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  • Violet Jones
    A selection of today s emails from listeners of The Alex Jones Show and visitors to Alex s website: www.infowars.com From a listener: Alex, If I understand
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2002

      A selection of today's emails from listeners of The Alex Jones Show and visitors to Alex's website:  www.infowars.com

      From a listener:
      If I understand everything that's going on in America
      then something like the following could happen!

      Year 2012

      It's 1:30am as I sit here with my grandson telling him
      of the good old days.  It has been a long week working
      at the local plant, and then having to attend church
      in the middle of the night.  I tell him of how I
      remember attending church anytime I wanted to.  I tell
      him how we used to be able to travel any place in this
      country we wanted without having to stop at roadblocks
      and being searched. I tell him about when we were
      free.  And how things are so different now, hiding out
      and seeking a safe place to worship.  He asks me why
      everything has changed and I try to explain what
      happened to the U.S.  I ask if he remembers reading
      about the 911 attacks against the U.S. in his history
      books, he said yes.  I proceeded to tell him: 

      The attacks scared us so bad that we gave up our
      freedoms for a sense of security.  When a few
      terrorists used those planes as bombs we felt very
      vulnerable to anyone's attack.  The people allowed the
      government to change our constitution and enact a
      military state.  This enactment help the people feel
      safe for a while.  Then our government started easing
      restrictions and changes onto the public in such a way
      that most people didn't even know.  When it was too
      late the people had no freedoms remaining.

      The government started with our law enforcement
      agencies.  They created one Agency for law
      enforcement.  Then they decided to allow our military
      forces to be able to take action against the U.S.
      citizens and they soon became a part of the Agency.
      The government soon began recruiting citizens under
      the T.I.P.S. program to spy on their neighbors.  These
      citizens would report all suspicious activity to the

      Soon the government decided it needed a way to track
      the citizens so they created a virus scare.  They
      began inoculating citizens with an injection that
      contained a vaccine and a small micro-chip.  This chip
      was implanted under the skin of the citizens without
      their knowledge during the inoculations.  Now they
      could track you and control more of your freedoms.
      After the implant they used the Military Agency to
      search homes for the possibility of weapons and arms
      that could be classified as weapons of terrorism.  I
      remember them coming to my house and after searching
      through all of our belongings they confiscated my
      father's B.B. gun.  I don't know how that was
      considered to be a weapon of terrorism. 

      Shortly after the implants the Agency started seeing
      how small the groups of people that gathered on
      Sundays for church had become so they decided to pass
      another law.  This law would abolish Sunday worship
      because it was not constitutional for a religious
      group to infringe on the rights of others.  Sundays
      became just another workday.  Small groups of people
      would still meet in the churches for worship each day
      so the government decided to seize the property.  This
      was handled by the I.R.S.  The government decided
      because these buildings had been used as tax exempt
      public venues they could take control of them.  Our
      churches disappeared.

      The government soon implemented a control of all sales
      to the public by use of the implants.  You couldn't
      purchase food, gas, or any other items without the
      implant.  Soon all employers had to use scanners for
      the employees to pay taxes and to receive their wages.
       All doctors had to use the national database and
      reporting systems.  All your medical information was
      accessed through this implanted chip. 

      My grandson just sat there in amazement at how so may
      changes could have taken place in such a short period
      of time.  But this is the year 2012.  Now we have to
      hide to worship God.  We have to steal to eat.  We
      have to use homeopathic medicines to stay well.  I
      joke with my grandson that soon the government will
      charge us to breath (I guess they already do though)..

      Year 2002
      How could we let this happen?  Some of these changes
      are taking place in our "Free" nation at this time.
      More to come.

      ·One law enforcement agency
      ·T.I.P.S. program
      ·Military force on U.S. soil
      ·Removal of the 10 Commandments from public venues
      ·Micro-chip implant in Central Florida
      ·Government controlled food crops and genetically
      altered grain.
      ·National ID and drivers license program.
      ·Travelers being searched during a government
      roadblock and the body search at airports.
      · Rumors of Bio. attacks and national inoculations.
      · Profiling software to help recognize possible
      · By year 2009 public air transportation will be pilot
      · Unconstitutional power/control given to the

      How can we give up our freedoms that so many of our
      forefathers and countrymen died defending?  Now we are
      giving credibility to the Third Reich and to the
      Communist Government.  Socialist power was eased onto
      the oppressed people by means of creating a since of
      insecurity in it's people.  The people of these
      nations thought they had to surrender their freedoms
      to the government for protection of their freedoms.
      In fact all they got was government control.  Their
      government controlled the freedom of movement, food
      supplies, medical supplies and other necessities of
      life. This way of government is starting to sound

      Are my facts correct?

      Thanks for the insight into what used to be our

      From a listener:

      I've been reading about these cattle mutilations in South America for several months, but this is the first article i've seen in the "main stream"

      Eerie X-File of the pampas

      Mutilations: Something mysterious is killing and bloodlessly dissecting cattle on the plains of Argentina. The official government explanation -- a carnivorous mouse. But many skeptics point to strang

      Sun Journal

      July 23, 2002

      SALIQUELLO, Argentina - Daniel Belot has seen his share of dead cows.

