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on the LAX shooting

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  • Violet Jones
    From Barry Chamish. Reveals the disinformation campaign in the LAX shooting MORE LAX by Barry Chamish We don t have much time. The El Al counter murders in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2002
      From Barry Chamish. Reveals the disinformation campaign in the LAX shooting

      MORE LAX by Barry Chamish

      We don't have much time. The El Al counter murders in Los Angeles are
      fast being covered up. Two days ago I presented preliminary evidence
      suggesting that the "terror" attack, was in fact, a bungled attempt to
      assassinate Shimon Peres' granddaughter. Peres inhabits a world of murder,
      and he has at least since he organized the Rabin assassination in 1995. His
      European circles want Israel to stop existing as a sovereign state and he
      was to be their blunt instrument of destruction. But Peres has been
      blackmailed over the Rabin murder and he has been mostly neutralized in
      Israel. His controllers are most unhappy with what they view as his
      betrayal of them and sought to exact vengeance against his beloved
      A wild scenario? Let us review the evidence two days later.

      Translated from the Hebrew:

      Arutz Sheva, Friday, July 5

      The shooter first took deliberate aim at the El Al hostess behind the
      counter, then turned back and shot at those in line.

      Witnesses at the scene reported that the shooter did not look Middle
      Eastern and he shouted, "Artie took my job, I lost my job."

      The FBI added that no employee named Artie had worked recently for El Al in
      Los Angeles.

      FROM Inyan Mercazi, [www.news-israel.net], a Hebrew website:


      Shimon Peres' granddaughter Michal Valden was right beside the El Al
      counter at the time of the Los Angeles attack. Valden and her (girl) friend
      were arranging to board the flight to Toronto and from there return to
      Israel. The moment the attack begin, she called her family in Israel to
      report on the incident. So it is no surprise that Shimon Peres was the
      first to declare it a terror attack.

      LA Attacker Claims Two Lives At El Al Desk (IsraelNN.com)

      While FBI officials stated it was too early to know for certain if it was a
      terror attack, Israeli security officials stated it was being treated as an
      act of terror. Late last night, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres stated with
      certainty it was a terror attack.


      ALL early reports of the shooting have a 52 year old caucasian with a
      ponytail doing the deed. Since the blame fell on a 41 year old dark
      Egyptian named Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, rumors were spread that the reports
      about a blonde man doing the shooting came from a caller to CNN who pranked
      them. He was making a reference to the Howard Stern Show, and gave a
      description of one Jackie "The Jokeman," a former Stern sidekick.
      Then it became quickly clear that Hadayet had no criminal background,
      was not known to belong to any political organizations and was friendly to
      his Jewish neighbors. So a new picture was spread through the highly iffy
      Debka.com that not only was Hadayet an active member of Egyptian Jihad, the
      group that tried to knock down the World Trade Center in 1990 but was bosom
      buddies with the Air Egypt co-pilot who allegedly crashed his passenger jet
      into the Atlantic in 1999. My, my, such wide circles.
      This morning, Israel radio announced, on top of all this, that Hadayet
      was also a member of Hamas. The humble limo driver sure got around, didn't
      Shall we try to cut through the lies and sort out the truth through
      media reports and those of my brilliant correspondents?
      From Texas, a diligent researcher has located Dr. David Parkus, who
      tried to revive Hadayet:***

      OK, I'm trying to figure this incident out:
      First, there is only 1 "Parkus" in the Texas Dept. of Public Safety
      database of driver's licenses (www.publicdata.com) and kevdb.infospace.com
      listing of phone numbers:
      David Parkus
      3985 North St
      Beaumont, TX 77706
      (Beaumont is 100 miles east of Houston, on the Louisiana border.
      (What was he doing in LA on his way to Israel?
      Most Texans go to JFK to connect to El Al.)
      Next, why did the Egyptian show up at the airport if he was not anti-Israel?
      Could it be that he was hired under the pretense of picking someone up?
      Could there really have been a white/blonde pony-tailed man who did the
      shooting, and, this limo-driver was setup as the shooter? Were the weapons
      planted on him during the wrestling match with the first security guard
      while the real shooter left? Was he shot while on the ground to prevent
      him from giving his side of the story? Maybe the doctor can give some
      Also, you should call Arutz-7's Mordechai Shenker and ask who was the
      person he
      interviewed, during the Phil Chernovsky Torah Tidbits show, who claimed to
      be an on-the-scene eyewitness and saw the blonde, white shooter? I'm really
      baffled by this!

