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  • Violet Jones
    In case you missed today s show: Congress is Preparing to Pass Homeland Security. Under the Plan There Will Be 356,000 Regular US Army Troops Patrolling the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2002
      In case you missed today's show:
      Congress is Preparing to Pass Homeland Security. Under the Plan There Will Be 356,000 Regular US Army Troops Patrolling the US. Here Is Just a Taste of It from Des Moines, Iowa
      Click Here to Watch the Video
      > On Wednesday, July 10, 2002, General Pete Cuviello, chief
      > officer for the US Army, said of a new army Biometrics
      Infusion Center, "I
      > can tell you that we want it in West Virginia,"
      which received loud
      > from the assembled audience.  The
      following article has more on this
      > disturbing
      Subject: 9-11 COVER-UP NOW COMPLETE


      Panel Finds No 'Smoking Gun' in Probe of 9/11 Intelligence Failures
      Panel Finds No 'Smoking Gun' in Probe of 9/11 Intelligence Failures

      By Dana Priest and Juliet Eilperin
      Washington Post Staff Writers
      Thursday, July 11, 2002; Page A01

      After six months of culling through intelligence files and nearly a dozen closed-door hearings, the House-Senate intelligence committee investigating the Sept. 11 attacks has uncovered no single piece of information that, if properly analyzed, could have prevented the disaster, according to members of the panel.

      "As far as I know, there is no smoking gun," Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said yesterday.

      Without any evidence pointing to a single intelligence breakdown, the panel has turned to the broader task of identifying and fixing more systemic weaknesses within the country's $30 billion intelligence system, members said.

      The shift in focus constitutes a significant evolution for a committee that formed this year amid expectations it would uncover damaging evidence of intelligence missteps that would prove potentially embarrassing to the Bush administration. Instead, it now seems unlikely that the administration, or any senior official in the intelligence community, will be held accountable for failing to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

      "We've spent the first couple of weeks on where we've been," Bayh said. "Now we need to pivot and focus on where we need to go. I hope we're in the process of shifting from a place where people were looking to assign blame and instead focusing on systemic problems and improvements."

      Some committee members cautioned that the investigation is not over and that some revealing memo, cable or intercept could still be uncovered. "It would be nice to find a smoking gun," said Sen. Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Senate panel who has been a fierce critic of CIA Director George J. Tenet. "But absent that, we're looking for problems that need to be solved."

      Shelby said he still expects to find "a lot of pieces of information that, had they been correlated, analyzed and disseminated, you could have had a different outcome."

      Just a month ago, the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies were reeling from a series of revelations of apparent pre-Sept. 11 blunders.

      There was the disclosure that FBI headquarters had not acted on a request by the bureau's Phoenix field office for an investigation into whether terrorists were potentially training at U.S. flight schools. Then there was the revelation that President Bush had been briefed in August about possible attacks by al Qaeda in the United States that included the prospect of hijacking commercial airliners.

      That report was followed by the disclosure that FBI headquarters had blocked a request from the Minneapolis field office for a search of the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, the "20th hijacker" who was arrested a month before the September attacks. And there was a subsequent revelation that the NSA, the nation's premier eavesdropping agency, had intercepted two Arabic conversations on Sept. 10 with imprecise warnings that something significant would happen the following day but did not translate them until Sept. 12.

      These revelations suggest the government missed some important clues that could have led officials to focus more of their attention on averting a potential attack in the United States rather than overseas. But panel members have concluded that none of these pieces of information -- on their own -- could have prevented the attacks. And they now understand that, at least from what their investigation has uncovered to date, there are no critically damaging disclosures to come.

      "We're not looking for negligence or one episode," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. "There are many contributing factors."

      The House-Senate panel has taken testimony from Tenet, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III and Air Force Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the head of the NSA, and other officials in private sessions. But it has postponed public hearings, originally set for June, until after Labor Day. It has not given the intelligence agencies a witness list, areas of inquiry or a schedule for witnesses' appearances.

      The committee spent its first month in closed sessions on what one member called "Terrorism 101" sessions.

      The delays and lowered expectations about the panel's findings have prompted some members to question whether they will have the time to finish the investigation before the end of this Congress, when many lawmakers' terms on the Senate and House intelligence panels expire.

      The committee has already decided to delay recommending any changes to the intelligence system until after Congress creates the Department of Homeland Security.

      Pelosi will leave the committee next session after serving 10 years, the limit permissible under House rules. But she said she is not worried about passing such a huge job to new members with less experience. "I feel confident handing it over to whomever comes next," she said. "We have very capable people waiting in the wings."

      Rep. Timothy J. Roemer (D-Ind.), who has pushed for the creation of an independent commission to examine the implications of the terrorist attacks, said it was unrealistic to expect the inquiry "to complete its task before the end of the 107th Congress. That probably will not be accomplished."

      Committee members have identified several substantial reforms: better dissemination of intelligence between the various agencies; using technology to penetrate computerized communications; increasing the United States' ability to spy on terrorist networks with CIA and friendly foreign agents; and constructing a domestic intelligence capability that can prevent and preempt attacks on U.S. soil.

      © 2002 The Washington Post Company

      Howdy, Alex,

      I recently was turned on to you, your radio program, and what you have to
      say by the father of a friend of mine.  My friend's father knew I'd
      appreciate what you have to say, because I'm a young anti-globalization,
      anti-corporate, anti-capitalist activist.

      A lot of your analysis and critique is almost identical to the general
      analysis of the anti-globalization movement.