      As a veterinarian in the heart of the cow-full pampas, Belot has written off bovine deaths to causes as diverse as foot-and-mouth disease, bloat, lightning, killer bees and cattle thieves who butcher their loot in place, a crime that has become increasingly common as Argentina's economic crisis has extended to the countryside.

      Then, in April, he discovered a case that stumped him. A rancher had found a nearly 1,000-pound Aberdeen Angus lying on its belly "like a rabbit," in Belot's words. The left side of its face around the jaw was gone, the hide cut away in two straight lines meeting at a 90-degree angle.

      Its tongue, pharynx and larynx were missing. Muscles and ligaments had been removed from the jawbones, leaving them spotless. There was no blood on the animal or nearby; nor were there signs of scavengers or predators.

      "I had never seen anything like it before," says Belot, who works for Argentina's animal health agency, Senasa, in the sleepy town of Saliquello. "How were those cuts made? When? Why?"

      Three months later, Belot has no answers. Across this country's immense, grassy plains, Argentina's renowned beef cattle are turning up dead, mutilated in ways that have baffled experts and spooked ranchers.

      Since Belot detected the first mutilation in April, nearly 200 more have been reported in the area, in addition to a scattering of cases from as far away as Patagonia and Uruguay.

      Most cows have the same missing parts as the first one examined by Belot. But all the mutilations share an uncanny similarity: Organs, flesh and skin have been removed in angular or neatly curved cuts that leave no blood and clean, dry bones.

      "The type of incisions do not coincide with any infectious or contagious disease that we know," says Alberto Pariani, a veterinarian at the University of La Pampa who has examined 40 mutilated cows. "When animals eat, they rip, they tear. They don't cut.

      "Everyone who has experience working on the ranch says the same thing: No animal can do this."

      Blame has been pinned on everything from ravenous rodents to satanic cults, but in the farmhouses and small towns that dot the pampas, the paranormal is the No. 1 suspect. Sure enough, the mutilations have been accompanied by a spate of UFO sightings.

      The mutilations are not without precedent. Since the 1960s, hundreds of mutilated animals have been found in the United States with nearly identical characteristics - removal of organs in what appear to be surgically precise cuts, no trace of blood, no tracks of humans or animals, often with coinciding testimonies of strange lights.

      Mutilation cases have been reported during the past year in Montana and Oregon. The news media have evoked comparisons with the legend of the chupacabras, literally "goat sucker," revived in Puerto Rico several years ago when farm animals there were reportedly found dead and bloodless with abnormal puncture wounds.

      But according to an Argentine government-backed investigation, the mutilations have an earthly explanation. A team of university veterinarians working with specialists from Senasa and the National Institute of Agricultural Technology recently announced that they had caught the mysterious cow mutilator.

      The culprit's name: Oxymycterus, commonly known as the long-nosed mouse. The theory holds that the cows die from disease or other natural causes, not unusual in winter, and are then set upon by scavengers, including foxes and birds. But it is the hungry long-nosed mouse, with its four potent incisors, that is allegedly responsible for nibbling off flesh and hide in circular and linear cuts.

      To prove their hypothesis, veterinarians at the national university in the city of Tandil placed dead cows in areas where some of the mutilations had been discovered. Four or five days later, the cows were left with "lesions exactly the same" as those discovered in the mutilated cows.

      The announcement was made at a Buenos Aires news conference, where reporters were shown a video of mice crawling through a carcass and chomping a cow tongue on a laboratory table. National media coverage of the mutilations has effectively ended since the news conference.

      But many experts and local veterinarians remain unconvinced by the government-endorsed conclusion. One question the university team has not answered is why the mice, or any scavenger for that matter, would consume the hide around the jaw instead of first devouring the rest of the cow's softer flesh and innards.

      Another chink in the theory: Some cows have been found mutilated hours after being seen intact, leaving scant time for the mice to remove the organs.

      Nobody, from ranchers to biologists specializing in rodents, has ever seen mice feed on a cow carcass.

      The Tandil veterinarians suggest that a demographic explosion combined with an unusually cold winter have driven the mice to change their diet from worms and slugs to cow flesh. But in many cases, witnesses have seen no signs of mice or any other scavengers. Raising even greater doubts, the long-nosed mouse does not inhabit the province of La Pampa, where dozens of mutilations have been found.

      The team of university and government specialists limited their study to five counties in the province of Buenos Aires. They did not make available the details of their investigation.

      But if the mouse theory has its holes, the possibility of human involvement seems even more unlikely. Police have found no footprints or tire tracks near the animals. Nor are there signs of struggle; cows killed by predators or humans usually leave kick marks as they take their final gasps. In some cases, the cows were discovered behind fences and locked gates or miles from the nearest road.

      Nobody has seen anyone or anything out of the ordinary, except weird lights in the sky.

      "We are totally disoriented," says Oscar Raul Arce, the chief of the provincial police in northern La Pampa. "What is really striking is that no clues, or prints or blood have been left.

      "What's going on here is perhaps beyond our ability to understand."

