a massive amount of information that could be transported easily without anyone being the wiser. It might even have been the launch codes for a launch system.

      From a Washington State Listener, Sent 11:36 AM Pacific:

      hi,just heard from kirby wilbur KVI 570 AM that the WASHINGTON STATE PATROL is instituting "random" checkpoints at ferry docks.IF YOU REFUSE THEY WILL PHONE THE FERRY CAPTAIN AND YOU MAY BE DENIED ACCESS TO THE FERRY

      From another listener:

      On Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics awhile ago, Congressman David Obey  from Wisconsin was interviewed regarding President Bush's proposed combining of agencies under Homeland Security.  Congressman Obey was literally taken off at the knees by Woodruff as he intelligently and articulately explained the fallacies and dangers which should concern Congress, combining said agencies under Homeland Security.  CNN's apparent eagerness to get rid of him and on to Whitehouse spin doctor - director of legislative affairs, Nick Calio, was also apparent; Calio then (astonishingly) announced the Whitehouse's imminent plan to "convince Congressman Obey of his many errors in thinking, leaving little doubt as to the incredibly dark overtones inherent to such threatening of Representative Obey.  This was appalling.

      Here's the link to the Inside Politics transcripts (today's not posted yet; probably up tomorrow):


      Alex Jones is proud to announce the release of an expanded version of 911: The Road to Tyranny on DVD, with 25 additional minutes of explosive documentation for a total run time of 170 minutes.

      The DVD has great first-generation digital quality, and is complete with menus to subsections. You can also use the zoom feature to read all of the documents presented in detail.

      For more information visit our 911: Road to Tyranny section

      To order please click here now or call 888-253-3139

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