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  • Violet Jones
    Alex, Your 911 video was very informative in getting the truth out. - Ok, so now the TRUTH is out... and I m sure that there is enough of us out there by now
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Your 911 video was very informative in getting the truth out.
      - Ok, so now the TRUTH is out...  and I'm sure that there is enough of us out there by now to make a political difference !
      Question ? -
      WHERE on your informative website can ( I / We ) find your Political PETITION of action, for us "Now Informed U.S. Patriots" to sign, so we can "ALL" be heard in Congress and fight the NEW WORLD ORDER and its Unconstitutional Laws and Policies?
      However, if you do NOT have a "Legal Working Petition", where thousands of us can now sign and  be heard in Congress by the people and for the people to Legaly-Change these Unconstitutional Laws that INSLAVE US..... Unfortunately, I don't think that just an informed populace or your information war will be enough to stop the NWO without any legal action.
      Your comments would be appreciated.
      A concerned citizen.
      Please help me locate the transcript of this CFR member interview #1  with Steve Patachik on the web site, or where I can hear a clip of it. 
      Can you believe The American Center for Law and Justice is gathering petitions from its supporters demanding the implementation of Homeland Security to protect us from terrorists?!!!
      Note from Violet -- read the trancript with Dr. Steve Piecznek at http://www.infowars.com/pieczenik_transcript.htm
      On DNA Databases and Newborn Testing:
      I'm not too sure what this is about, but I can make a guess.

      Here in Victoria, Australia, since 1968 or so, every new-born has had a sample taken and this is stored somewhere in Melbourne.
      Apparently these DNA samples will not be made available to the police etc, but apart from possible initial screening at birth as per previous posting, what further use could they possibly have (apart from evil?).
      I had heard about this some time ago, but then it was confirmed in a newspaper article regarding the forceful taking of DNA samples from prisoners.
      Its one of those things I've been meaning to research a bit more.

      To follow up this thought from your listener, with which I totally agree with everything he's said, but to add... they do not need nor have to "prick the heel" to gain the neccessary DNA to do the PKU test. They can draw this from the ambilical cord tissue (not the mother's blood portion), or use the foreskin that's chopped off from most boys, or any number of ways other than breaking the child's skin to gain a simple sample of DNA to do the test (again, they don't have to keep this at any rate for this database). Also, the disease is best treated in newborns with, guess what, the mother's breast milk. Further, think of the physcological damage newborns in this country go through when they pop out, don't have time to adjust to their new environment before they are stabbed several times, once just to do this "test" that could be done in much less invasive ways. The physcological damage done, though imperceptible perhaps, multiplied througout society at large... is great indeed. Not to mention the mercury compound used to "treat" gonoreah (that is rarely there and could be tested to be sure, and treated in much safer ways to prevent blindness) by jabbing it newborn's eyes (occasionally causing blindness or severe reactions itself), and then the now established "newborn" vaccination (genocide/maimocide as you well know) programs. This stuff makes so little sense, "they" only need a thing like PKU (as your listmember correctly described as "very, very rare") disorder, or gonoreah, or whatever to set up invasive, painful, physcological damaging and conditioning "pys-ops" to "start life" for a typical American newborn...
      From a newsgroup member
      Click here: News Story

      I thought you might find this of interest, if you don't already know about it.
      Some innocents killed because of illegal immigrants.

      Calif. Van Crash Kills 7, Injures 31

      SAN DIEGO (AP) - A van carrying 33 illegal immigrants smashed head-on into two other vehicles as it went the wrong way on an interstate with its headlights off, apparently in an attempt by the driver to avoid an immigration checkpoint. Seven people were killed and 31 injured.

      Loaded with immigrants from Mexico and Brazil, the Dodge van sideswiped two cars and then collided with a Ford Explorer about 15 miles north of the Mexican border Monday night, the California Highway patrol said.

      The Explorer flew over a guardrail and down an embankment, killing the driver. The van then crashed head-on with a Toyota van.

      The driver of the Dodge van and four passengers were killed, the Highway Patrol said. Their identities were not known since most people in the van did not have identification, Officer Steve Lopez said.

      A seventh person died early Tuesday, but it was not clear whether the person had been in the Dodge van or the Explorer, Lopez said.

      Thirty-one people were taken to hospitals.

      The remote area, about 45 miles east of San Diego, is commonly used by smugglers driving vehicles crammed with illegal immigrants.

      The Border Patrol maintains a checkpoint on the highway, Interstate 8, about three miles from the accident site.

      06/25/02 12:49

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