      ***Another correspondent adds yet another witness who saw the blonde
      shooter. ***

      In case you did not see this and nobody else has told you:
      Several hours after the shooting there was a live interview of a security
      from the air counter next to El Al, on CNN. They only showed the security
      guards hands and torso while being interviewed. Not sure of the exact name
      the airlines, but I believe it was a Mexican airlines. He stated that he
      the whole thing and proceeded to tell the story. When asked by the news
      of the attacker's race - nationality, he said these words: "He was white,
      Jew or
      German . . . . white, Jew or German." (The man must have been obviously
      for him to say this.)
      He was very adamant about this description. When the news later showed the
      picture of the attacker, his picture was neither obviously Jewish nor
      Also, I have watched the news over and over on this shooting, and have not
      this interview a second time.

      ***We add two more witnesses. The LAPD first reported the age of the
      shooter as 52, while another eye-witness to the ponytailed shooter comes
      forward. Note that El Al's security chief has the gunman running toward the
      counter gun and knife in hand, while all other witnesses said the shooter
      was waiting quietly in line and was fourth from the front when he suddenly
      started shooting.***


      World News

      July 05, 2002

      Gunman kills two in attack on El
      Al desk at Los Angeles airport
      By Roland Watson and Chris Reed in Los Angeles

      The Los Angeles Police Department said that the
      gunmen was aged 52, but there was no indication of
      his identity, nationality or motive.

      Zvi Vapni, the Israeli Deputy Consul General in Los
      Angeles, said that Haim Saphir, El Al's chief security
      officer at the airport, had encountered the gunman
      running toward the El Al counter with a gun and a knife
      and ran to stop him. The gunman stabbed Mr Saphir in
      the back, and then the guard fatally shot the gunman.

      Another witness, Joseph Broesky, who was 20ft away
      from the shooting, told a television interviewer: "I heard
      a shot and saw this white guy with a pony tail and
      overweight. He kept saying: 'Ardy took my job. Ardy took
      my job.' " Mr Broesky added: "Then it was really weird
      because the gunman started laughing and joking."

      *** Haaretz confirms that the shooter waited patiently in line and reports
      that he shot twice or three times, in direct contradiction to all early
      reports that the shooter got off 10 or 11 shots. Soak in the following
      reports before we examine the significance of the number of shots.***

      Gunman kills two at LA airport El Al desk

      By Ha'aretz Staff and Agencies

      According to initial reports, the gunman, described as heavy set, with long
      brown hair and wearing a blue shirt, started shooting randomly at the El Al
      inside the LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal around 11.30 A.M. local
      (9.30 P.M. Israel time). Some reports said that the man was actually
      waiting in
      line at the El Al desk and when his turn came, he shouted something at the
      clerk and opened fire. One witness reported the gunman shouting: "He took my
      job; he took my job."

      Witnesses say they heard a short burst of 2-3 shots, followed by 7-8 shots
      in response.


      Friday, 5 July, 2002, 06:34 GMT 07:34 UK
      Eyewitness: Airport
      shooting .

      BBC correspondent David Willis, who was at
      the airport at the time of the shooting,
      described the fear experienced by passengers.

      "Evacuated passengers, many of them shaken,
      some of them tearful, told me how they hit the
      floor as a volley of up to a dozen shots rang
      out," he said.

      ***The story that Hadayet shot 2-3 shots, now being circulated, not only
      contradicts eye-witness reports but doesn't add up. Seven people were
      wounded in the shooting and one of the two fatalities, 25 year old Victoria
      Khen was shot twice. The El Al/Israeli version has Hadayet subdued by El Al
      personnel and in the scuffle shot twice. There are no shots by security
      personnel before then so Hadayet must have caused the casualties, unless
      someone else was also shooting.
      The most likely scenario described by the witnesses is that Hadayet
      reached short range shooting distance from the counter, pulled out his
      pistol and deliberately shot Victoria Khen twice. She was the target.
      Standing inches from Khen was a young lady, approximately the same age as
      her, Michal Valden. She was supposed to be the target but Khen died as a
      result of a tragic mistaken identity.***

      FBI: Gunman at Los Angeles Airport was Egyptian national
      By Anat Cygielman and Benny Landau, Ha'aretz Correspondents, Ha'aretz
      Service and agencies

      FBI officials also said that the gunman did not utter words during the
      attack, contradicting earlier eye-witness reports that the gunman shouted
      "He took my job" during the shooting.

