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Bush Administration's Torture Gangs Still Operational

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    Bush Administration s Torture Gangs Still Operational Paul Joseph Watson | October 26 2005 IPS News reports that human rights organizations are deeply
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2005

      Bush Administration's Torture Gangs Still Operational

      Paul Joseph Watson | October 26 2005

      IPS News reports that human rights organizations are deeply concerned about dozens of secret gulag detention centers that are operating completely without oversight and hold an undetermined amount of prisoners.

      Priti Patel, an attorney and representative of the New-York based group Human Rights First, stated,

      "There are locations you know about, like Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram in Afghanistan, but there are other locations which you know exist, but you don't know exactly how many or where they are."

      "There are around 20 of them in Afghanistan, but you don't know how many people are being held there, and you don't know how they are being treated," Patel told IPS.

      "And then there is the worst-case scenario, which is you don't know even their location."

      President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other top Bush administration officials are currently fighting tooth and nail to prevent a torture ban on detainees in US custody, approved by the Senate, which was included in a wider defense bill.

      Although Bush and his mouthpiece McClellan insist that the administration does not condone torture, they are zealously pursuing an amendment to make covert agents exempt from the law.

      This basically give the green light for the CIA to engage in torture.

      Furthermore, evidence that the Bush administration's torture policy did not end at Abu Ghraib but simply spread elsewhere has been presented by a former General who worked at Abu Ghraib.

      Janis Karpinski was scapegoated as being party to the torture when she was in reality trying to put a stop to it. Since the Abu Ghraib scandal she has been blowing the whistle on who directed the torture program and how it continues to this day. During a recent interview on the Alex Jones Show, Karpinski stated,

      "There is overwhelming proof that torture is going on, that it has been directed and is likely continuing, even to this day. I don't want to believe it is but the statements from the people just returning from the theater give every indication that in fact it is, they still don't know where to draw the line." The General said.

      Karpinski identified the masterminds of the torture policy as occupying the highest rungs of the Bush administration.

      "The orders came right from the top, filtered down from the secretary of defense, with the endorsement of the President, the Vice President, whatever advisors are surrounding them, filtered down through the Commanders in the field, these practices were not only endorsed, but were in use at Guantanamo bay and in locations in Afghanistan. And when General Miller visited Iraq he brought those techniques with him. And then he sent contract interrogators who had 'performed well' at Guantanamo Bay to Iraq as well."

      The fact that the torture program has been continued at countless secret detention centers around the globe offers more proof to suggest that tales of indictments and bird flu are merely distractions to deflect attention away from the real elephant in the living room.

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