      I think it'd be great of you to start educating your audience on the
      anti-globalization movement.  If your listeners were informed, they could
      become active and involved in the movement that's been burgeoning since
      1999.  After all, all of us in the know need to get working in the world
      to create the alternative social structure where we won't have all these

      Also, I'm sure you probably know of Gregory Palast already, but if you
      don't, he's a journalist that you'd probably like.  He's a US journalist,
      but can only manage to be published in the UK.  He's very cool.  Check him
      out at <

      But, anyways, if things really are as bad as a lot of us think, we should
      get to work as citizens and workers in forming new and unique alliances
      and in building the alternative economy and social structures in order to
      get us all out of this mess.  But the movement is huge.  It's made up
      primarily of the younger generations, but it's very broad.  It includes
      highly organized networks of direct action activists, theorists, artists,
      hackers (lots o' hackers *grin*), etc., etc.

      I appreciate your time and your commentary.

      In solidarity,


      Alex there are nato troops traing at ft lennerdwood, mo.

      Chem, and bio warfare. Bill
      You people are so extremely screwed up that it's unbelievable.  Guess you need dumb people to make money with the garbage.  There's plenty of dumb people out there, so guess you'll have no problem, but how do you sleep at nite.  You remind me of that woman on tv who claimed to be a fortune teller, meanwhile she was a fraud.  Hope you break some type of law and get arrested for preying and making money off of the innocent dumb people who will actually buy this gutter garbage.  Shame on you.
      NOTE FROM VIOLET:  We understand that it is very painful to admit to yourself that our government is totally illegitimate and engaging in terrorist operations against the American people.  Infowars.com would like to suggest that you go to our Government Prior Knowledge section (located at http://www.infowars.com/resources.html).  Our claim that the worldwide National Security Dictatorship carried out the attacks of Sept 11th is backed up by mountains of smoking-gun evidence.  Please visit this section and try to obtain copies of our videos.  We sell them to support our work and encourage those who buy them to make copies for non-profit, educational purposes so that the information gets out.  Hardly a money-making scheme for our Mom and Pop team as we tirelessly battle to New World Order to protect our country and its citizens like you from total tyranny.
      Here is a copy of the e-mail I just sent to everyone on my list encouraging them to order and watch your video.  Yours truly
      Greetings everyone,
      Please feel free to copy and forward this e-mail to as many people as you choose.
          I have the DVD by Alex Jones entitled 911 - The Road To Tyranny.  You MUST watch it.  I will begin to make copies once I figure out what the problem is with my VCR.   And I will give out as many copies as I can.  That video is an eye-opener like never before.  There is no longer the slightest doubt that the terror attacks on the world trade center both in 1993 and in 2001 were inside jobs.  Timothy McVeigh was NOT the lone bomber in Oklahoma.  WATCH THE VIDEO.  You can order it at www.infowars.com   You owe it to yourself and to your families to see what is happening in this country.   You married folks especially owe it to your children.  All across the country children are being primed that guns are bad.   In some states, as shown in the video, young children are being given lectures by uniformed cops in the classroom.  They are offered rewards up to $200.00 in cash to turn in "bad guys".  And "bad guys" include mom and pop if they happen to have guns.
          We are no longer living in the United States of America as defined by The Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Those documents have ceased to exist! 
          Have you read the U.S. Patriot act?  I've read parts of it at www.infowars.com 
          Do you know that they have totally done away with habeas corpus?  It is now LEGAL for the police to smash down your door in the middle of the night, arrest you in secret, and hold you as long as they want.  They can keep you in a secret prison for thirty years if they like.  They are not obligated to tell your lawyer, your wife or family that they even have arrested you!  The only criteria is that you be a "suspected" terrorist.  This is all legal according to their so-called Patriot Act, which they obviously had written before September 11th.  
          What's more, as a "suspected" terrorist, there are now about sixty crimes, including misdemeanors, which can be construed as treason and can be punished by the death penalty!   The US Patriot Act would bring tears of joy to any Gestapo, or NKVD man.   It is a fulfilled Christmas list for any sadistic secret policeman.   It is here and now.  They just have not started using it yet.  (Except of course for Jose Padilla.)  It is now possible for them to LEGALLY execute us in a secret prison for something as innocuous as shoving a cop while having an argument with him. 
          One of the two main reasons for the destruction of the world trade center was to create public fear so we would want the government to protect us.  For example, if I hire thugs to attack you,  then I step in to protect you from those very thugs, you will see me as a hero.  And when I ask for the keys to your home so I can protect you better you will gladly give them to me.   Then when I cut your throat in the middle of the night so I can keep your house for myself it will be too late for you to discover my modus operandi.   The people who run this world are now doing something very similar on a larger scale to us here in America.
          Did you read the book, 1984, by George Orwell?  In that book, The Ministry of Love was in charge of torture, mind control, and executions.  The Ministry of Peace was in charge of creating wars.  And the Ministry of Truth was in charge of lies, disinformation and changing the history books.  Similarly the U.S. Patriot Act is in charge of destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  It has totally succeeded.
          You might watch the first five or ten minutes of the video and say it's nonsense.  It's just a guy talking and he's melodramatic.  But wait a few minutes when he starts showing the newscasts, the action parts.  They contain positive proof to back up his claims.  This is the most frightening video I have ever seen!  And the worst part is that it is all true.  The only bright side is that there are many more of us than there are of them.   We can still keep this country from becoming a full fledged Nazi Germany if only enough people wake up fast enough.   Please watch that video. 
      You say Bush's rhetoric doesn't match his actions.
      I hope I'm not telling you anything new, but no Republican I know of has ever been any different.  I know for a fact that this is true going back to the early 60's, which I can remember.  Am I wrong?  When has any Republican, including the great Reagan, ever done what they said they were doing?
      Margaret Meade

      "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."
      - Will Rogers
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