      "The sound was distinctive, there were a lot of shots fired then silence
      and two more shots," a witness said.

      Witnesses: Gunman was former El Al employee
      Workers at the Mexicana airline ticketing counter said that the gunman was
      a former El Al employee and wore the company's badge during the shooting.

      An eye-witness told CNN on Thursday that the gunman shouted "He took my
      job" before the shooting.

      Earlier, CNN identified the gunman as a 52-year-old male. CNN reported that
      despite the fact that the gunman did not have forms of identification on
      him, three individual law enforcement officers stated that based on his
      physical appearance, it appeared that the gunman was an Arab male.

      One person was arrested, police said. The FBI, which is managing the
      investigation into the incident, said it was not looking for any other

      The seven wounded in the attack at the Tom Bradley international terminal
      received medical treatment on the scene before being evacauted to hospital.
      Two of them were El Al employee, the others were passengers, one of whom
      was a woman who was shot in the leg.

      FROM Inyan Mercazi, [www.news-israel.net], a Hebrew website:

      El Al vigorously denied that Hadayat ever worked for the company or that
      they had used his limousine service in recent years. Hadayat's uncle
      insisted the shooting was over a business matter and added that his nephew
      had recently taken on two Syrian partners for his limousine service.

      ***Now the contradictions and questions come fast and furious. The police
      arrested one man. WHO? Hadayet was dead and supposedly had no accomplices,
      so who was arrested? The FBI acknowledged the arrest and added that it was
      seeking no other suspects. So where did this suspect disappear to? Has
      anyone heard from him since? Could he be a 52 year old blonde with a pony
      Witnesses at the Air Mexicana counter next to El Al, reported that
      Hadayet had been employed by El Al and was sporting an El Al identity badge
      while he was shooting. This led to a denial by El Al that Hadayet was ever
      employed by them. But maybe someone else connected to the shooting was.
      How else can anyone possibly explain why two groups of witnesses saw
      different shooters? One group saw a 52 year old running caucasian shouting
      that Artie cost him his job, while the other group saw a perfectly quiet 41
      year old Egyptian waiting patiently in line before shooting at Khen behind
      the counter.
      The only scenario that can explain this is that the blonde man caused
      a diversion with his shouting while Hadayet shot his target. Only he got
      the wrong young lady.
      If Hadayet was wearing an El Al security badge, it would go a long
      way to explaining how he parked his limo opposite LAX International and
      walked into the terminal in a light short-sleeved shirt which could not
      have concealed one automatic pistol, one gun, one six inch knife and two
      ammo clips from the trained eyes of the cadres of security personnel on
      duty there on July 4th.
      Another correspondent reached a similar conclusion before I did.***


      Another discrepancy in the reports on LAX - the age of the gunman. See
      this, from Fox News:
      [could it be the 52-year-old was the "blond in the ponytail", while the
      41-yr.-old was the Egyptian?]

      Three Dead in Shooting at LAX Airport
      Thursday, July 04, 2002
      LOS ANGELES - A gunman opened fire Thursday at the El Al airlines ticket
      counter in Los Angeles International Airport, killing two people and
      wounding three others before being shot dead by an El Al security guard,
      according to authorities.
      No official motive for the shooting was yet known, but Israeli officials
      speculated it was a terrorist attack. There was no indication of terrorism
      at this point, an FBI spokesman said.
      "This appears to be an isolated incident," FBI special agent Richard Garcia
      said. "We have no other suspects we're looking for."
      FBI spokesman Matt McGlaughlin said nothing could be ruled out at this
      point, however.
      The 52-year-old gunman approached someone at the ticket counter and began
      firing, police spokesman Alex Baez said. No other details about the shooter
      were reported.

      The incident began with two bursts of gunfire, separated by silence,
      according to witness Thad Weimlein. After the first burst, undercover
      police officers drew their guns and badges, Weimlein said.
      "A lot of people thought it was fireworks and a prank" at first, according
      to Weimlein.
      "It's really hard to tell whether he was aiming at the counter, at people
      behind the counter or at people in line," another witness, Hakin Hasidh,

      July 6, 2002 FBI Still Seeks Motive in LAX Shootings
      Investigation: Agency has no evidence gunman had terrorist ties but says it
      can't be ruled out. With few leads, officials seek public's help.

