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The Staged Terror Is Set (For War With Iran)

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    The Staged Terror Is Set (For War With Iran) Steve Watson | November 23 2005 The latest globalist mouthpiece to jump on the Iran nuke threat bandwagon is Newt
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2005

      The Staged Terror Is Set (For War With Iran)

      Steve Watson | November 23 2005

      The latest globalist mouthpiece to jump on the Iran nuke threat bandwagon is Newt Gingrich. A regular attendee of the annual Summer camp at the Bohemian Grove, and long term CFR member, Gingrich has commented that the Iran threat is like that of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

      Gingrich served as a Member of Congress for 20 years and as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995-1999. His "Contract with America" was sold to the nation as a remedy for big government, committed to shrinking the size and cost of government. But instead the Contract called for the exact opposite: balance the budget with a loophole-filled amendment that would reflect ill of the Constitution instead of Congress; expand NATO; deliver more crime control power to the federal government; federalize a host of laws dealing with children; etc.

      Gingrich is also a member of the Senior Advisory Board of the United States Commission on National Security/21st Century that has produced a series of reports that document the agenda for national security challenges as far out as 2025.

      Gingrich went on to state that Tehran could be planning for a preemptive nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack on America that would turn a third or more of the country "back to a 19th century level of development."

      He said the "extraordinary challenge that the current regime in Iran poses to the safety of the United States" requires "extraordinary measures to meet it."

      Gingrich concludes that "The U.S. has no option but to seek regime change in Iran."

      It seems that the globalists are beginning to tire of the "diplomatic" sideshow of Iran's continually interrupted nuclear talks with the EU and the UN which have been on hold since August this year.

      Estimates of when Iran is likely to have acquired a usable nuclear arsenal range from five to ten years, but the Neocons and the Israelis have been fear mongering by saying it will be as soon as one or two.

      The history of how Iran's path to nuclear proliferation began is a familiar story.

      The 1953 CIA ouster of President Mossadegh, a leader who was conforming to westernized policy but made the mistake of asking to keep a small portion of his country's oil revenue, was achieved by means of staged bombings and shootings which were blamed on the Iranian government in order to antagonize the population and enable the coup.

      After installing the Shah Globalists like Henry Kissinger opened the door for Iran to develop sophisticated nuclear energy programs which laid the foundation for today's crisis. Twenty three reactors were built with the help of American corporations like General Electric and Westinghouse.

      In 1976, President Gerald Ford even authorized the Shah to buy and operate a plutonium-extracting and processing facility - a big step toward converting energy processing to weapons making.

      After the revolution of 1979 the fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeni reversed westernized policy but maintained Iran's nuclear interest albeit staggeringly before the end of the war with Iraq. After the war ended Iran was again free to pursue its ends leading us to the impending crisis we face today.

      It seems almost inevitable now that the Neo-Cons will launch targeted military strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. Whether Israel goes alone or has US support seems beside the point.

      We have continually warned that the next target on the Neocon checklist is Iran.

      Members of The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) including Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz among many others called not only for a War against Iraq in 2000, they called for a follow up on Iran. These people are now in power.

      Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has gone on record several times to suggest war with Iran is next on the agenda.

      The London Guardian recently ran a piece suggesting the plans for a coming war were basically in the bag.

      American Conservative magazine reported that Dick Cheney had given the authorization for a military strike on Iran immediately after the next terror attack in the United States.

      Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi echoed the same sentiments.

      And now we can add Newt Gingrich to the long list of globalists calling for an attack to take place.

      However, Recent events and news developments paint a clear picture of an establishment under intense heat and backed into a corner with no perceivable escape route. It is hard to see how an attack on Iran now could possibly be accepted by the world and the American people.

      Therefore at no greater time since 9/11 have we faced such an imminent danger of a staged terror attack being carried out to reign in the seeds of dissent and again rally the sleeping masses behind the elite.

      The Globalists are like heroin junkies, every time they carry out an attack the gas mileage obtained from it in terms of getting a free pass from the public on anything they wish to push through gets weaker and weaker.

      Will there, as George Galloway has warned could happen, be a staged terrorist attack either in Israel or the United States that is blamed on Iran?

      Scott Ritter has also hinted that the notion of a staged terror attack is a very real possibility.

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