      For most people out on the pampas, where cows outnumber humans in the range of 10-to-1, something strange is responsible for the mutilations, and it's not the long-nosed mouse.

      "I'd always heard stories of people who had seen lights and strange things," says rancher Raul Vargas, 39, standing over a mutilated calf found the day before a half-mile from his farmhouse.

      "But if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it."

      Copyright © 2002, The Baltimore Sun

      Sent by a listener:

      Mass sterilisation scandal shocks Peru
      More than 200,000 people in rural Peru were pressured into being sterilised by the government of former President Alberto Fujimori

      From a listener:



      Am giving you a "Head's Up".

      The United Nations has declared 2002, the Year of the Mountains. Through the
      Mountain Studies Institute, the plan to place-house resource data at
      locations in Spruce Knob, Virginia as well as construct a new location in
      Silverton Colorado.

      September 25-28 at Purgatory Resort in Durango Colorado the U.N. will be
      celebrating the Year of the Mountains by holding a Mountain Summit.

      By claiming the mountains a global resource, it provides reason for 'them'
      to be around for their peace-keeping missions as the mountain regions have
      the greatest conflicts according to what 'they' have printed. (Go to UNEP
      and look up Year of the Mountain on that site.)

      The peace-parks are established in areas where the UNESCO heritage sites are
      present. If you are not familiar with the peace-park program, become

      Alton and Elizabeth Bryers are spear heading a lot of the Mountain Forum
      programs all over the world. They also provide reports to the various U.N.
      Councils. They and eighteen others decided for the world what program they
      were going to construct and implement. Elizabeth has done a paper on various
      cultures when it is basically the promotion of witchcraft. This all is
      laying the foundation to animal sacrifices to prime people ready for the day
      human sacrifices will be brought back. SICK Program.

      From a listener:

      Tonight, July
      24, I'm hearing Air National Guard C-130s , and jets & helicopters
      flying around Reno this evening.

      "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may
      cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." - John
      Quincy Adams

      From a listener:


          I commend you on what your doing.  I've been listening to your radio program for the last few days and feel helpless in this fight.  I've seen your tape "Road to Tyranny" and it blew my mind.  I want to stop this and if I can't I want to be prepared to fight and survive.  I'm not sure yet what step to take next and will be reading over your site more throughly.  I again thank you for presenting this information
      From a listener:

      A one world federation government

      From a listener:

      o.k.   now let me make sure I understand this article.  What we have here is a young Muslim male; a resident alien; who has more than 100 fake I.D.'s including driver's licenses, passports, and social security cards.  The FBI is NOT investigating him as a possible terrorist?!  Maybe he needs all these I.D.'s because he has multiple personalities?  I'm sure we all agree that it is much better to catch terrorists by having 24,000,000 American citizen spies to  spy on each other. 

      From a listener:
            Re Mr. Whitehead's statement "What this means for the average citizen is that whatever you read, eat or do - in the privacy of your home or out in public_will now be suspect in the eyes of your cable repairman, postal carrier, meter man or others who, by way of the services they provide". I was married to a postal carrier. He withheld mail from me for 10 months, (resulting in the cancellation of my car insurance, the threat of removal of my daughter's headstone at the cemetary) changed my address at my insurance company, had a sign put up at one of the sorter's or pitchers (carriers who sort mail according to addresses) post saying "not to deliver mail at my address (got this from an insider), I even had a certified return receipt returned to me the day after I mailed it. Naturally, it wasn't signed. When I finally did start receiving some mail, notices left for me to pick up certified mail couldn't be found at the post office. The postmaster did nothing about this! Letter carriers have full access to anyone we deal with and can do as they please with the information gathered through the post office - even keep your mail. Letter carriers should be called "peeping toms" instead.....but felon is more appropriate! I have the evidence to prove all of this if you want it.
      From a Listener:
      I'm gonna keep this short, cause the full story of everything that happened
      would take a few pages.

      About two weeks ago I was standing around with a couple of friends and the
      brother of a friend whose home we were standing just outside of, going to
      head home for the night.  This brother, who happens to be an overly
      patriotic marine, I also went to high school with so he knew who I was.  But
      I mentioned the idea of WTC collapse and with how the buildings collapsed,
      they couldn't have fallen the way they did without some sort of detonation. 
      Of course this marine snaps on the spot, and as we try walking away from
      him, he attacks me and breaks my jaw, without me even touching him once for
      I being a pacifist.  Yet when the cops show up a minute or two later to pull
      him off, he yells at them, commanding them almost, to join him in kicking my
      ass, as if to form a militia.

      And for what?  For free thought?  Talking about the simple IDEA of a
      conspiracy, and this is what happens?  Is this something that they're being
      trained to do?  He himself saying that he was trained to kill, and asking me
      if I would like to find out for myself as he tried getting me to touch him
      once, as if he could attack in claim of self defence, but he got fed up with
      waiting and just attacked.  Yet I still never did touch him.

      Since when could the military attack civilians for free thought?  And what
      would it mean to everyone should I somehow manage to lose this case when it
      goes to court in a few months?
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