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Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State

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    Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State Steve Watson | December 1 2005 When Kids are not at home (playing computer games depicting apocalyptic
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      Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State

      Steve Watson | December 1 2005

      When Kids are not at home (playing computer games depicting apocalyptic visions of America after the year 2008 where terror attacks carried out by anti-government militias force the European Union to send in an occupying armies which they must control to take out American citizens who resist) they are in school learning how to accept the Big Brother police state.

      Central Georgia's 13WMAZ News Agency reports today that A Jasper County 8th grader found a video camera taping in the school bathroom.

      Watch the video here.

      Cindy Champion says her son and his friends took the camera out of the ceiling and brought it home to show her.

      "It felt like the right thing to do...because it felt like we were being violated in every way in the bathroom." said 13 year old Mac Bedor.

      When Ms Champion contacted the Jasper County Comprehensive School, she found out that the high school principal, Howard Fore, had placed the camera in the bathroom to catch vandals.

      Amazingly, Mac Bedor is now SUSPENDED from the school for for taking school property.

      "I had told the high school principal, Mr. Fore, that he needed to come up with another solution. That this wasn't appropriate. His response to me was he was going to continue to film." Said Ms Champion.

      Bibb County District Attorney, Howard Simms says cameras in public school bathrooms are legal because schools have more leeway on privacy issues.

      This is not an isolated incident. We have previously reported on how Reyoldsburg High School in Ohio has placed cameras in student bathrooms. Incidents have also occurred in Waco, Texas and Pine Bush, New York State.

      It seems that the message is Big Brother is watching and if you resist him you will be punished. These incidents reflect the slow creeping surveillance society's debilitating hacking at away at the fourth amendment. It is simply now accepted that we must all be watched even in the bathroom in case someone does something wrong at some point.

      Our Schools and institutes of higher education are now total breeding grounds for the Big brother police state. Kids are conditioned from day one to accept surveillance and draconian security policies as the norm.

      We have carried countless reports of Schools implementing mandatory student tracking devices containing RFID chips.
      “Tagging” U.S. Schoolchildren is becoming common practice:

      "Lauren Tatro, 13, told her parents the plain facts. Every student at Brittan Elementary School had to wear a badge the size of an index card with their name, grade, photo — and a tiny radio identification tag. The purpose was to test a new high-tech attendance system... she went home saying she felt like an orange."

      Schools are now more like prisons, with the "inmates" wearing tracking devices, having to clock in and out with ID cards, having to go through metal detectors. Police patrol the halls armed with high powered Tasers, ready and willing to use them on young children even though they are proven to cause death in fit healthy grown adults.

      Not only is this the case in schools but also in Universities and colleges. Of course by this point the authorities need to know which buildings you are going into and exactly what books you are checking out at the library.

      Above is my own Student "SMART ID card" from when I was last at University. Admittedly this is now two years old and technology has undoubtedly moved on. Without the card I could not get through doors, I had to swipe my card to photocopy anything, I had to have my bar-code scanned in order to take out a book from the library, I have to have it scanned to pay my fees. My number was 4013186 and was in in category 65 (presumably this was the category for dangerous right wing radicals/left wing commies).

      My card was also chipped, for which purpose I have no earthly idea, I guess it's in case someone wishes to forge a card and pretend to be a student because they cannot actually afford to pay the government £3000 a year for the privilege.

      In short, the youth are being indoctrinated to accept as a norm the fact that they must scan or swipe to have access to buildings or books. It's also OK for authorities to store records of what you are reading or photocopying, and you must accept the chip. The majority do not even know they are represented by a Student's Union, they simply believe this to be the place where you go to get blind drunk at three in the afternoon.

      Many Universities are brimming with "politically motivated" students who are so against loss of civil rights and erosion of freedom, yet when you mention that they already have a national ID card in their back pocket they pass it off as irrelevant.

      There is also a dangerous precedent being set whereby kids are made to feel important if they carry a card or a chip. They can gain access to places other people cannot go, open doors electronically and have the use of superior resources. In actual fact the technology given to them can track their every move and is primarily a form of control.

      By the time students leave education and move into the wider world, surveillance technology is everywhere and they are completely unfazed and conditioned to it.


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