      A day after a 41-year-old Egyptian immigrant walked into Los Angeles
      International Airport and killed two people at an El Al ticket counter,
      authorities said they had uncovered no evidence that the man had any
      connection to organized terrorist groups, or that he had quarreled with
      anyone at the airport prior to pulling out his weapons.

      Hadayet began firing toward the counter from somewhere in the ticket line,
      about 20 feet back, McLaughlin said. He said investigators had concluded
      that witness reports of an argument preceding the shots were
      unsubstantiated, and they believe the man said nothing before firing.

      An unarmed El Al security guard nearby was the first to leap toward him in
      an effort to tackle him. This guard grabbed the attacker, who was still
      holding his gun, but could not immediately subdue him, and Hadayet was able
      to fire more shots.

      "He didn't say a single word," recalled one bystander, Orna Yarzin of Los
      Angeles, who said the gunman was firing with a deliberate air, aiming and
      shooting rather than firing indiscriminately.

      The exact sequence of events remains unclear, however, said McLaughlin,
      including such details as when bystanders joined the fight and when the
      shooter's gun skittered away.

      McLaughlin disputed accounts from bystanders that Hadayet had been shot
      after being disarmed and held on the ground. The Los Angeles Police
      Department also cited contradictory accounts. McLaughlin said authorities
      do not know exactly when Hadayet received the fatal shot, or at what range.

      Hadayet's uncle Hassan Mostafa Mahfouz said Hadayet's wife and sister had
      been picked up by Egyptian intelligence for questioning. FBI officials also
      interviewed family members.

      A few minutes later, a woman arrived, and shouted at reporters, saying, "I
      will not speak to these dogs who have no respect for death!" She would not
      identify herself but neighbors said she was Hadayet's wife.

      Mahfouz said Hadayet did not belong to any political or religious group.
      "He was an average Muslim who prays regularly just like we all do."

      "I don't believe what happened," he added. "I don't believe the American
      government's reports because they are confusing."

      Neighbors at the Woodbridge Pines Apartments described Hadayet as a
      devoutly religious man who had somewhat chilly relations with his
      non-Muslim neighbors. They said his wife and sons were much friendlier."I
      tried to say hi to him when he first moved in and he completely ignored
      me," said Pamela Paulson, 51, who lives two apartments away.

      "He was stone cold. If he looked at you, he looked right through you."

      *** Three of Hadayet's Jewish neighbors Dan Danielevicz , Koby Metzler and
      his daughter all reported that Hadayet was friendly and helpful to them.
      Since that fact is too inconvenient, a new radical Hadayet had to be
      created and another correspondent suggests how it was done.***

      I heard that he had a sticker saying "Read the Koran" on his door, but
      it was taken off after Sept. 11th. On July 4th it was back on, but was
      rather quickly taken off by someone before someone from a newspaper

      He was known to go to..well...to pray not five but seven times
      a day - as some relative put it. But not one of four mosques in the Los
      Angeles area acknowledged knowing him.

      ***So the devout, radical Moslem Hadayet may have had a Read The Koran
      sticker on his door on July 4, but no one from the media saw it. Not that
      reading the Koran is necessarily an extremist position but if Hadayet did
      read Islam's holy book, it was not at a mosque in Los Angeles. If he was so
      devout, why didn't he attend the prayer services of any mosque?
      Hadayet was set up, however it was done, to take the blame for the
      murder of Peres' granddaughter Michal Varden and he had a noisy, blonde 52
      year old accomplice/handler nearby to guide the crime along.
      The FBI is right and Israel is wrong. The shooting at LAX wasn't a
      terror act; it was intended to be a cold-blooded execution to teach Shimon
      Peres that treachery is costly.***


      Tomorrow, Tuesday July 8, I will be giving two one hour interviews. At 11
      PM EDT, I will be discussing this case on CFRB Toronto, and at 9 PM PDT,
      I'll be on the Jeff Rense show. www.rense.com

      My books, as always, are available by writing me, punching my name into
      Amazon or in the US, by calling toll free 1 877 RABINYY.
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