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Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones, Defends Plan of San Diego

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    Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones, defends Plan of San Diego Steve Watson / Infowars | Sept 20 2005 On Saturday Alex Jones, Director of the Texans
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2005

      Texas Civil Rights Review attacks Alex Jones, defends Plan of San Diego

      Steve Watson / Infowars
      | Sept 20 2005

      On Saturday Alex Jones, Director of the Texans For Freedom Group led a counter demonstration at the Texas United Latino Artists (TULA) march.

      The demonstration was not against TULA per se, many of the organizers and groups participating in the TULA parade are not racist and are simply celebrating their heritage. However, some of the groups participating, like MECHA and La Raza, are overtly racist and Alex set out to expose this to the media.

      The MECHA, motto is, “Everything for the race, for those outside the race nothing,” and La Raza, means “The Race” in Spanish. These groups are no different to the Klu Klux Klan with their overtly racist ideologies, yet the media still does nothing to expose them for what they are.

      The corporate media covering the event universally reported that what happened was a clash between minutemen (there wasn’t one minuteman in attendance) and innocent people who “just wanted to celebrate Mexican independence.”

      The Media falsely portrayed many Black and Hispanic people in WITH the Texans for Freedom as protesting AGAINST Jones' group. In one news clip by News 8 Austin, a young Hispanic girl is wearing an infowars "tyranny response team" t-shirt, but the clip implies that she was protesting against TFF.

      This is not simply gross negligence or incompetence on the part of the corporate media, it is an attempt to demonize the counter demonstration. We have seen multiple times before, at G8 summits and anti war marches, how the media spins the intent and actions of protesters at major events to fit their own pre conceived lines.

      Civil Rights Review hit piece

      The Texas Civil Rights Review has today produced an article that also completely misses the point of Saturday's event and serves as a hit piece on Alex Jones and the TFF.

      Click here to read the full post

      the piece reads "Mr. Jones finds himself policing the observance of the Mexican equivalent of the Fourth of July, telling folks just how revolutionary they should or should not be."

      Alex was not "policing" anyone, he was simply attempting to expose how hate groups are infiltrating peaceful celebrations and turning them into racist calls to arms.

      The Texas Civil Rights Review is criticizing Alex not for speaking out against Mexican hate movements, but for, as they wrongly believe, speaking out against all of Mexican culture. This is akin to saying that someone who criticizes Al Qaeda is demonizing all Muslims.

      It is well documented that Dies y Seis celebrations around the country, which in the past were simply fun equivalents of a Mexican Saint Patrick’s Day, are being infiltrated by extremist Mexican hate groups.

      Many of these Mexican supremacist organizations such as MECHA and the Atzlan reconquista movement are promoting the lie that Hispanics have no stake in Texas culture. Over a third of the soldiers who fought for Texas independence against the dictator Santa Anna were proud Tejano Texans. Santa Anna himself was removed by the Mexican people just a few years later in Mexico City.

      Yet it is Alex who receives ALL the media criticism for protesting these movements who only wish to SEGREGATE people according to the colour of their skin.

      The TCRR piece goes on to read: "Mr. Jones takes special exception to t-shirts that commemorated the Plan of San Diego..."

      The Plan of San Diego was drafted in a jail in Monterrey, Nuevo León in 1915. It provided for the formation of a "Liberating Army of Races and Peoples,". There would be a no-quarter race war, with summary execution of all white males over the age of sixteen. (University of Texas' Handbook of Texas Online).

      At the time In Texas, popular awareness of the Plan of San Diego served as an excuse for both vigilantism and murder of Hispanics with no apparent connection to the Plan by state and local police. This pushed even more Hispanics into supporting the Plan and increased racial segregation. At least 35,000 residents of the lower Rio Grande Valley relocated to avoid the raids and the revenge that had taken on a distinctly racial nature.

      So you bet Alex takes exception to it. How can a Civil Rights Group possibly defend such an ideology with any conviction? This only serves to further prove that amongst the simple celebration of Mexican heritage there has formed an extremist presence of racial hate. Any right minded person would speak out against this and attempt to expose it and the corrupt media that knows it is going on but will not touch it.

      The hit piece then continues: "...from all the history available to him, Mr. Jones would be most scandalized by the Plan of San Diego. As if, in the killing fields of Tejas, the Plan of San Diego were the bloodiest exercise of power ever seen to erupt from the barrel of a gun."

      Just because thousands and thousands were not killed does not make it right in any way whatsoever. This is the equivalent of saying that we shouldn't attribute the term atrocity to a suicide bombing that kills 30 innocent people because it's not as bad as the Holocaust which killed millions. The Plan of San Diego represented first degree GENOCIDE. The logic here is twisted. Remember that this is a so called CIVIL RIGHTS group that has written this piece.

      Over the years Alex has protested and exposed many many corrupt and evil movements and activities. From Bullhorning British Parliament in protest of restrictive free speech laws and ignored evidence in the London Bombings, to rallying against the Klan, to exposing elite Police State activity on a daily basis, Alex works tirelessly to expose corruption and hate wherever it rears its ugly head. So for the TCRR to say that Alex does not choose well from "all the history available" is a pointless and weak line to follow.

      Also, This is going on at a time when there is all out warfare on the borders with Mexican drug commando organization los Zetas carrying out kidnappings of American citizens and politically and racially motivated assassinations, again almost totally unreported by the media. The Mexican hate groups only serve to strengthen such activity by adding numbers to its ideology.

      The TCRR piece concludes by suggesting Alex focus only on exposing "White" corruption. It is absolutely amazing that such segregationist mantra can be lauded whilst Alex and the Texans for Freedom are lambasted and painted up as the bad guys in this whole sorry state of affairs.

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